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Posted 10 August 2023

2x Michelin Cross Climate 2 - 205/45/17 Tyres fitted with code

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Michelin have created the CrossClimate 2 to provide motorists with a safe drive no matter the weather.

With a directional tread pattern, the CrossClimate 2 quickly gets rid of water from the tyre providing exceptional grip in wet conditions. The tread pattern features 3-D sipeLock technology to enhance treadwear resistance and a distinctive V-formation pattern to spread out weight evenly throughout, extend the treadlife of the tyre as well as improving grip – in dry weathers all the way to the snowiest of days.

Michelin have designed this tyre with safety at the forefront with the Cross Climate 2 stopping up to 16 feet shorter than competitor tyres based on Michelin testing.

All Season Tyres
What is an All Season tyre?

Designed to cope with all sorts of conditions - good performance delivered throughout the year. Moderate natural rubber content to stop the tyre hardening in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius – enhancing grip. Designed with moderate tread depths that have been engineered to help deliver a longer tread life than many summer tyres

How can I tell an All Season tyre performs in winter weather?

This tyre features the EU sanctioned 3PMSF marking - Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake:Three Peak Mountain Snow FlakeThis accolade was introduced to be an easily recognisable symbol which displays that the tyre has passed rigourous tests to prove it is suitable for driving in winter weather. It confirms the winter suitability of a tyre.

Are All Season tyres suitable for the UK?

Given that the UK suffers from moderate and interchangeable winter conditions - with severe ice and snow becoming uncommon for much of the country - this makes all season tyres a very good choice for our roads. As they are able to cope with these conditions very well.

Do I need to swap my tyres throughout the year?

Given the nature of all season tyres, which can perform equally well in the summer months and the winter months, the need to replace tyres depending on the seasons is not required when all season tyres are fitted.
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  1. Pico's avatar
    Really? Makes this deal even more enticing. Contemplating about purchasing 2 for the rear lol. Thanks for sharing. (edited)
  2. Grrrrrrrrrrr's avatar
    I splashed the cash and bought Continental All Season for my last car. I was swapping between a set of Winter and Summer tyres each year (I bought 3 spare wheels to facilitate that) but they all needed replacing, so getting the all seasons was actually cheaper.
    This is the summary for the Michelin:

    • The shortest dry braking distance and the best handling speed.
    • Long wet braking distance and poor handling.
    • Average straight aquaplaning resistance.
    • Good snow performance.
    • Low rolling resistance.
    • Average noise.

    And for the Continental:

    • Relatively short dry braking distance and average handling.
    • Average wet braking distance, good handling speed.
    • The best straight aquaplaning resistance.
    • Great on the snow: one of the shortest braking distance and good handling speed.
    • Good wear resistance.
    • Good rolling resistance.
    • Relatively high noise level.

    YMMV - literally!
    Dmitry_77's avatar
    Where do you live or where do you travel to be in need of these "all season" tyres? Genuine question.
  3. ashracer's avatar
    Great tyres have them on a winter set of wheels, we’re superb in the snow and rain and not to bad in the dry either, definitely one of the best all seasons available
    SeamusO's avatar
    Isn't the point of these to run them all year and remove need for winter wheel set? It would be cheaper for you to buy winter tyres if you have a set of winter wheels. I run cross climate all year BTW . (edited)
  4. Eagerbeaver's avatar
    I have these on all year and they cope with the deepest snow, the muddiest of fields and the most cracked of pavements.

    Great price as these are usually expensive.
  5. nj1's avatar
    Have 4 on current large ev car.. great price! (edited)
    Pico's avatar
    Buying this for my small EV. Do you know if there is any reduction in range compared to a summer tyre?
  6. DAZZ2000's avatar
    Wow, great price if that’s for two? I paid that each not long back for 245/45/R19 102Y XL
    Pico's avatar
    Yeah, that's for 2 pcs. Been shopping around and found this. Cheapest I could find elsewhere is £300 fitted for 2.
  7. The_Kurgan's avatar
    Got 4 of these nearly two years ago now. Very happy with them all year round and still looking great. Will definitely buy again. (edited)
  8. cookied's avatar
    Brilliant tyres for all seasons..
  9. romanburasc449a's avatar
    I'm looking for imperial all seasons. Belgian brand tyres made in China but very good quality. Difference? Cross climate for my car 150, Imperial 60 (since brexit they don't import many of them)
    Good price for this model though. Hot.
  10. 1884's avatar
    Got these on my Audi
    ATS are usually the best for deals on Michelin tyres as they are owned by Michelin I think. (edited)
  11. Robert_Irwin's avatar
    Looked at these last year but went for Kormoran ( a Michelin sub brand) all-seasons instead. Much cheaper. Don't review well on the tyres sites but have been great IMO in all conditions. Warm hatch and previously traction control was kicking in all the time on expensive summer pirellis - these get the power down and handle well IMO in wet and dry.
    gary333's avatar
    Have you got a link to model so we can see the EU rating label. One challenge is tyre noise, but this Michelin model has great noise levels, approaching best in class for any tyre.
  12. slybunda's avatar
    Used all season tyres on rear of my front wheel drive car and changed front tyres from summer to winter ones with the spare 2 rims i bought. This way get good traction in summer and winter without the storage hassle and cost of 4 wheels and tyres.
    Rear tyres last forever on front wheel drive cars too so rears will easily outlast 2 sets of fronts for me.
  13. komi's avatar
    Finally a deal in my tyre size TY
  14. sb1876's avatar
    Thanks, ordered some.
  15. golemsmate's avatar
    Big thanks for this post! Saved me fortune

    Been looking for tyres for a little while but kept being put off by bad pricing (£150+ per tyre) - this feels like a great price only £105 per tyre after taking into account the cashback!
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