Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 June 2023.
Posted 23 May 2023

Restaurant Lumpwood charcoal, 12kg - £15.20 (Discount at Checkout) + Free Click & Collect @ B&Q

£15.20£1920% off
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This restaurant charcoal has been made to be longer burning and have a consistent heat output. Ideal for professional chefs or budding amateur BBQ enthusiasts.

  • Ignite using separate propellant
  • Smokeless zones

Features and benefits
  • Catering grade charcoal
  • Longer burning
  • Consistent heat output
  • Easy ignition
  • 3 hours burn time
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  1. iainc812's avatar
    Is this the same as the CPL stuff?
    TokyoGhoul's avatar
    Used these over the last couple of days. Absolutely brilliant. Massive chunks that burnt for ages. 🥂
  2. Mr_Troy's avatar
    Its pretty good, 2 years ago the chunks were smaller then last years batch. I broke it up with a hammer but the burn is good (edited)
    paulhea's avatar
    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
  3. DonnyBrago's avatar
    Anyone tried it care to comment on chunk size and amount of dust?

    I ask as makro "restaurant grade" is trash.
    scuzzlebutt's avatar
    You are right, this stuff is poor, mainly small useleless pieces and dust, the CPL Los Riviera charcoal that sometimes appears on here is far superior, It's the best I've found yet, it's only problem is sometimes you get the odd lump that needs broken up to fit in the charcoal baskets it's not just dust like this stuff. (edited)
  4. P_Spencer's avatar
    It’s good size chucks, small for quick intense burning and large for long slow and low. I put 2 handfuls of this in my green egg and burns for well over 9 hours at around 280 degrees
  5. Malabus's avatar
    Or £2.00 a bag in October, in-which I cleverly invested to a bag or two last Autumn. *Pats own back*
    TokyoGhoul's avatar
    What does "Pats own back" mean...
  6. TokyoGhoul's avatar
    Cheers OP. Ordered a couple for delivery 👌

    Went through topcashback for a little extra saving... (edited)
  7. Veatek's avatar
    Ordered a couple tnx
  8. Ac30_Helix's avatar
    You can generally split this in two. One half decent chunks for the smoker and the other for grilling. Does let off a fair bit ‘smoke’ upon first lighting. Good luck finding cheeper, I’m off for a couple of bags.
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