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Method Anti-Bac All Purpose Cleaner Wild Rhubarb + Kitchen Cleaner Clementine 828ml - £3 @ Amazon

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Method Anti-Bac All Purpose Cleaner Wild Rhubarb, 828ml

Anti-bacteria all purpose cleaner
Kills 99.9% bacteria
Naturally derived + biodegradable ingredients
Wild Rhurbarb fragrance

Method Kitchen Cleaner, Clementine, 828ml

Daily kitchen cleaner with powergreen technology
Cleans grease + grime
Naturally derived + biodegradable ingredients
What's that smell? - Clementine
Known as patron citrus - clean, bright + cheery
Trigger spray bottle
With non-toxic plant-based powergreen technology
Cuts grease + grime
Certified cruelty free
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    Good price op. But I would make it clear in the title that this is a bundle offer and includes both items for £3.
    Yep, wouldn't have realised without reading the comments.
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    Cheaper in dunelm
    1. They don’t have “Clementine”
    2. 2 x £2.45 = £4.90
    Amazon 2 for £3 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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    Sorry Frank, didn't realise it was £3 for both.... Fantastic deal
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    Does it show as 2 separate deliveries at checkout for anyone else?
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    Excellent - many thanks for posting this.
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    Cheers OP. Bargain. Ordered.
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    Cracking deal
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    Ordered. Great price, thank you!
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    Good price - wish it was 2x rhubarb though. Heat.
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    Brilliant! Limited to 1 order though. Really good stuff and smells lovely.
    I placed two separate orders.
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    Got this last time it was posted on here for this price and it was delivered as two separate parcels.

    Heat from me. (edited)
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    Anyone else struggling with the « rhubarb » smell? For the life of me I can’t, it smell so strong and fake and to my despair linger for hours. I tried them all and it’s the only one I hate
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    Great deal
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    Oh my!
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    Oooooh my 2 favourite kitchen cleaners for £3!!!!..... ordered!.....Yay!
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    I made 2 separate orders, they cancelled my delivery and will refund me when it was supposed to be delivered today and the driver had the parcel. I’m not reordering as it now takes 1 month to arrive instead of a day or two.
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    These are lovely. Ordered another one.