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Myprotein is the UK’s most popular online retailer of fitness supplements and other sports nutrition products. From whey protein to cereal bars, Myprotein offer products that serious exercise fans will need. They also offer regular discounts across its range, and all of the latest deals can be found at the Myprotein HotUKDeals pages. Read more

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MyProtein 50% off best selling clothing (no voucher code required) - free del. with £20 spend
Found 11 h, 33 m agoFound 11 h, 33 m ago
Only live for 24 hours! Cracking offer at MyProtein if you're in need of any new gym gear - original vest… Read more
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Agree with this, the UA cold/heat gear/tech tshirts are really good. Nike stuff just seems to last too. Had a pair of Free Run Flyknits that I wore every day on my commute and they lasted a good 2-3 years before I wore the sole down too much. Nike trainers also come with a 2 year (From date of manufacture) warrenty.


For the gun show!


I've found wearing the right clothing makes the exercise more enjoyable. I've used random stuff before and it ends up getting annoying by flapping about, riding up or in general being in the wrong place at the wrong time


I remember getting a pair of gym trousers from them and it was some of the poorest quality I've ever seen in my life! Primark trousers were way better. They were very thin, shrunk quickly and the seams tore within a week. Oh and the screen printed logo was coming off too. I wouldn't bother, you're better off spending a few pounds on trousers in Primark, or spending a bit more on a better quality brand.


looks good

L-CARNOSINE60 Capsules £10.72 + delivery @ My Protein
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Great deal. Originally £19 but £13 with shipping. It's a great supplement, exists as Beta Alanine in many current protein powders, BCAAs and pre-work out but recent studies show b… Read more

Received yesterday (Y) great supplement. My brother is a doctor and has given it the thumbs up


Voted hot and bought


Let me know when you're the right way up.


Oh I've done the math. Did you know the earth is actually flat too?


1000 times more reputable than the BBC? With a claim like that I don't believe you at all

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£20 off £40 spend at Myprotein plus free £15 amazon voucher via voucher codes
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
New customers can get £20 off a £40 spend at My Protein using code GET20. If you're an existing customer then you can get 35% off using code LUCKY. In addition you can get a £15 a… Read more
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Got my £15 amazon voucher today!


They paid out on mine recently even though I used a £10 off at Asda


Yes, but £13.78 isn't over £20 though is it, so good luck with that (cheeky)


Nice one.


I didn’t use a code, it’s 40% off protein powders site wide.

[From 11am] Get 33% off at MyProtein + get a £15 Amazon Voucher with a £20 spend
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
First 500 people only. Vouchercodes link:
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Link in op didnt work but "LUCKY" did


I can't see the Amazon £15 any where


If you're getting the 40% off you can't use the others, don't stack


you can use the vouchers advertised on vouchercodes.. there is one for 30% off there

All MyProtein branded protein are 40% OFF + FREE GIFT over £60!
Refreshed 1st JunRefreshed 1st Jun
If you are planning to buy some protein, this is the right time!
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Expire deals that are no longer available saves people time. Is that hard


Why has it taken so many posts for someone to mention this? I wasted a lot of money on this stuff. Added fat. Lost muscle. I did a complete revision in my diet, where I went plant based. This means super dosing on vegetables/fruits and focusing on getting all my nutrients from real food. No more green powder (which is useless, btw - a scam) No more protein powder during bulking cycles (though I do take this during cutting cycles, to avoid taking on extra cals). My gains restarted like I was a newbie lifter...after 15 years of lifting! I see a lot of thin guys at my gym, who drink a lot of protein powders, believing that this stuff is a steroid. They actually put protein powder ahead of real food, believing that powders are superior to having real food. :/ Some Tips If you are thin and want to get jacked, try this: 1, buy some caffeine pills from the pound shop. Use this as your pre-workout. No need for an expensive pre-workout powder and you can dose your caffeine accurately. Have just enough caffeine to make you feel "alive" in the gym. Don't have too much, because you will get desensitised to it. But don't have so little that you don't feel any different after taking a dose. As an example, 100mg works very well, for me. 2, during the workout, drink enough water to quench your thirst. 3, after your workout (sooner the better) you need food. Real food. Do NOT have protein powder. If you do, there is a high likelihood that you will drink the powder and will not eat real food several hours after your workout, because you are still full from the protein powder. Real food is what packs on lean muscle tissue. 4, by following the above technique, you will reduce your cost on protein powder BUT you will need to redirect the money you would have spent on supps, into buying food (real food, the stuff that you chew, not drink). 5, the one other supplement which I do recommend is creatine. The cheap white creatine which myprotein sell. That stuff has had plenty of studies performed on it and without doubt it works. In terms of cost, for someone wanting to make maximum gains and is willing to eat properly, here is a rough guide: 1, caffeine pills from pound shop, £5/month 2, creatine, £5/month 3, extra cost on groceries, £45 extra/month (on top of what you normally spend on food). Workout Tips Oh and the other thing I notice young kids doing is bicep curls, for 30-60 minutes. ;( Here's a very quick tip for young/newbie lifters: focus on compound lifts. Ditch the isolation work and focus on: Bench press Military press Dips Squat (any style will do - I do front bar, but back squats seem to be preferred by most) Pull up (overhand, underhand, wide grip, narrow grip - all variations) Bent over row Deadlift* (conventional for the back, Romanian for hamstrings) *deadlift is the ultimate mass builder. If you only do one lift, do the deadlift. But be warned, you are going to get seriously jacked if you do this exercise regularly. Do the above exercises following a basic 5x5 workout plan and as a newbie lifter, you will do far better than newbie lifters in the gym who waste time doing bicep curls. For those who don't know what a 5x5 is, search for this on youtube. Plenty of people will explain and break it all down for you. Even More Gains!!! And for a final tip: get more sleep where possible. The more real food you eat and the more sleep you get, the faster you will recover from your workouts and believe me gentlemen, if you deadlift you will need all the recovery you can get. And the faster you recover, the more frequent you can workout, meaning you get bigger, faster. Anyway gents, this post has got a lot longer than was intended, so I shall stop and let someone else give some more tips. Good luck!


Lot of junk in USN protein.


The Mocha flavour is on point, just finished my second 5kg and will be stocking up on more!


Had it before and didn't have a problem. Just bought it again to cycle off whey for a month. Nevermind, will use Arnold range if I go beef again. :)

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My protein THE BIRTHDAY SALE - free delivery  & free gift over £60
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
It's our 14th Birthday this week and our BIG Birthday Sale is now on! TODAY ONLY! FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS Get an extra 20% off already discounted products* | Use code: EXTRA… Read more

Use code "Everything" instead for 25% off. My free gift was 1kg of whey and free next day delivery so made this deal a bit better.


This deal isn't even very good. The prices aren't reduced as much as they often are. You should really be looking at around £37 - £42 for a 5kg bag of whey. The initial price of £65 less the fully discounted price of £45.60 gives a saving of £19.40. This means the overall discount is 29.85%. Discounts are commonly 35%-40%, but one would only know this if they keep tabs on prices.


My warped brain I know, but birthday and my protein in the same sentence makes me think about something entirely different. Wishful thinking...

Protein Cheese 350g pack (169kc per 100g with 37g protein) £1.59 with Code EXTRA20 - Same as Eat Lean @ My Protein
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
This cheese is the same as Eat Lean (1) protein Cheese that has RRP £4 in supermarkets, but is often found at £3 (and once £2). From my experience of the Eat Lean branded product:… Read more

23 arrived today. Dated May 30th - so definitely need to go the freezer route. if you're going for it.


Love this, heat added


The world needs a little entertaining and if I can offer that and make a few chuckle then I've done my work. God Bless America.


Or because you want to eat decent bits of cheese and not eat a lot of calories. Some years ago I measured out 75 calories of normal cheese - it was such a small amount that I'd find it frustating to limit myself to that. Just because you eat this product doesn't mean you have a high protein diet - I'm not aiming for a high protein diet particularly at the moment. Care to suggest "better and cheaper" ways to "do it"? (Not that I was suggesting this was a good or cheap way to get protein - merely that it is cheaper than other common options.) Also, do you have some proof that there is significant issues with a high protein diet for people who do not not have kidney disease or other things that are specifically affected by it? It's often suggested to people with diabetes (who don't have Renal disease) swap carbs to protein in some of their diet. Also if you are losing weight and want to make sure it's mostly fat not muscle you lose, it's generally been shown to be beneficial to have high levels of protein. (I suspect you might dispute this too.) Further, a lot of people don't hit even pretty low levels of protein. But overall; you're suggest that people are voting cold because they don't like the product, not that it's a bad deal I believe. Alas; that is 'democracy'; still, more cheese for me :D. Yes, indeed - if anyone knows of a cheaper way to get this cheese, I'd really love to hear it!


so don't eat more than your "body wants"? What are the better ways? it's cheaper than whey powder.

40% OFF your order  - no code required @ My Protein
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
40% Off Your complete Order and no code required - this is another discount I just saw on myprotein which gives you 40% off your whole order without having to use a code. Only ava… Read more

Good deal the my protein peanut butter is excellent


12% Top cashback for new customers as well.


I'm afraid that when I see virtually permanent offers and codes on this (and other) websites -all I think is "well overpriced to start with !" . Surely only a fool would buy at their "normal " prices and equally only a fool would think that these discounts/codes represent any sort of deal :(

Flav drops 2 for 1 - £4.09 @ Myprotein (+£2.99 Del on orders under £30)
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Nobody probably cares but flav drops are currently 241. Deal is stated on the website but it is not meant to discount the stevia ones. However upon selecting them it still goes thr… Read more
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Nothing is good in high doses, too much water we would die. Too much of anything is bad for you. What you think is natural is not natural anymore. Red meat is bad for you when it’s the most nutritious thing you can eat. Thing is you can pretty much consume anything in the right amounts. Keto is not a place I want to be, Low carb is a place everybody should want to be. Eating processed junk really isn’t good for the gut and mind. Depression and anxiety blah blah. As for aspartame it’s been tested many many times and it is still deemed safe to consume if you don’t have over the daily amount. Just like pretty much everything then. It is deemed bad to average Americans. To a fit healthy person it will be just like anything else.


What concept is that? The one where when science gives you the answer you want it's legit, but when it shows something you don't like, science is 'a bit dodgy'. :D


No, I know I am wasting my time with you, I Don't' care, it's other people who might understand the concept of evidence I am posting it for!


I know, testing on mice is pointless and proves absolutely nothing. Have a bowl of aspartame. Who are you trying to convince? Because if it's me, you're wasting your time lol. Good luck with that :)



2 x 1kg whey protein isolate for £30 + FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY @ My Protein
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Myprotein are offering two packets of 1kg Whey Isolate which has very little carbs and sugars for 30 quid, plus you can get FREE NEXT DAY delivery. No code needed. Just pick any tw… Read more
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I've been using Optimum Nutrition for the past few months. I tried this whey isolate yesterday for the first time and it gave me serious gas. Just my personal experience.


Wait for a better deal, like their 35-40% off or 241 deals.


The better deal here is 5Kg for £60 which gets free next day delivery plus a choice of 1 of 4 different 1kg versions of whey protein (6kg in total).


I'm gonna guess that it was definitely concentrate!


Amazing if that was for Isolate and not concentrate. Will keep an eye out.

72 whey and oats bars, 5 choc protein clusters and 1/2 gallon water bottle. - £45.21 @ MyProtein
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
1/2 price on protein bars Plus use code EVERYTHING for 30% off everything else. Plus spend £45 for free delivery. So.... 4x 18 oats and whey bars (72) 5x choc protein clusters 1x … Read more
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The water bottle grows black mould for some reason after a while. I have numerous gallon/half gallon bottles from MyProtien, PHD, BSN etc and MyProtien bottles are the only one that this seems to happen with. Doesn't help that they are black tinted which makes it hard to notice, it wasn't to someone else pointed out that these were prone to mould that I checked my own and found it.


I have the oat and whey bars all the time. I agree they are probably not the softest most delicious bars but if you don't care and are just eating for macros then these are very decent! Heat from me!


Decent price for what it is, but I advise reading the recent reviews on these bars before buying.

Impact Whey Protein 5KG £32.24 unflavoured / £36.37 flavoured + £2.95 del (>£50 for free del + free 1kg IWP Chocolate Smooth) @ MyProtein
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
So MyProtein have one of their daily sales on. However, over the Easter weekend the prices are better than usual, especially if you are spending >£50. Use code LUCKY for 25% of… Read more
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the deal has expired


Just had a look and that promotion was for yesterday only; I thought it might have gone on all weekend. Now been changed to a free steel shaker with >£40 spend. I'll expire the deal.


My basket comes to £50.23 but I can't see anything in relation to the free 1kg choc IWP. Any help appreciated!


Also for anyone who's first order this will be with protein works, use my referral code and it gives you 30% discount instead of the 25% in this thread, i think when you checkout you have to create an account and the referral code box is on the bottom. It's- CHLOE-R5LO


I got chocolate mint when that was posted but think it was a miss price on Amazon. (highfive)

MyProtein 40% off whey protein + free shaker at £30 spend (5KG whey £38.99)
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Unbeatable value here if this is your thing. You get a top 9 rated whey protein from Labdoor, a vitamin bundle supposedly worth £16.99 and a free brownie for your troubles if you s… Read more

How do I get the free vitamin bundle?


Add it to your basket, discount shows in checkout.


Do i need a code for this? Showing as £67 for 5kg flavoured whey protein.


It's the best value whey has been in ages. People like to vote those "Optimum Nutrition" deals super hot even though the whey quality as measured by Labdoor is inferior. This is astonishing value for money!


This also works on the My Bar Zero protein bars making them a little over £1 each, you don't get the free Brownie, but free delivery over £50 or 4x boxes of bars! Thanks OP

Windfall Wednesday get £15 Argos voucher with £20 spend @ myprotein through vouchercodes
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Windfall Wednesday get £15 Argos voucher with £20 spend @myprotein through vouchercodes. Go to Vouchercodes website LOG IN. starts at 11am First 500 people to opt in/get reward. … Read more
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thanks for highlighting that one - heat added and going to place an order at asda.. its funny how vouchercodes are not very encouraged at hukd...


How do you know if you are one of the first 500? Does the deal link still being active on Vouchercodes and it stating you have registered for the offer mean you are? Not done one of these Windfall Weds deal things before. Usually forget about them. Quite good if I get it for Myprotein as they have a usual promotion with up to 50% discount and with an extra 20% off on their website today. Thanks.

holeymoley18 Surprised it went so cold. The Amazon £3 one soared.


Ooo What's the Asda deal? I missed that


It is disappointing though. I'm so sad that I get anxious waiting for the deal details. Such a let down when it isn't something I want, even though I'm sure they'll be plenty of others who are pleased. First world problems, eh? I am waiting for the Asda one I did yesterday to track, so suppose I could think of it as a Tuesday Windfall, lol

MyProtein flash sale - 35% off for the first 1000 customers plus free 1kg tub peanut butter on all orders over £25
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
More than 30 mins left for the free PB, no code required. 35% off - code FIRST TCB: 12% for new and 6% for existing customers Grab if if you can

Nope, I have a proof. It was 1 hour offer, I presume they can rum more than 1 a day ;)


Free peanut butter has expired this morning spoken on chat


Cheers order placed! Hurricane xs and some Mypre ....


The site virtually has daily ‘35% off’ deals - they should just build it into the price! Good quality stuff though...

My Protein 40% off Impact Whey (5kg Unflavoured £34.79, Flavoured £38.99 / My Bar Zero 12 bars £12.59/ My Pre 30 servings £14.99 + p&p
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
No code required. Probably going to get voted cold but may help some people out. Limited time and whilst stocks last.
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Use My Protein eBay outlet webpage...40% off on quite a few products & FREE postage also. Hope that helps someone.


Buy unflavorued then add a couple of Flavdrops choose two different flavours, so you always can mix it up.


Could work out cheaper for you to go direct to Bodybuilding Warehouse and use their discount codes. I posted a whey deal for them a while ago. Think it was a 40% discount deal. You could sign up to their newsletter to get their offers.


Their discounts are fake because they increase the RP before adding discounts... I was a fan, but with this behavior they are loosing me


Their unflavoured one is horrible... I changed to Bodybuilding Warehouse unflavoured (on Amazon) and it's much more stomachable.

50% off Myprotein Clothing including Sale - Items from £2.50 Examples in post (+£2.95 del Free del over £35)
LocalLocalFound 15th FebFound 15th Feb
This might not be for everyone, but there are some nice bits on offer and free del over £35, which is pretty good if you're picking up a few bits anyway. A couple of the jackets wo… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Use the code GJLN-R2 while signing up and u will get 25% off for your first purchase.


I think you are wearing your shirts wrong.......


I bought some of their shirts about 4 months ago, they've held up well but are too tight on my thighs


You can also get up to 12% cashback on TCB


They always put their prices up just before this promotion

Buy one Get One free on Selected MyProtein supplements. Various items, cheapest free. Free Delievery over £30
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Bit selective this deal because the cheapest item will be free, but if you're in the market for certain items. E.g 2 x My Pre would only cost £25. "Mystery" voucher code available… Read more

^^ you're getting trolled mate.... Why bite?


You mean protein powder doesn't grow on trees?! If only we'd met sooner. Eggs and fish are the food you've already mentioned. Protein powders are supplements to that, just like I said. What's new to anyone in what you're saying in either post?


AGREED and case in point when on my last cut towards the end i even with a whole food high fibre diet couldn't hit my daily requirements for fibre intake hence i had to supplement the Unulin powder.


And a pot noodle isn't? Supplements have a place. I'm on a cutting cycle, so limited calories. Bearing that in mind how do I get all the necessary nutrients vitamins etc. I can't so hence why I buy certain supplements.


Protein eat eggs and fish. supplements are manufactured foods

Top protein for a very good price - no gimmicks though = COLD - 40% off Impact Whey and free postage £34.79 at Myprotein
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
I'm a glutton for punishment, so here goes: Myprotein are offering 40% off Impact Whey and free postage, which makes 5kgs of top quality protein £34.79 delivered. No code required… Read more

Offer no longer available?




Lol. Missing the wood for the trees there, bib. Your post actually acknowledges its flaw... This stuff is fine for the majority and yet it usually gets voted cold by the majority seemingly based on faulty logic. It's not about saturated fat for anyone other than single issue obsessives. I'd suggest if you felt your cholesterol shot through the roof, there was a different cause, or your interpretation was skewed. I'd be interested to hear more. (I don't think you understand the word cuckoldry either)


Animal Protein and the Cancer Promoter IGF-1


The HDL was higher then the LDL can't remember the ratio. I eat a lot of eggs but I can with keto lol. I have used Dynamix it's ok. I just buy whatever's on offer that has a low carb content and a good protein percentage. The arguments about brands on here are funny