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Challenge 12V Trickle Car Battery Charger now reduced to £11.99 at Argos (Free C&C)
Refreshed 29th JanRefreshed 29th Jan
Challenge 12V Trickle Car Battery Charger. Now reduced even further to just £11.99. Features include overload, short circuit and reverse polarity protection for added peace of mi… Read more

(lol) just by a good battery (lol)


I have bought so many of these they never last more then a year


Operating instructions no. 1.


Any charger can do that. Just make sure that the car goes to "sleep" to be on the safe side.. Basically give it 5 minutes after taking key out of ignition & dont change the state of any door/bonnet/boot ie if you want to keep it open, then leave it & keep the others shut. Opening or closing a door will wake the car up again.


Can anyone recommend a car battery charger I can use to recharge my battery without having to dismantle or remove the battery from the car? :/

59% off site wide with voucher code @ GSF Car Parts
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
59% off site wide with voucher code @ GSF Car Parts
P59Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Works on everything I’ve tried so far. 59% off with voucher code. See image for example
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What trade card?


£28 with trade card, cancel the order?


No way, absolutely gutted. I should know better as well. Thanks ;(


Challenge 12V Trickle Car Battery Charger £12.99 @ Argos
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Features include overload, short circuit and reverse polarity protection for added peace of mind. Ideal for charging 6/12V lead acid batteries with a capacity of 15 - 80Ah. Not sui… Read more
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Optimate it. mate.


Is this good for motorbike batteries to keep the battery maintained over winter??


Private browsing on? Good job you screenshot the correct tab (lol)


rated at 6A or 4Amps RMS (is that the right way round?)so should be good for dead batteries, not just a trickle charger, which is what the box says Unlike the AA charger, which says 'Battery Charger and Maintainer' but is only 1.5A RMS and £30, and not what you want to charge your battery every day when your alternator packs up


Good deal but already posted (y)

Challenge 12V Trickle Car Battery Charger at Argos for £12.99
Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Price updated now £12.99! Handy for the cold winter months ahead! Probably not the best premium battery charger for car enthusiasts, but for your average car owner this can be ve… Read more

Silly question, but do you just plug these onto the battery terminals and it charges the battery. Is it that simple


Where is the deal just normal price


Shocking deal, I've got one and it's great for my needs have some heat


good for the price


I bought this around 2 months ago. Works pretty well. Battery went from ~11V up to 13.5V in the space of about 6 hours. The lights on the front are weird. All lights except Max and 100% need to go out before it's fully charged. I had to put a bit of tape over the lights to stop them blinding me as well. It seems pretty well built too as I managed to drop it twice from waist height and it was still working fine.

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Oxford Oximiser 900 Anniversary Edition £27.65 @ SportsBikeShop
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Oxford Oximiser 900 Anniversary Edition £27.65 @ SportsBikeShop
£27.65£49.9945%SportsBikeShop Deals
i have this one myself and keeps my bike’s battery happy. Oxford Oximiser 900 Anniversary Edition A new generation of Battery Care Systems has arrived Automatically maintain, op… Read more
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Heat! My old one (not this brand) is knackered so this is a great replacement. Ordered!


Yeah got one myself. Works great. Bargain at this price


Thanks for posting, ordered. :D


oldskooltattoosuk 3 s ago I have had this for the past 8 months from Halfords and I have to say it is spot on. It is permanently plugged in to my bike and it starts on the button after 3 months of no use.


I have been using two of these for years now on both my bikes. One of my bikes over the past year has only been ridden a six mile round trip for its first MOT test. The bike has covered less than 500 miles from new and its battery is in tip top condition with this charger. My other bike is used a little bit more, but never used from October to April, and its battery is in similar condition. If you are a fair weather biker these chargers are a necessity and save you having to fork out for a nnew battery due to lack of use.

50% off Brakes, 50% off Filters, 45% off Batteries, 35% off Oils - Free Delivery @ Euro Car Parts
Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
50% off Brakes, 50% off Filters, 45% off Batteries, 35% off Oils - Free Delivery @ Euro Car Parts
Y37Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Get the car ready for winter with some great discounts on service parts.
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code still works btw


When does this end? Says 2 days but need a time? Need to speak to my mechanic before ordering.


I agree it is inflated - but I just tried too and it does come out £50 cheaper for my pads and discs with Euro Car Parts. Same for @bb123


They always inflate the prices af, and with the discount you got the same price as in other stores


Battery for my car, exide, 12 quid cheaper on ebay - 1500 sold

RAC 6/12V Trickle Car Battery ChargerArgos @ £27.49 (free C&C)
Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
RAC 6/12V Trickle Car Battery ChargerArgos @ £27.49 (free C&C)
But cheaper than last time RAC 6/12v Automatic Battery Charger with short circuit, overload & reverse polarity protection. This battery charger is mains operated and it can t… Read more
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Expire, gone back up to £54.99


Thanks OP, been looking for one of these to replace my 30+ year old one. Ordered.


Don't mistake for the battery itself, it's not legal to throw these in the ocean

MisterNippy word - YES


Christ almighty. Apple don’t make iPhones so are you going to vote every iPhone deal down? The vast majority of Christmas puddings are made by one factory and then branded to dozens of supermarkets and other retailers.

Major discount at EuroCarParts eg. Car battery for my Golf nearly half price (use code EARLY) - £47.29
Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Major discount at EuroCarParts eg. Car battery for my Golf nearly half price (use code EARLY) - £47.29
£47.29£85.9945%Euro Car Parts Deals
I was only shopping for one thing but thought this discount was great, hopefully it applies to other items just as well. Seems like a good deal, please correct me if I’m wrong... … Read more

GSF is £20 for an £8 spark plug. they're all at it.


Not working for me.


GSF60 still works for 60% off


The mistake was relying on their catalogue. Rookie/lady error


Bought Lamba O2 sensor, visually connector was different, returned for replacment. Connector was same, but did not worked... Never again...

RAC 6/12V Trickle Car Battery Charger was £54.99 now £29.99 @ Argos
Refreshed 16th Oct 2018Refreshed 16th Oct 2018
Thought this was now a great price & worth sharing with the colder weather ahead - was £54.99 & now down to £29.99 with Free C+C - next best price I could find is £44.99 &a… Read more
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Yes that's fine if you have accidentally left your lights on and your battery has gone flat. It is no good for a maintenance charger. By the time spring comes and you get the car out the battery has gone past a recoverable state and it's then another £100+ for a new one.


Sorry if I am ignorant... Why would you buy such bulky chargers when you get portable jumpstarters for the same price? The jump starter fits into the glovebox and are of less hassle. I was under the impression that such battery chargers were outdated technology. I once had to charge my car's battery using my friend's charger which involved removing the battery from the car, charging the battery overnight at home, re-fitting the battery back in the car. Means you cannot start your car until the battery holds "some" charge and was too much hassle carrying around a heavy battery. With a portable jump starter, you can start your car instantly and it costs almost the same in the market(see link below). And I do not have to remove, refit the car battery. Absolutely no messing...The charge on the jump starter is good enough for like atleast 5-6 starts.


No, but I am a motorist since 2008 and never had to use that thing... and I am not using my car everyday, at times 2 weeks gaps


My car battery has not been replaced since it was manufactured which was in 2007.


You'd do well to get 10 years out of a battery! 5 years tops in my experience. Though with care and regular charging this can add a few years to their life. It's more important for cars that are only occasionally used.

Start/stop battery for fiesta etc - Yuasa 4 Year Guarantee YBX7100 Start/Stop 12V EFB Car Battery £85 @ Halfords
Posted 3rd Oct 2018Posted 3rd Oct 2018
Start/stop battery for fiesta etc - Yuasa 4 Year Guarantee YBX7100 Start/Stop 12V EFB Car Battery £85 @ Halfords
Normally £140+ at other retailers save a wad of 💰

Oddly enough they use a different tester to see if you current battery needs replacing.


I always switch my start/stop off when I'm in busy traffic simply because I find it a gimmick what can only cause wear and tear on vital engine parts and the battery with the constant restarts. If I'm in a traffic jam I'll leave it turned on because of the longer stopped times.


I've done 50k on my s/s clio and not a problem yet. so far its working well


Or the Flywheel


Start/Stop technology are robust, reducing emissions by up to 10% or being a giant PITA because it engages when you're stuck at the traffic light, for 3 seconds ... im convinced it's neither good for the starter motor nor the battery.

CTEK MXS 5.0 (56-305) Car Battery Charger and Accessories Toolbox Set £90 Amazon Italy
Posted 12th Sep 2018Posted 12th Sep 2018
CTEK MXS 5.0 (56-305) Car Battery Charger and Accessories Toolbox Set £90 Amazon Italy
The CTEK MXS 5.0 car battery charger is listed on Amazon UK for £82.95 which comes with no accessories. I have just purhcased a CTEK MXS 5.0 with an extension cable, bumper case … Read more

The 5.0 is often up as a deal of the day or lightening deal at around the £40-50 mark. Excellent charger, especially the reconditioning mode which you use once a year to give your battery a refresh, can bring back some batteries from near death and the big boy in my MB is now I3 years old and still going strong. You get a lead as standard which you can fix permanently to your battery, I made mine longer so it reaches outside the car, as well as normal clips so be sure you need those specific accessories before buying this, there are a lot of other ones available that may be more appropriate.

37% off eurocarparts
Posted 9th Jul 2018Posted 9th Jul 2018
37% off eurocarparts
ALVGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Found this today worked for me. (y)
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An example..... wynns diesel particulate cleaner 325ml bottle online price £12.99 with discount code THEY Supply £8.70 Price in store is £8.99..... same bottle same they do massively inflate prices online. As i commented above it said practically the same. Its a big con online prices are way more than store prices.


Why oh why cant they sell stuff at just one price i mean “THE NORMAL PRICE “


they have a better sale tomorrow for football lol 50%


Can’t believe Eurocarparts have a sale on!!! (lol) (poo)


that's never the case when I go it ls full price and will only give me with discount if I do it online. Yes they are inflate price but after discount someone times works out cheaper then other stores

GSF 57% off code OFF57
Posted 16th Jun 2018Posted 16th Jun 2018
GSF 57% off code OFF57
f57Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Was looking for a discount code and came across this in the gsf chat box and thought i'd share it. Worked for me.
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Also worth checking Amazon's Automotive section for car parts as i've found some cheap items on there before, especially Febi parts for some reason which are good quality and they seem to discount quite a bit.


As always compare ECP, CP4L and GSF with relevant discount codes to find the cheapest.


Amazon price for the same oil . £40. Can be found cheaper elsewhere.


Total rip off. 5 litres of oil at £117.50. unless it's cannabis oil it's been hyper inflated to take into account the discount code.They just add 40/60% to everything to make counter the discount voucher.Borderline false advertising.


Works on car parts but doesn't work for accessory

Auto car Care Heavy Duty 165 amp Booster Cables Jump leads 2m - £3 Poundworld
Posted 6th Jun 2018Posted 6th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Auto car Care Heavy Duty 165 amp Booster Cables Jump leads 2m - £3 Poundworld
Spotted these Heavy Duty 175amp Booster cables in Rothwell Poundworldfor £3 Had other cars bits on offer too
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I wonder in what way the Manager is special?


And with only 2 metres to play with I think my wife's bumper-to-bumper parking would be seriously impossible to achieve.


Definitely thought the little picture was a cheese.


The problem is people think they can use them on any engine type or capacity and if you overload them with anything usually bigger than a 1.1L petrol engine you 'may' see smoke and they will get very hot. I definitely wouldn't use them on a diesel, these are what I use Yes a few quid more but superb for the cheap price.


yeah totally agree, because the pound shops including poundworld have never been caught selling counterfeit goods before :(

TRIPLE QX De-Ionised Water 5Ltr - £1.79 delivered @ CarParts4Less
Posted 29th May 2018Posted 29th May 2018
TRIPLE QX De-Ionised Water 5Ltr - £1.79 delivered @ CarParts4Less
£1.79£5.1966%CarParts4Less Deals
Includes delivery TRIPLE QX De-Ionised Water 5Ltr De-ionised water prevents furring and scale formulation in batteries and steam irons. Also good if you need to mix water with… Read more

Price gone back up to £3.58. USing PAYDAY code brings it down to £2.97 Damn, missed out this time round. Will wait for the next sub £2.00 deal on this.


Price increased to £3.58


Also ideal for car detailers when it comes to diluting the many products.


Ordered today. Already shipped by DHL from the free 0.00 Economy Delivery. I always get next day delivery with them, they're excellent :D


... Or if you need to do a proper flush and change the coolant/antifreeze

50% Discount on Brake Discs and Break Pads + Huge Discounts on more @ Eurocarparts
Posted 22nd May 2018Posted 22nd May 2018
50% Discount on Brake Discs and Break Pads + Huge Discounts on more @ Eurocarparts
Y75Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Great offer including Brembo parts ! Also 45% of Filters 40% of Batteries 35% of Oil
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I second this. Also, I know this is going to sound weird but check Amazon too.


Brembo pads on the front and rear of my Cooper S and no brake squeal. Came with fitting clips and new screws for mounting the caliper to the sliders/bracket so that was a nice touch. Put Brembos on the front of the MR2 (unfortunately didn't come with clips or screws, though I'd replaced the latter recently anyway) and again no squeal. I know Brembo 4 pots used to squeal badly when people retrofitted them from a 406 to a 306 but unless it's a car specific problem with pads, can't say I've had the same. With regards price/inflation for these offers, I paid £22.02 on the last promotion on 28 April. The same pads on this offer are £19.74.


Watch their prices, they inflate towards the beginning of their discount periods. They are not doing you a favour. If you are lucky enough to get trade, it will make your eyes water, the difference in cost is huge - even compared to a discount code. I.e. pads and discs costing £160 with a discount code can be bought via a trade account for £80.


ECP is the new DFS (lol)


Brembo discs and pads at the front and Ferodo Premier discs and pads at the back...great combo...

Ring 6A Car Battery Charger RCB6 £13 @ Tesco Direct
Posted 6th Apr 2018Posted 6th Apr 2018
Ring 6A Car Battery Charger RCB6 £13 @ Tesco Direct
Keep your car battery fully charged with the Ring RCB6 battery charger. Suitable for recharging lead acid batteries, this charger has a recharge rate of 6 amps. The Ring Essential… Read more
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Difficult to say, but sounds like your battery may be dead. A charger may get you a few more months out of it until winter.


Thank you for the answers guys. But what if I jump start my car and drive it for an hour and when I stop and forgot my lights for 2 seconds the battery goes down again. Do I need a new battery or this one will do the job if I charge my battery to full? (The light on the battery is green..I have one)


Good price for a 6amp charger, should be sufficient to charge most batteries overnight, ie 10-12 hours.


If you are just using a jump starter and aren't driving your car around for a good couple of hours after starting, then your battery will remain in a fairly low state of charge which will shorten its life. You need one of these..


This is a charger. Think of it as a trickle charger. It wont jump start anything. You connect it to the battery and it gradually charges it, same as when you plug your phone into a charger. Even then this is only rated up to a 1.6l car. Your charger probably has an output of 600A or 800A,whereas this has 6A, because it is designed to charge slowly over time, and not give it a great big kick all in one go. Even when you use your jump starter, you haven't actually charged the battery, all you've done is get the car started. Turn it off and you likely cant start it again unless it has been running for a while, and the alternator has charged your battery a bit, same as this would.

eurocarparts - End of month sale upto 45% off
Posted 24th Mar 2018Posted 24th Mar 2018
eurocarparts - End of month sale upto 45% off
E55Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
code SALE55 Looks like various items discounted.
Read More

Can't go wrong with this offer. Bargain. May buy another 2 bottles at this rate.


Always worth noting the part number from ECP then going to their sister company and searching for that part. Apply any discount code you can find for CP4L - code WEEKEND14 gets 14% off this weekend, you can always get 14-16% off - and see which site is cheaper. They also sell on Ebay so you can search there with the same parts number. If you forgot to see if CP4L is cheaper than ECP, then remember that ECP promise to refund the difference if you can get the same item cheaper elsewhere, including at CP4L. Just contact them and it's a painless refund.


Go gsf car parts get decent parts nearly 60% off all the time


DFS springs to mind with these guys. There's always a sale on.


Upto being the key here, just tried it on a Tamiya Grasshopper (they stock some R/C cars) and it knocked a whopping £1.72 off Erm i'll pass thanks

Lion Car Battery 100Ah Type 019 800CCA 3 Years Wty OEM Replacement £67.79 @ Eurocarparts / Ebay
Posted 9th Mar 2018Posted 9th Mar 2018
Eurocarparts Ebay outlet - £146.99 on their website - Free standard delivery or click and collect - 3 years warranty

Bloody useless in my weekend toy lol,an odd make but "Inci Aku" brand batteries are great,have them in my V6 Mondeo and a Rav4 for approx 5+ years,never had a problem,part of Exide group I believe made in Turkey or Isreal....highly recommended.


I get "The promotion entered is invalid or has expired". Was this on eurocarparts,com?


there's a sale on the europarts website when you enter CLEAR33, got it for £57.61


For £9.64 more this is a better option: Hankook MF60038, 019/017 12V 100Ah 850CCA RightHand+, 4 years warranty


For a weekend toy, maybe. But for a daily driver that you need to rely on, I don't think so. Considering how often you need to replace a battery I'd rather spend the extra £20-30 and get a known quantity.

PI Auto car tyre inflator 12V £5.99 Prime £10.98 Non prime (use promo) Sold by P.I. Stores and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 26th Feb 2018Posted 26th Feb 2018
PI Auto car tyre inflator 12V £5.99 Prime £10.98 Non prime (use promo) Sold by P.I. Stores and Fulfilled by Amazon.
£5.99£14.9760%Amazon Deals
Excellent tyre inflator for a massive discount. Perfect for emergency flats and those mornings when you wake to find your tyre flat.
Get dealGet deal

Arrived this morning. Balanced all the pressures in the car tyres and my mountain bikes, Great piece of kit. Also the needle doesn't bounce around like cheaper ones.


Mine has just arrived, will give it to me son for his car (y)


Thank you for the information, much appreciated.


Boy it is so tempting to say that this device can only be used once you have used a spirit level to make sure the road is completely flat. On both axis of course. Also, that it must be sunny and above 14 degrees C, that it'll only work at the weekend and that you must store it away from pet fur. But that's only for fun. The level-ness of the road has no effect on your tyre pressures. This can be used no matter how much your road is sloping. The temperature will affect the pressure, so allow a little for that.


If your car is upside down in a field it will still work fine.

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