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Posted 14 September 2023

Official Google Pixel Fast Type-C to C 1M USB Data Sync Charging Cable (Bulk)

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Original cable for all your google charging needs

Plug in the 18W Power Adapter designed with USB Power Delivery to charge your USB-C enabled devices quickly.

Long, detachable USB-C cable No more sitting down right next to the power outlet.

TYPE C Google Cable also Compatible with: Apple New Macbook 12 inch, Google Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 tablet, OnePlus 2, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Microsoft 950/950s, YiJia Mobile, Moto Z, LeTV mobile, XiaoMi 4C, Huawei, and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Galaxy Tab S3 and more

Charge your device with a lengthy 1 meter cable.
  • 1 Meter
  • Fast Charge
  • USB-C

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  1. Vio.Car's avatar
    I wonder if this is a USB 2 or 3 cable. Since the new iPhone 15 Pro only comes with USB 2 cable, and it needs a USB 3 cable to achieve max speeds.
  2. rodman's avatar
    Genuine and ebay doesn't work together.
  3. average's avatar
    is this thunsderbolt 3??
    DOC1968's avatar
    I dont think so
  4. palli's avatar
    Will this work on my iPhone 15?? I've not heard of this USB C thing. Apple must have made it?
    codjerlfc's avatar
    Oh definitely apple, I mean is there any other decent mobile phone companies?
  5. scottrollo7's avatar
    Is this the new USB C apple invented?
    DealHugger's avatar
    Jokes aside, Apple was part of the working group "invented" USB C... en.wikipedia.org/wik…rum
  6. deleted406704's avatar
    Of course it's hot, Apple have recently invented USB-C
  7. mgb20's avatar
    'Long, detachable USB-C cable'? 1 Metre equals around 39" or just over 1/2 the height of an average human. Also, I wish someone would teach them how to spell 'metre' correctly.
  8. fazzzzzz's avatar
    Can't wait to see the MFI USB C cables
  9. AJtheCabbage's avatar
    Cheers Mr Switch, by utter coincidence my current Google cable burst open today and I happened to see this. Can't complain for a £5ver. Thanks!
  10. smallsteve's avatar
    Their ‘genuine Apple cable’ is suspiciously cheap which raises concern about whether anything is genuine, including this cable!
  11. Allthemoney's avatar
    Is there a 2 or 3 metrere version
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    I got one of these 3M cables recently, though not for a Pixel. Still, good for £6 -

    Used to charge a laptop at 65W which works fine, can't comment on higher than that.

    There's a deal for the 2M version at £3.99 -
    hotukdeals.com/dea…048 (edited)
  12. miketg89's avatar
    Any difference between this and, say, an Anker cable?
    curridd's avatar
    Go with Anker imo. If you look properly and buy from a Anker Reseller, then I'm pretty sure there cables have a lifetime guarantee on them 👌🏼 🏼
's avatar