Posted 19 April 2024

Refurbished Steam Deck- Steam Deck 64 GB / 256 GB - £279.00 Steam Deck 512 GB - £319

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64gb = £249
256gb = £279
512gb = £319
Steam More details at
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  1. ss78611's avatar
    I see comparisons between the Rog Ally and Steam Deck are still ongoing. I own both, my two cents:-

    The Steam Deck is the more polished product (the OLED is the one to get) - better joysticks, ergonomics (for my regular sized hands), far better battery life, superior and stable software experience. Triple AAA games often won't run well on this if that was your intended use. On the Rog Ally it quickly drains the battery (~1-1.30hr or less, perf mode, turbo mode is atrocious), where I would need to be near power source/dock, even considered buying a battery pack. I mainly prefer to play high demanding titles on my console/gaming PC, for a better gaming experience.

    The Rog Ally is the more powerful, but has terrible battery life, runs on Windows - not the best software experience. And it fried my micro sd card containing my emulation files + the port itself - common fault if you google. The big plus is that as it runs on Windows, it is compatible with all PC games. The Steam Deck lags behind here, being Linux based. See ProtonDB to check compatible games for a more informed decision. To Valve's credit, this list has grown considerably over the years.

    Ultimately, once Microsoft smartens up and builds a proper handheld OS with optimisations, and Rog Ally fixes the micro sd card issue with improved battery life, I would easily recommend it for others. For now I understand the rationale why the Steam Deck is the more popular, it's the better all round handheld product. (edited)
    jjames87's avatar
    Frying SD cards... thats more than just a little fault. They should be liable.
  2. EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    Those on the know... This vs something like the Retroid Pocket 4+ for emulation only?

    I have a Steam Deck (1TB OLED) but don't want to play with it for emulation...I also have an Anbernic RG353PS, would the cheapest Steam Deck plus a SD card be better value than the RP4+ for emulation?
    djgomatt's avatar
    Can't you just use your OLED deck and install all the emulation stuff to the SD card?
  3. xchirhox's avatar
    Had two faulty refurbished Steam Decks in a row from Steam. Takes ages to get them replaced, because the only way of contacting them is to send a message, which they then take 24 hours to respond to. Then it has to be shipped to Prague, before they’ll send the replacement or refund you.

    After the second faulty one, gave up and got a refund. Got a refurbished ROG Ally instead. Aside from just working, IMHO it’s a significantly better gaming experience than when the Steam Deck was working 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Leonh's avatar
    Rog ally is a far superior device
  4. senorsombrero3k's avatar
    64gb model then upgrade the SSD to 512gb/1tb yourself. Most cost effective option. Worked for me
    matthewfenny's avatar
    Difficult or easy enough?
  5. nora_girl's avatar
    Is this or the Asus Rog alley better?
    eyeswolocome's avatar
  6. brain_stew's avatar
    Genuinely think the 64GB Deck is just about the best hardware deal in gaming there is. Add a £28 2230 drive from CEX and you really can't go wrong.
    nonnygb's avatar
    Yeah that's how I would do it as well. Literally zero difference between the 64gb and 256gb models (512gb has the anti-glare which I found not worth it)...

    Just buy a cheap 512gb-1tb SSD and you're sorted. The install process is simple as well
  7. Els2022's avatar
    My boyfriend has just bought one of these and every time he plays helldivers it sounds like an airplane taking off
    turnma's avatar
  8. RadiantDuck's avatar
    I've just had to send mine back for repair, only got it at Christmas. It developed a fault where the volume was always go down, even if you hold the volume button up or use the software volume slider. Restarts etc didn't resolve. Looking online it seems to be a common problem. I do hope they fix it as I was loving it these last few months.
  9. carbondated's avatar
    does anyone know if these deals will still be available around start of july as Im holding off till then
    Joseph_JonesxAE's avatar
    They seem to crop up every few weeks, but there's no guarantee of course.
  10. ashmatuk's avatar
    All in stock currently!
  11. finito's avatar
    Has anyone received their SD?
    ryanmartin1993's avatar
    No but parcelforce say they are delivering today
  12. cheapasch1ps's avatar
    Genuinely don't know the point of these. Using it outside get about an hour on battery if 1080p 60fps So have to have it plugged in anyway. Why not just use a gaming laptop (edited)
    Joseph_JonesxAE's avatar
    Don't see the point of gaming laptops. Just read a book, they have great battery life.
  13. MikeyS's avatar
    Hopefully we see some oled models refurbished soon
    wazzay2k1's avatar
    That’s what I’m waiting for
  14. mohislam's avatar
    Not bad. Hope oleds get discounted soon
  15. ah_heng's avatar
    Steam Deck vs Switch. Who has both and which one would you play with more? :P
    Wolvesaywe92's avatar
    Deck all the way
  16. Danielle71's avatar
    It's so annoying, in stock add to basket and can't checkout :/
    Danielle71's avatar
    Finally snagged one
  17. TomWhittonUK's avatar
    I appreciate this isn't a deal, but if you purchase through paypal you can split the purchase over three months. I got the 512gb OLED and it's around £159 per month. Makes it a bit more manageable if you don't have the expenditure in one go. You might be able to do this with refurbished models too, just note the 'pay in 3' can be tricky to spot.
  18. Ashley12323424's avatar
    Overrated if ur at home why play on this
    And if your out and playing on this you just look like such a neek
    RichieM313's avatar
    When you are a man you don’t care what people think
  19. callofdute1's avatar
    got a new sealed 1tb oled on eBay for £520 delivered yesterday arriving tomorrow . if you can stretch the extra £200
    techxz's avatar
    Can you drop a link to the listing please 🙏
  20. nonnygb's avatar
    Great price. I've personally got the OLED model and that is the one to get (owned the LCD model previously)... but this is a fantastic entry level price.

    As for comparisons to the ROG Ally also remember you can install windows on this, even in dual boot if you swap out the SSD for a big enough replacement.

    I'm running mine with a 2TB drive from Aliexpress (£80), both SteamOS and Windows 11 using a clover dual boot setup.

    It's lovely!
  21. WatchThisSpac3's avatar
    The steam deck is such a crazy bit of kit for the price. PS2, PS3 emulation is really good, plays lots of games at great FPS, I’ve found the Xbox and PS5 steaming to work really well.

    My most used gaming device in years.
    C_HipA's avatar
    Which one would you buy?
  22. dal666's avatar
    It’s here!
    EatAllThe_Things's avatar
    nice, when did you order?
  23. basergorkobal's avatar
    That's pretty good price for the 64GB model.
    Great option for someone who wants to dip their toes in handheld gaming.
  24. deleted2874966's avatar
    Hopefully they will do a discount on the OLED model soon.
    senorsombrero3k's avatar
    No chance
  25. cheesemp's avatar
    Had a steamdeck for a year. Use it a lot. Sure some aaa games don't run well but a surprisingly large amount do (currently playing midnight suns - even got a steam deck patch and plays great). Great for gaming in bed/sofa/holiday. Steam have done an excellent job optimising the deck post release too.
  26. voteHot's avatar
    One if the best purchases I've made. 64GB version is plenty enough for previous gen titles and emulators, especially if you stick a 512gb SD card in. Beyond that you may need to upgrade the SSD, which is easy enough.
  27. AlexPatrick's avatar
    I'm gonna hold out till the OLED ones are certified refurbished. I think it will be worth the wait and plenty to keep me going in the meantime
    Leonh's avatar
    Thanks for letting us know
  28. AlexPatrick's avatar
    Had a change of heart and bought a 64GB one. Looking forward to putting a new SSD in, should be great
  29. Connorsdad's avatar
    I've just managed to nab the 64gb version 😁

    Been on the fence for a while and at £249 I'll take a punt
  30. Marky264's avatar
    Can I buy steam cards to make this cheaper for the 64GB Model?
    James's avatar
    I believe so, yes.
  31. Leonh's avatar
    Don’t forget to add the price of a decent power bank on top of this because you’ll be needing one for its pathetic hour battery life it’s basically a keep on charge device
    Joseph_JonesxAE's avatar
    It's impossible to drain the battery in an hour. Sounds like you have a faulty unit.

    You haven't been taking in the shower have you?
  32. Tomasz_Kozik's avatar
    64gb out of stock
  33. chrissyb1981's avatar
    64gig appears to be back in stock. Just ordered one! 🏻 🏻
    turnma's avatar
    and out of stock again
  34. turnma's avatar
    Any good deals on 1TB SSDs for these?
  35. Alex5454's avatar
    People got bored of this already in less than a year 😁
    doppo666's avatar
    No this is just the old version…
  36. 17_Canberra's avatar
    Oh! it's a gaming thingy saw that headline and thought where do you get the coal? and where do you stoke it up?
  37. roooby's avatar
    Since hearing about the Fallout 4 London mod, I've been looking at gaming laptops and PCs to play it on, connecting it to my TV.

    Would this be a good, cheaper alternative?
  38. ryanmartin1993's avatar
    64gb back in stock
    philmount's avatar
    It says in stock but can’t “proceed to payment” just reloads basket page
  39. AnyGoodDeals's avatar
    The 64gb keeps coming in and out of stock I got one early this morning heat added.
    I just hope it gets used lol
  40. Danielle71's avatar
    What emu software is the best for this anyone? Don't mind rolling my sleeves up, putting a bit of work into it if it's better software? Had a quick look on Google and there seems to 3 or 4 options...
    Joseph_JonesxAE's avatar
    Well Emudeck will pretty much sort out most of what you need, but you should be aware that it went through a bit of a redesign fairly recently and caused people a lot of problems. I don't how much of that they've fixed at this point, but it's probably still your best way to install a whole bunch of emulators with a little tweaking after.
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