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Myprotein is the UK’s most popular online retailer of fitness supplements and other sports nutrition products. From whey protein to cereal bars, Myprotein offer products that serious exercise fans will need. They also offer regular discounts across its range, and all of the latest deals can be found at the Myprotein HotUKDeals pages. Read more

All Myprotein Deals, Discounts & Sales for July 2019

35% Off using Code @ MyProtein
Posted 16 h, 43 m agoPosted 16 h, 43 m ago
My Protein has 35% off using code AMAZIN. Don't forget cashback too..

Im guessing its finished. Sorry🙈


Code doesn’t work?


Bodybuilding Warehouse always has 50% off with cheaper prices


Thanks. PHD have got 50% off at the moment so just ordered from there this time round. Use code (phDDay) x


I've been buying from myprotein for years and I'll stop now. Everytime there is a sale they increase their prices so it's actually not a sale and youre not really saving alot. They've lost a customer.

Myprotein Impact Whey Vanilla Protein (Christmas packaging) 1kg x 2 - £14.98 + Free delivery next 2 hours / £3.99
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Clearance on Myprotein Christmas packaged Impact Whey Protein. £7.49/kg. Free delivery over £10 (next 2 hours) otherwise £3.99. Works out £14.98 for 2kg

Got a couple , thanks


Your right it is out of stock.😰


Sorry, dieses Produkt ist momentan leider nicht auf Lager.


Ordered, cheers

18x 50g Vegan Protein Bar "Peanut & Maple Syrup" + Vegan Carb Crusher Sample for £9.23 delivered to the UK @ Myprotein Germany
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Hello again! After struggling a little to get free shipping to the UK during my last deal, I think I finally figured out what went wrong and came up with an alternative that should… Read more

That is typical for plant-based protein bars which do not rely on soy. If you are not on a vegan diet, the other bars have better nutritional value.


Am I missing something? There's more fat per bar than there is protein (embarrassed)


Ordered two boxes and vegan carb for €18. Thanks (y) 🏼


nice one :) ordered two lots.


Ordered, although the website was one of the most horrendous experiences ever, poorly designed website! Kept changing the price and my delivery, make sure you double check everything before paying!

2.5kg Impact Whey Protein "Maple Syrup" for ~£16.38 delivered to the UK @ Myprotein Germany
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Alright now, I have got one more Myprotein deal which is a little tricky since you need to order from the German website . Very important: Do NOT go to the English website or … Read more

Mine just arrived. I assume it was shipped direct from the uk warehouse - the box has a few vouchers for Ocado in it with a maximum value of £25gbp. Can't see a German company having local stock of English language flyers with gbp discount values.




Great Price, Heat.


Better have my protein than this myprotein flavour :D


Now that I think of it, the trick which I am using in my other deal should actually work here as well. Could anyone try if he/she gets free shipping to the UK by adding a 6 Layer Bar Sample for ~£2? That would then at least be somewhat cheaper than right now.

4kg All-Natural Peanut Butter (Crunchy or Smooth) + Vegan Carb Crusher Sample for £14.45 delivered @ Myprotein
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Hey guys! Since Myprotein UK put quite a huge fee on all deliveries to Germany, I decided to simply share the current offer (or rather a clever combination of several offers) on … Read more

Thanks for this. It's still working at £14.45 I grabbed the peanut butter last time a deal was posted and it's quality stuff so definitely recommend it.


Brilliant, just ordered! Cheers for that (y)


Thanks, ordered last night.


It's back in stock


5% extra off

Vitamin B12 - 2 x 180 tablets for £11.98 @ MyProtein
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Suitable for those trying a vegan diet. Current offer is 2 for 1 so 360 tablets for less than £12. Also free delivery on over £10 spend today so no delivery charge. Serving Siz… Read more

Lol ok bud you too


Maybe they removed that discount later in the day. It took it off at the checkout for me


Probably nothing. I just don't fancy it myself and assumed I was not untypical.


Probably too late now but this doesn't seem true? "Also free delivery on over £10 spend today so no delivery charge." I just placed a 2for1 order and am being asked to pay 3.99 delivery


Absolutely zero aggression. Have a nice weekend (y)

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Myprotein Flash Offer  up to 55% off Everything (With Code)
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Myprotein flash offer up to 55% off everything, use code BEST hurry, only over 1 hour left

The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket. Yawn.


Another day , another MyProtein UP TO 55% off which never works out for my basket.


They have more Flash sales than a strip club !


60 quid of stuff in basket with 20 quid saving. Cold from me.



1KG All-Natural Peanut Butter (Crunchy/Smooth) - £3.89 Delivered @ MyProtein
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Good price on this delivered. You will need to grab a code from VoucherCodes , to get the 35% discount and free delivery :) The code is individual so you'd need to generate … Read more
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Used the code 'SHARKS' and got 35% and also Free delviery. Free delivery is done at the check out.


How do you get free delivery? Used the code 'SHARKS' for 35% off but no free delivery.


free delivery code seems to have expired??


They don’t have any chocolate chip protein flapjacks! What a bunch of wasters!


50% off at Myprotein using code PARTY
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
For the next couple hours use code PARTY for 50% off at Myprotein! Grab a bargain!

Only 40% now :(


40% now....


Yeah no longer working. Just 45%


Good(ish) Doral. Guess a bit more than usual. I stopped using myprotein as they use Yodel. Might see f they have improved (my local idiot driver that is)


45% now, expired. cheers though.

2.1 kg Myprotein Complete Breakfast Blend Chocolate Nut £8.70 @ Myprotein
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Discounted to £14.49, apply the discount voucher from vouchercodes for 40% off and free delivery (taken from this deal ). Total £8.70 If you are spending over £40 (free delivery… Read more

Still not working.


Worked for me


Can't get codes to stack


Use code 7D1HD-I2RA-CFTP


Cant see how to get this discounted down as far as you say - showing as £35.99 discounted to £28.99. So adding the BDAY discount takes it down to £17.39. I can't see how to get it lower. (Maybe the "30% off best buys" discount and the "40% Birthday discount" were initially stackable by mistake? If so, it looks like they've corrected that now.)

1kg Myprotein Impact Whey Protein (Banana Cream) - £5.39 delivered @ My Protein
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
The banana cream variant of the impact whey protein is discounted to £8.99, apply the discount voucher from vouchercodes for 40% off and free delivery (taken from this deal ). … Read more

I'd agree, I don't even like banana milkshakes but this tastes good!


Just posting in here to say how nice the Banana Cream protein tastes. One of the best I've ever tried wish I bought more now


Exactly! I have got my packages and best before dates are minimum 05/20 and I am very happy about with my order. It cost me £53 but I had at least £50 worth vouchers and cashback from different companies which I already have intention to purchase something. Amazing.


Just received mine today and came to check if anyone else had short dated protein. Saw your comment and double checked the packaging. The best before is 05/2020 and the DOM is 11/2018 but they've printed it weirdly so it looks like the Best Before is 11/2018.


(zombie) You are right mate. I just had another look. My mistake

1KG All-Natural Peanut Butter (Crunchy) - £3.59 Delivered - MyProtein
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Good price on this delivered. You will need to grab a code from VoucherCodes to get the 40% discount and free delivery :) Can anybody recommend? also credit to the guys at… Read more
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That sounds... genuinely stunning. Don't do this.. between that and the vat of peanut butter i bought on this deal i'll be like a blimp.


Aldi is cheaper and you don't have to buy a massive 1kg pot.


What are you talking about? The code discounted it to £3.59 with free delivery. You didn't need to spend a penny more.


They still sell blue lids although it's a lighter blue than before



3.5kg of MyProtein Impact Whey protein samples in 10 flavours for £41.93 delivered (£12/kg)
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Good price for the variety packs in the never-ending sale at MyProtein. Works out to £12/kg (30p/sachet) which is cheaper than most other bulk bags, but this gets you 10 flavours … Read more

Good for travel!


Ta very much. There's only so many times I came blame it on the dog.... (embarrassed)


Try whey "Isolate". My Protein sells it, generally quite a bit more expensive but certainly easier on the digestive system!!


Whey protein can cause digestive issues - bloating etc. There are alternatives such as pea protein which I understand can be better.


Interested to hear about cheaper, better-quality protein - please share.

1kg All-Natural Peanut Butter - £3.89 Delivered (With Code) @ MyProtein
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Either smooth or crunchy. Ends at midnight. Possible topcashback

100% peanut skin on There is palm oil at all


How much Palm Oil in this?






Depends what you want to use it for crunchy nice as a spread but I use smooth for cooking as well

MY protein 2 for1 + free gift + delivery with £40 spend
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
2for 1 plus free gift over £35 plus delivery worth looking and buying always better to stock on useful bits.

Same. Bulkpowders are comparatively expensive at sale price but well, the vanilla, banana and raspberry batches I've had, they've all been smoooooth. The Bulkpowders preworkout mix ain't bad but it makes me itchy as hell for some reason. Unlike MyPre 2.0 it works but I'm pretty sure I'm having a mild allergic reaction to it every time I drink it (excited)


As I mentioned in another MP deal thread, I and many others have noted a significant drop in product quality since their rebrand. I recently ordered from Bulkpowders and have to say that I find it much better. It’s a touch more expensive than the standard MP prices but the taste is better and it doesn’t have the mixability issues that became apparent in MP’s products. Give them a shot and see what you think (y) I’ll keep using MP for their bars/foodstuffs as it’s comfortably cheaper and pretty good quality and range though...


Ah, too late (fierce) I can't see anything 2 for 1 but thanks anyway


Yesterday, 2 for 1 included the ‘Soy Protein Isolate - 2.5kg - Unflavoured’ for £26.99. Alas no longer the case today.


How did you get that?

55% Declining Discount -1% every hour - 5KG Casein, Flavdrops, 500g Creatine / AIO Bar & IWP samples + Shaker £40.08 Delivered @ Myprotein
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
55% Declining Discount -1% every hour - 5KG Casein, Flavdrops, 500g Creatine / AIO Bar & IWP samples + Shaker £40.08 Delivered @ Myprotein
Obviously the price will go up slightly every hour, but the price on the casein should still be a great offer even if you miss the lowest price. There's also 33% off selected items… Read more

The Leucine in Whey will spike insulin on it's own. The Dextrose is purely to restore muscle Glycogen. A lot of people use sugar of some sort for that but sugar is part fructose and fructose can't be used for muscle Glycogen.


Yes very good mixture. The dextrose will give you an insulin spike help shuttle nutrients to the muscles and the whey and casien long and short digesting protiens.


I have been mixing Whey, Casein and dextrose post work out and had great results from that


Lol at the stupid comment. Casein one of the worst proteins utter rubbish. There no bad or good protein. Casien is a very slow digesting protein so it's not good for post workout, for that you should be looking at a fast digesting protein like whey. Casein is fantastic for night time as its very thick and will keep the muscles fed through the night. Any serious muscle builders will take a slow protein like casein or quark before bed. It's also good to mix with a whey so you get a mix of slow and fast proteins post training especially if your not going to be eating for a few hours.


Why is it the worst? I use it nd it's been good for me

2.5kg Impact Whey Protein [All flavours] £22 + Free delivery @ Myprotein
Refreshed 17th AprRefreshed 17th Apr
I know the price has been up and down on this, but this is one of the better offers we've seen recently and it includes free delivery. The offer includes ALL flavours as well, not … Read more

Shows discount code whey22 expired 16/05/19. Current code to use appears to be "BEST" which gives 35% off. So price is £29.14 instead of £44.99. Not great, looking to try another supplier


Vegan protein is a guaranteed solution to avoid lactose but I realise they can be expensive


Order dispatched after code stack, thanks for posting!


Delivery today at 11-12 :)


Natural Vanilla

5KG Impact Whey Protein + Flavdrops, 250g Creatine Monohydrate + Freebie £41.25 w/code @ Myprotein (£1.50 more if choosing 500g Creatine)
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
5KG Impact Whey Protein + Flavdrops, 250g Creatine Monohydrate + Freebie £41.25 w/code @ Myprotein (£1.50 more if choosing 500g Creatine)
Another bundle, this time using the 40% off full price items along with the 25% off Best sellers code. This time using 5KG bag of Unflavoured Impact Whey (The flavoured versions … Read more

i know but i cant find anything else in its price range of £35 for 5 kilos that gives me a high ammount of protein per shake or i would swap,this is 21g protein per serving would that give me better results than matrix 44 grams per serving even if its soy based?


Matrix is rubbish full of soy


has anyone tried this stuff zero carbs and sugar?


5kg salted caramel( by far best flavour I’ve tried) Shaker Free gift tablets Pre work out sample Free carbs bars Free delivery £43 Will do me. Last time paid £23 for 2.5kg


Ordered. Gsm35 best

33% off plus free delivery with Wuntu app
Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
33% off plus free delivery with Wuntu app
Customers of the mobile network Three and have the Wuntu app can get 33% off plus free delivery. This site has always some sort of discount but very rarely offers free delivery (3.… Read more
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I miss the wuntu cineworld offers


it takes 38% off the RRP at checkout - WUNTU got the figure wrong its still a bad deal as even 38% off the inflated RRP is still not cheap


It’s 33% (excited)


really sneaky 'deal' it doesnt even take off 38% of the displayed price when the displayed price already has a discount it only takes off 38% off the original RRP


There are better offers however this is free delivery. If you want to place a small order then this is better than 40-50% as the £3.99 delivery charge will be a lot higher than the discount. I order peanut butter a lot so free delivery is great!

55% Off Declining Discount -1% every hour - 5KG Casein Protein + T Shirt + Shaker and Impact Whey sample £40.48 delivered @ Myprotein
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
55% Off Declining Discount -1% every hour - 5KG Casein Protein + T Shirt + Shaker and Impact Whey sample £40.48 delivered @ Myprotein
Update 1
There's now a freebie added for the first 1000 customers (You can pick from 5 items)
I have added a way of making a better price than where the current discount amount sits - See the update at the foot of the description
Nice combo again on casein, The idea here was to get a good price on 5KG bags as well as a couple of extra bits to hit the free del threshold. The casein alone works out £35.04 at … Read more

As the price is up more than when originally posted, you might want to make use of the free gift on a £40+ spend (first 1000 orders) So just delete the shaker and add it back as a freebie on the right side - £42.19 - Brings it down by £1.73 OR just add another freebie :) Just a couple of ideas to get more out of the offerings atm Remove shaker, then add one as a freebie instead = £42.19 Or add another freebie and keep the shaker in as well = £43.92


Empties the dust bag of the hoover. Saves himself £50. :p


In the end I just bought same again the whey protein 1kg £12.34 next day free delivery


Hi, you can read up online about this but basically, everyone stores weight/fat in various places to begin with, eg some may put it on their back, hips, internal organs (beer gut) and so on first, before it begins to build up in other areas. I doubt this is what you want. It will help build up the muscles that you work on though and help you gain weight overall if that's the purpose. There are few benefits to storing up fat in the body for the sake of weighing more though, maybe some for endurance sports or where weight can be a plus like rugby etc.


Sorry for being amatirebut the weight gainer one does that go on your whole body like tummy or does it go just to the arms chest etc ? Thanks