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Myprotein is the UK’s most popular online retailer of fitness supplements and other sports nutrition products. From whey protein to cereal bars, Myprotein offer products that serious exercise fans will need. They also offer regular discounts across its range, and all of the latest deals can be found at the Myprotein HotUKDeals pages. Read more

All Myprotein Deals, Discounts & Sales for December 2018 - Minimum 40% **NOW 45%** Off Everything Sitewide Using Code / See OP
Refreshed 23rd NovRefreshed 23rd Nov31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018
Title says it all :) The Original Vest £4.79 w/code NOW £4.39 Impact Whey Protein 1KG From £10.19 NOW £9.34 12x Protein Cookies £11.99 (various flavours) NOW £10.… Read more

All of them!


Paying money to read an article. Bs.


What really matters is whether or not you have noodle arms and legs. If you do, don't worry about minor details, eat well and hit the gym. Whey has its place. It's convenient to pull out a shake mid morning and neck it on the go, to help get the aminos in. Far more convenient than pulling out a foldable table, plates, crockery, chicken and gravy. Excess whey can cause an AKI though. I.e. people consuming it to an excess. I.e. miss informed. Like some on in the comments section. A good diet and enough time to chew it all means you don't need to use whey to reach macros. But it's rarely that simple when you have a full time job and life gets in the whey.


No, you didn't post study results to back your claim. You copied and pasted what someone else took from the study and it doesn't back what you said. And neither does the study you've just linked? The fact that neither of the two examples you tried to use don't support your claim that whey protein is useless says something... It's not debatable whether whey protein works. It's an easily digested, amino rich dietary protein source.

plodging some light reading from Harvard

35% off whey protein on £40 spend on myprotein plus free gift 6 month popcorn pass or 2 month sky sport pass
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Plus free gift 6 month popcorn pass or 2 month skysports Some good offers, 30% on creatine and some other proteins too.

Myprotein actual deals begin at 45% off, and even then you need to know the price of milk.


The never ending sport direct (annoyed)


Ah, their weekly sale is back on.

12 x Protein Meal Replacement Bar Fudge £6.70  / 12 x Protein Cookies £7.37 w/code @ Myprotein (£3.99 p&p or free with £40+ spend)
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Add the code AMBITION for 33% discount. These protein fudge bars are already in sale so has gone down to £6.70 for 12 bars. Free delivery over £40 spend otherwise £3.99 Have … Read more

I lost alot of weight whilst in ketosis but not viable long term in that it's very hard to maintain a normal life because low carb isn't catered for enough. Lifting weights whilst in ketosis is hard due to lack of glycogen. I agree sugar is bad but carbs ain't. I carb cycle now to maintain weight and perform best in the gym. Currently 209lbs @ 13% bf after a bulk


Great stuff. Going to give these a try (y)


Obviously everyone is different as long as it works for you that's the main thing :)


I do intermittent fasting myself. Track all my macros and train 5 times a week with 10% body fat I'm by no means an expert but these bars wouldn't stop me from having one a day


That's a bit old fashioned now (although it does change weekly), in that healthy fats are good, and all sugars, including carbs, are bad. It's called ketosis - worked for Tyson Fury!

54% off flash sale - declines by 1% every hour
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Went on to see if any black Friday stuff still on their site, seems they have reduced some products by over 50%. Fairly limited selection but still worth a look.
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How do you know MyProtein are having a sale? The Earth is spinning.


Nice got 5kg micellar casein protein for £8/kg. Prob not gonna get lower than that across web.


Same old slow movers at no different prices to other what appears to be 'daily deals'


Most of the items are the ones they have on sale in there upto 50-60%off sales so it’s just a new way to get the same sale price.

Free now tv 2 months sports mobile pass - £11.98 / £8.39 using code @ Myprotein
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Up to 50% off, plus a potential extra 30% off with code "PAID" AND now tv 2 months sports pass (free gift for distant relative you don't wanna buy anything for?)

It's one of the free gifts available when you spend over £30


I posted one and learned my lesson.


It’s better than the deals you’ve posted over the past 2 years ....


What’s £8.39?! A FREE sports pass?!


I can`t afford this "free" offer.

Impact Whey Protein (5kg) £37.39 @ MyProtein
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
No code required Minimum spend £40 Add a shaker bottle for a couple quid! Cheapest I’ve seen for a bit, although did drop to £34 for two hours on BF
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It's not about time machines. They regularly drop the price to the mid twenties, so you can bet it will be priced similarly in the not to distant future


My protein have lots promos it'll be cheap again soon, unless you really need whey urgently might be worth waiting day or two


LOL! I bought a 5KG bag for £23 last month - when it 'wasn't Black Friday'!!!


I wish it was just one fixed price per kg. Why should it be a headache when buying protein powder. Sack the codes off and give me a standard good price! (mad)


Snap...............I had it for that price as well. Good stuff.

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2 hours only 50% off all items at my protein with code
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Just received a text with code smsblack for 50% off for everything for 2 hours. Not sure if it is account specific but worth a punt

The prices went up last Sunday mate ! They then did the 40% off


ah, you're one of those


So the 50% has expired


Gone down to 45%, just use the code black



NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Pass for 2 Months - **Now £6.59** with code @ Myprotein
Refreshed 22nd NovRefreshed 22nd Nov
Not sure how good this is or not, never used now tv mobile but seems a good offer compared to previous ones. Might be of use to some. bitm2007 1 h, 18 m ago Sky Sports Action Sk… Read more

Note that the NowTV app Now has its 'crap mode'. The Sky Sports mobile app does not work for this offer. I have not tested my NowTv device but cynically assume its the Android app only for this. Quite bizarre.


I figure the scam is getting people who think its a TV package not phone.


If you already have sky mobile can these be added 3 weeks later and still get 2 months on top as I've just signed up to Sky mobile.thanks


Thank you. If you use the code will it add on after the current month I've bought from now tv. As I've got to cancel sky mobile now I've signed up to? Can you buy multiples of this offer or is it just one order you are allowed please?


You're taking this too seriously

Myprotein 2 for 1 on over 175 products. No code required.
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
MyProtein are currently running a 2 fo1 promotion, on over 175 products.

I’ve only ever went with bulk powders vanilla. How does this stuff compare?


Used code DIGDELIVERY25 as didn’t want to spend near £ 25% off alongside some BOGOF deals and being delivered today (free next day delivery) :)


@bitcoin5 The vegan code you added doesn't stack with the 2 for 1


Oh cool. For anyone not reaching the £40 free delivery mark, if you order any items from the pro range you can get free next day delivery. So you buy a sample product for 99p (or 67p with the SAVER discount) and you get free next day delivery. Edit: nevermind. It's not including the samples. I need to learn to read.


No add two of the same items and the order value is discounted once at checkout

8KG Diet Protein Blend £30.24 with code Delivered @ MyProtein + 10-15%TCB & other clearance items in OP
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
Only available in Fudge Brownie - 1KG reduced from £17.99 to £5.24. Use code NEWERA to take another 30% off. Minimum spend is £30 for free delivery so hence adding 8 to achieve t… Read more

Amazing deal but it’s expired :(


Worst company ever. Always hot deals on here thanks to the vote manipulation


Oh gosh, sorry it's been a bad experience. After agreeing to supply a different flavour they should have honoured that, seems a bit out of order having a) lost the delivery and then b) agreeing to supply a different flavour.


They've been tracking it for days only to have no update from hermes (who admitted they'd lost the parcel yesterday). Myprotein offered to send the product when it's back in stock sometime within the next 14 days. Told them it wasn't good enough. They offered a different flavour and I said I'd be happy to accept that. Now they've told me this morning they can't do it as it would be too costly for them. I've got a refund going through in the next 5 days.


(shock) I hope they are re-sending it ?

2 for 1 on 100 items @ MyProtein today only
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
100 items are buy one get one free, cheapest item free!
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Think that was with the 30% off, the 241 was removed on the bars after a while :(


Bargain but all that sugar - yuck. Last think you want after a workout is a blood-sugar spike.


8 boxes at this price for me. Any ideas?


Only seems to give 2 for 1 on these swlected 100 items only Heres the link


on the All-In-One Perform Bar page ,i dont get buy one get one free ,all i get is this 30% off Best Sellers | Use code: NEWERA NEWERA Offer valid on products with this offer message.

MyProtein offer 30% off best sellers e.g Weight Gainer Blend 2.5 KG £18.89 / £22.88 delivered @ Myprotien
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Don't know if this has been posted already but myprotein are having a sale of 30% off best sellers. You could save approx £8 on 2.5kg of whey protein total comes to £18.89. That's … Read more

Mid November onwards


£26.49 they want for 2.5kg impact whey natural strawberry . That’s not exactly cheap. 5kg for £32 is when I count it as a good deal from them


£35 - 30% = £24.50


Why am I getting £27 for 2.5kg not £18.99


When is Black Friday

MyProtein 50% off All Full Priced Items Glitch! - 1KG Peanut butter £3
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Just spotted a glitch on myprotein where they have a code CLOTHING50 which knocks 50% off everything! Only seems to work on full priced items but some bargains to be had. 1kg Pe… Read more

Worked. Order dispatched nice one pal


Interesting, the glitch order was honoured and it's going to be delivered today


That's some cheap protein .


I think I've only used 5 bags so far lol. I still had another 5 bags to add to that pic because they didn't have chocolate brownie at the time to sending my order out. One bloke ordered about 150 bags and stuck the pic up, made mine look like I'd only bought a couple XD


Looks like my last haul lol

Myprotein Rebranding sale!
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Upto 70% off
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25! Jesus are you not like Arni yet XD I only got 10kg and still have s%#t loads left


AMBITION - 33% off


This rebrand is taking ages and ages!!! But then again, so is getting through the 25kg of various premium whey proteins, for silly money, from last time!!! (strong)


Is this another bogus sale ?


Exactly! £2.76 for 4 x 250g. Wish I had bought more.

Hurricane XS post-workout bar (12 x 70g) £3.97 (+£3.99 delivery if ordering <£20) @ MyProtein
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
As per thesaint123, use code DAVIDLLOYD25 to reduce price to £3.97 for a box of 12. 12 x 70g: 257 cals, 28g protein, 5g creatine, 12g sugars, 6.2g fats Chocolate Orange "Hurrican… Read more
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It really isn't bro science, just fact especially when counting calories. cutting for example dextrose wouldn't be counted as calories as it's uptaken by the muscles to just restore glycogen. Where as cane sugar doesn't work like that. So for me personally in the grand scheme of things for my goals it does matter


Back down to £3.97. Impact Native Whey 2.5kg back down to £15.29. £2.50 bonus cashback on &gt;£20 spend via Topcashback could bring price down further.


No it's not. Usual nonsense from the 'do you even lift ' bruhs. If your compliance of training and diet is consistent - regardless of whether you had sugar or dextrose really will attribute to that 5% that really doesn't matter. As a competitive lifter for over 10 years, I can say with confidence that in the grand scheme of things. It really doesn't matter.


Expired price has changed £7.50 a box cheap


Good spots. The Impact Native Whey isolate looks a great price at £15.30 for 2.5kg. Just read this ( about native whey, and the gist seems to be that studies suggest it has an identical effect over a time period in amino acid response in the blood as 'regular' whey isolate. I paid £56 for 5kg of Impact Whey Isolate last week, so this stuff is almost half the price. The low sugar content and addition of lactase make me hope the lactose content is as low as in regular whey isolate.

MyProtein -  Carb crusher protein bars 24 bars for £25 delivered
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
MyProtein have their Carb Crusher bars on offer. They are usually excluded from most of their DFS style sales. Really like these especially the Dark chocolate and sea salt. Usually… Read more



Your hair is full of snake oil


Thanks ordered 2 boxes


Good job, That 1 fks alot of people (highfive)


I have checked yes as I sometimes follow Keto. The only Polyol that affects me is xylitol. These bars don't contain that.

MyProtein Impact Whey protein 2.5kg - £22.99
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
An absolute bargain for this amount of protein, they have 33% off many products.
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Both are pretty decent, mix well, similar specs. I buy a big order maybe once every 3-4 months, I tend to use whatever discount codes I can find on both sites, add the same stuff to a basket and compare the prices before ordering the cheapest. Myprotein is usually a few quid cheaper.


If they're eating or drinking anything low calorie then that would be effort better spent on whole milk + whey. IMO


Compare bulkpowders whey?


I did my nose is all muscley now


This is an OK price but MyProtein quite literally always have a 40% off code floating about. With that, a 2.5kg bag is between £20.99 - £22.80, depending on flavour.

6kg of Peanut Butter for £21.54 at myprotein
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
40% off all full priced items - obviously can be used on other items - but for me, it's all about the peanut butter. Spend £20 to get free delivery - so 6 tubs worth works out £3… Read more



Body rub apparently. It's what guys do at the gym.


And it's still cold for no reason...


There is nothing added to this peanut butter. It's a really good quality nut butter. I add my own salt when I wish.


Peanut butter is not healthy. They are not my words but an independent nutritionist I spoke to.

PROTEIN FLAPJACK (12 X 80G) Chocolate/Original £8.39 delivered / PROTEIN BROWNIE (12 x 75g) Chocolate/White Chocolate £9.09 delivered / HURRICANE XS BAR (12 x 70g) Chocolate Orange £10.42 delivered w/code VIP30 @ MyProtein
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
30% off plus Free Delivery on Orders at Myprotein w/code VIP30 PROTEIN BROWNIE (12 x 75g) Chocolate/White Chocolate… Read more

I was always gonna ruffle some feathers with that post but I doubt anyone who disagreed with me has ever tried committing to a non-supplemented diet while doing whatever they're doing to train or just maintain fitness and just eating well naturally, and like some have said, food tastes good, this stuff tastes like garbage and many people tolerate it thinking they absolutely need it when it's just as likely they don't. You can agree or disagree, but try it first


Why is everyone into body building these days? Seems very vain to me. :/


I find some of these things taste like someones old shoe dipped into something resembling something sweet. To be honest with the carbs and ingredients in these, why not just have a treat if your working out, wouldn't make that much difference Occasionally, I do it now and again. (cheeky)


Totally right. Nothing beats eggs &amp; chicken. Eventually the artificial sweeteners &amp; dairy proteins will cause gut problems. Always take breaks from supplements &amp; don't live on them. Use before or post workout only.


He is right in one way food is better than protein powders but no everyone will spend time preping food so it's a quick solution

Impact Whey Isolate 40% off plus free delivery
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
40% off at Myprotein with free delivery using code SMS40

Yep, I was looking at the wrong item! Fair enough


Use someone else’s then (nerd)


No it doesn't. The isolate the equivalent of what's been posted is 49.99 before discount. The concentrate on my protein is 22.99 with code so cheaper then the concentrate on bulk powders


35% code makes it £24.70


well i have got the hump (ninja) because i thought it was a glitch like the suits yesterday (nerd)