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P1 Autocare Portable Car jump starter 6000mAh, 350A peak 12v portable Auto power bank, fast charging, flash light - £40 @ Amazon

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6000MAH CAR JUMP STARTER] Offering a 350 peak amp current this jump starter is can start petrol cars up to 2.5L ,when away from electrical mains, with built-in heavy duty clamps and cables.
[FAST CHARGING] with an Input of 5V 1A, Outputs 5V & 12V, Peak current 350A, this car jump starter and power bank is suitable for fast charging.
[EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER] Charge phones, tablets or other device and speed of up to 2.1 amps via the USB (6000mAh capacity). Includes terminal clamps, USB cables & instruction guide
[3 FLASHLIGHT MODES BUILT IN] With an easy to use function on switching between Ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and SOS signal light offers convenience in every situation
[SAFETY PROTECTION] With applied standard protection the battery pack and cable has with over-charge, over-discharge, Fuse, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.
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  1. gazdoubleu's avatar
    350 amp peak is a bit piddly, certainly wouldn't be enough on high compression petrol cars like mazda skyactiv (edited)
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    Do you think it would be ok for my Renault Trafic Campervan, 1.8 petrol, 1991 J plate then? I'm guessing it would be no good for a BMW 328i '99 S reg, though?...
  2. LoadedScissors's avatar
    A similar model to the one above wouldn't start my 1.2 litre petrol unless it was freshly charged, and wouldn't start my 1.8 litre petrol even when fully charged. For the sake of £10 I'd suggest getting a bigger one so you don't get stranded in the ass end of nowhere waiting 4 hours for breakdown to arrive.

    This one is ~£50 with the voucher for much more kick. They're great little devices when they work amazon.co.uk/Sta…mr0
  3. Crackfoxm3's avatar
    Wireless too!
  4. jacob.haggerwood's avatar
    (If you can afford it) when you’re looking at this price you should look at splashing on a new battery
  5. Gav_881's avatar
    You get about 5mins if my maths holds out at peak draw so should be able to top up a battery for a couple of mins and then kick even a large engine. But i do not know that it will work 🤷‍♂️

    You need anything up to 1.5kw for that split second to kick it over. So you are going to have to charge a battery a little first i would guess.

    Not a lot to go on ratings wise so i’m not sure its a product i would trust if i felt i needed this kind of thing.
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    You get about 5mins if my maths holds out at peak draw so should be able to top up a battery

    Yeah, don't do this unless you want a small fire or a potentially dangerous pack. These are literally jump-start packs, designed for an initial high energy boost mostly to the starter motor to kick-start it all again. For what you are describing you want an actual charger or something like a plug in NOCO etc.

    You attach it, start the car then remove it immediately. The car should be able to charge itself on its own alternator the second the engine turns over.
  6. mccririck's avatar
    I have a 5 year old Ravpower one that has peak current of 1000A and at the moment I'm using it daily on a diesel engine.
  7. ahotukdeal's avatar
    I bought a Streetwize Power Bank with Jump Starter (300amp) for about £25 a few years ago as my battery keeps going flat. Works well although I only have a 1.0L engine...
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