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Silverline 594260 Insulated Jump Leads 600A Max - 3.6m Long - £10.58 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
2p cheaper than previous deal Product Specifications PVC-insulated cable Fully insulated, spring-loaded connectors Suitable for all vehicles with a battery start-up power up … Read more
kevin.smithyeV £48 with trade card. Sure I saw something like that (up to 2L jump pack) that fits in glove box and can be used as torch and it was less than £50. Yes I know that's far more than a set of leads but if your out in the middle of nowhere or early morning and no other vehicles to jump from then you can soon be on your way. IMO.


Nowadays, in an effort to save fuel, alternators do not charge all the time. Charging also comes from small generators on the wheels which activate when braking or slowing down (regenerative braking). Essentially the ECU calculates the charging current based on battery usage and current load. The end result is that the charging voltage will sometimes be as high as 15v - rather than the usual 13.5v in older systems. So when you connect another battery in parallel, the charging voltage will certainly hit the higher voltage. So your car may be OK with this, or it might not be. If you are happy to take the risk, go ahead.


I have a set of prof leads what cost me 60 quid, i've often used these on peoples cars after their 10,15,20 quid leads did nothing..... that said, better to have a 10 quid emergency set than nothing.... now, lets get to the biggest issue, your car turns over one morning very slow but starts, its great all day, but next morning it turns over slow again.... best to keep doing this until it won't start at all right? ;) seen it dozens of times...


Used it on a 2012 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6ltr and it jumped it fine


Ok, thanks (y)

CTEK 40-162 Time To Go car Battery Charger - £29.99 instore @ Lidl, Felixstowe
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th AprLocalLocal
CTEK 40-162 Time To Go car Battery Charger, half price £29.99 @Lidl Felixstowe, could be elsewhere? Usual price in most places is £60+ The groundbreaking CT5 TIME TO GO battery ch… Read more

Got stock in weston super mare (y)


Thank you - I tried the "easier" method of punching through the plastic from the front end and removing the button and using contact cleaner, but didn't have much joy. It clicks but does nothing! It was a great device when it worked though. Only needed to use it two or three times over the years but it was great.


Will this charge battery without the need for another care with jump leads? Sorry I have no clue lol


excellent chargers these and anything under £50 for one is good.... I have two which I leave on trickle all the time on my classic cars.


thought they were 2.0 turbo diesels

Ring RCB208 12v 8A Fully Automatic Car Battery Charger £16.36 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Seems quite cheap for this. 8A automatic charger suitable for lead acid and gel batteries. Possibly useful for someone in the current climate who may not be using car as much!

Back to normal price, anyone recommend an alternative low price charger. Last drove my car in November!!


£15.30 now.


£15.71 for me & just ordered. Currently £43.99 at Screwfix, so this is a great price. Heat (y)


Tar. £15.90 now


No, it won't jump start your car. Time takes to charge your flat battery depends on how flat the battery is.

Bosch S4 Car Battery Type 063 (Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days) £40.63 UK Mainland sold by Amazon EU @ Amazon
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
I had this misfortune of buying this last week and £53 was the best I could do anywhere. I would suggest being quick with this, it was this price yesterday and apparently very temp… Read more

question for those who might know, car battery died a few days ago, breakdown chap managed to revive it and recommended i get a new one. i said i had seen online but his advise was to get one from the local they online one's might not be charged up when this true? (confused) seen cheaper quotes from eurocarparts and carpartsforless but not sure whether to go for them based on what he said... (confused)


I partly disagree, it is Amazon fault that their customer service was very poor knowing nothing and the expected delivery dates was like a click bate ! I do agree that the EU trading has made things more difficult. Amazon are delivering a very high number of items from their site at a high success rate but I'm afraid they've let the side down with car batteries... On a plus, money was back into my account in a couple of days !


I'd beware of buying anything really. Higher and erratic delivery times and Amazon EU as the seller seem more common now, unless it's my imagination. I wonder if they're more inclined to use European warehouses than UK ones now. After all, they can't bring goods into the country and ship them back out to Europe. I bought from Amazon EU and wanted to return, it had to be posted back to Eastern Europe making it too expensive to justify doing. It all sucks but isn't Amazon's doing.

perkypig man's trash is another man's gold ;-)


I took some to the scrappys last week. 105kg and just over £50 and paid for my takeaway that night

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VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM D52 12V 60Ah 680A Stop/Start Car Battery - £81.56 delivered (UK Mainland) Sold by Amazon EU @ Amazon
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Ordered a week ago for 10p more and waited for it to arrive before posting, just in case it was too good to be true! These are upwards of £110 from most reputable UK sellers, so re… Read more

This is still quite the deal at £84.72. but I ordered a week ago and it said it it was in stock and would be delivered today but still not despatched.


They're great batteries - pretty sure I fitted a Yuasa in one of my previous cars and it was a marked difference from the original battery. Just finished fitting the new Varta battery in the Panda, and the wee beastie now rumbles to life instantly. :D Will see how it does on a cold morning, but I expect it'll outperform the aging Mopar EFB one it replaces by some considerable margin. It's had a new set of Bosch glow plugs a couple of weeks back, so should be in rude health for at least a year until something else inevitably needs doing.


Just fitted a Yuasa EFB to my van in Feb. It was an upgrade to the conventional battery that was fitted. The battery never let me down whilst in use but during the several months of lockdown we have had over the past year there was just not enough juice in it to start it on several occasions as it was sitting outside for days on end. Originally I just used a battery charger to get it up and running but then came the cold snowy weather we had where it would not even start the day after use, so I thought enough is enough and purchased a new battery. Despite the vehicle not being STOP/START I fitted the Yuasa as it seemed good value for money over other types at the time. I wasn't worried about the brand name as I know Yuasa are a big name & their batteries are used quite extensively in the electronics industry. Anyhow no more worries starting & due to the extra "oomph" it has it now starts much more quickly & easily (y)


Serendipity. (y)


Thank you OP, Have now ordered and as an added bonus got an extra £6 off with the gift card top up offer to. £75.84 Delivered (highfive)

Varta Blue Dynamic C22 Car Battery, 5524000473132 12V 52 mAh 470 A - £45.30 (UK Mainland) Sold by Amazon EU @ Amazon
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
I just happened to need a battery and luckily found this which fits my car. Seems like it will fit plenty of cars and hasn’t been this cheap on Amazon since 2019!

Well done, at this rate you'll end up with a free battery!


Battery still not arrived yet. Had another £5 credited


I had £10 credited too but to use against amazon UK products not amazon EU


I got £10 a credit on my wifes account last night after talking to an Amazon representative. It was applied so I could repurchase the C22 battery again for the sum of £55.32 (y)


@Bright.Star could you please add this to the ask a question menu on the listing on Amazon, please? They've tried to say now because it is coming from Europe or beyond ( now ) that they cannot suggest a timeframe. When I checked out on Amazon it suggested 1-3 day's postage, irrespective or where it was coming from it suggested this timeframe. Amazon customer services on chat are all chatting baloney and will just stonewall you/us.