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Nothing beats inviting friends over for a lazy afternoon of barbeque cuisine. Anyone who needs to update their outdoor cooking options is in the right place. From upscale propane fuelled models to classic smokers, grill obsessives and newbies alike will find all of the cookery options they require at the hotukdeals BBQ listings. Read more
Sat 4th June (12-4pm) - Great British Buffet 50p e.g. Fish & Chips / Pints Draft Beer 10p each - Pub & Grill (England) @ Village Hotels
04/06/2022Starts at 04/06/202204/06/2022 at 16:00Expires on 04/06/2022 at 16:00LocalLocal
Village Hotels Pub & Grill will be rolling back prices to 1952 Saturday 4th June 12-4pm. Get a Great British buffet for 50p e.g. bangers and mash, fish, chips and mushy peas. Plus any…
Avatar Chanchi32
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Don't forget Chester village is in Wales.


All the table bookings are "unavailable" at my 2 local branch


Thanks managed to book a table at Bracknell


Thanks I’ve just requested a reservation online. We shall see if I get one lol


Legally the Principality of Wales England!! Although it may be a lot of effort to get them to see sense - and the offerwould have passed so the best you'd likey get is an apology from them (lol)

Cobb Compact outdoor oven £84.15 with code at Fishing Republic
29/05/2022Expires on 29/05/2022Posted 19 h, 3 m agoPosted 19 h, 3 m ago
USE CODE FLASH15 Great price for this - currently around £119 Bit of a niche product -popular with campers/caravanners/campervanners. Accessories also have 15% 0ff. If you do not have a…
Avatar gari189

Interesting but he either doesn't know what he's doing with the roast veggies or doesn't fancy cleaning the moat which is a major hassle. You're supposed to cut the veggies to the size of the moat, par boil them and roast directly in there with some oil to get them crispy. Without the oil they stick and burn, but with it, the oil gets baked on to the moat first time out so it looks like an old chip pan. If you've ever tried to cook with minimal oil in a stainless steel frying pan you'll appreciate where I'm coming from. Cobb themselves say that when roasting, minimise removing the lid as much as possible, so you've gotta be a bit of an expert to prevent the veggies burning on one side when one side is so close to an uncontrollable heat source and you're not able to rotate them regularly. Instead the guy in the video has gone for a bunch of soggy veggies in foil so he's gonna have to try and crisp them on the grill while the bulk of the heat has probably already dissipated and his meat is either getting overcooked or going cold. I think Cobb have taken a concept originally invented to reduce bush fires in South Africa and marketed it extremely well as an allrounder requiring additional purchase of a bunch of additional (expensive) accessories to get close to that goal. Imo it still falls way short given the exhorbitant price.


Haha.. I thought that was how you signalled.. “Dinner’s ready!”


I agree - BBQing isn't really a strong point of the Cobb. It can bbq stuff but I think it works better as an oven which is why I put oven in the title. If people just want a bbq -there are better choices like the weber go anywhere but this is a bit more flexible. For some down to earth cooking experience with a Cobb - this channel is worth watching


I've had a Cobb for years, the teflon coating doesn't last and it's hard to clean. Got a knock off of a Lotus grill with a cast iron grill similar to this So much easier to clean, cast iron is reasonably non stick if you season/preheat and no chemical impregnated briquettes. Only thing you cant do is roast but Ive had mixed results roasting in a Cobb.


Wow that looks great the pro deal looks the best - I’m super tempted - fishing republic have had some serious good deals this week

Silvercrest Freestanding and Tabletop Electric BBQ Grill - 3 Year Warranty £39.99 instore @ Lidl
Posted 21 h, 58 m agoPosted 21 h, 58 m agoLocalLocal
To address the usual comments: - Yes we know you have an oven in your home - Yes we know you won't get the usual BBQ taste - Yes we know you love your Weber I have a large charcoal Drum B…

Here are some pics the foreman is about 1)3 bigger but doesn't get hot enough for my liking Might be faulty


About the same as an average fan oven for comparison.


Wow that's a lot thanks for that


I'll be swapping them out of the shed later. So I'll take a side by side picture for you


Running costs approximately between 50p - 60p per hour

Ooni Karu 16 Multi-fuel Pizza Oven - £559 @ Hayes Garden World
Posted 22 h, 25 m agoPosted 22 h, 25 m ago
In my opinion, a good deal for a Karu 16 Wood or Charcoal Fuelled Portable Pizza OvenThe Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven is the first & only pizza oven to be ‘Recommended for Domesti…
Avatar Deepzshah
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If I had my way that would be my method with all this Ooni stuff too ... but I didn't have my way.


The oven temp in the weber gets up to 250 c but the pizza stone itself hotter about 350c as coals directly underneath it. This is the main difference from just putting it in your oven. The base of the pizza goes very crispy and charred but the top just goes brown and does not puff up much like on the hotter pizza ovens. Taste wise its very good and its a cheap starter into pizza making.


Or get 559 Iceland pizza’s and do them In the oven 🍕


Do you manage to get charing on the top when using weber kettle. Never tried it tbh as i though it would be difficult to get the stone to 400c.


If you dont mind waiting 10mins you can do 16 inch pizzas on a weber charcoal grill with a £30 pizza stone. No need to turn them either although ooni pizzas are a little better and much much quicker for larger families. We just share each one every 10 mins. Heat as a decent reduction anyhow.

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Argos Home Built In Charcoal BBQ £25 Free Collection @ Argos
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Was £40.00 Now £ 25.00 The sun is shining, and you know what that means! It's time to get grilling in the garden. Perfectly sized for large families and summer parties, Constructed from st…
Avatar johnnytwohatz
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"Bricks not included" So it's essentially a very expensive set of stamped metal grilles.


Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill Smoker w/ Folding Shelves Thermometer Bottle Opener - £139.99 (With Code) @ eBay / 2011homcom
86° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Check out this Outsunny outdoor barbecue for the perfect cookout at home! Don't need to worry about what food to prepare for the party anymore, the multifunctional charcoal bbq would create …
Avatar ugender86

Try again! Good price. I paid £150 a couple of weeks back without the bottle opener. Argos sell similar (with bottle opener) for £170. RRP is bol....err rather rubbish!


Portable? Really.. bbq has wheels at best (lol)