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70's Lucky Dip Offer (Ready Plants) Bedding Plants Annuals - £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Saga Holidays
Found 25th Apr 2017Found 25th Apr 2017
70's Lucky Dip Offer (Ready Plants) Bedding Plants Annuals - £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Saga Holidays
Im new to gardening and looking for some decent size plug plants and found these. They say they are 'ready plants', so they should be bigger and healthier than some of the tiny plu… Read more

Annuals not perennials


USMAN - Please PM me. Been trying to contact you for weeks.

free copy of saga magazine - freephone request only
Found 9th Feb 2017Found 9th Feb 2017
free copy of saga magazine - freephone request only
while stocks last. freephone 0800 056 1057 quoting MOS17 ad in mail on sunday. phone lines open 9am to 5pm,

I will forgive Sandi Toksvig anything due to my happy childhood memories of The Sandwich Quiz on No.73.


sorry to hear saga is so inefficient, tone and easy. you could contact you and yours the bbc daily consumer programme who might be willing to chide them on your behalves. i don't find sandi funny at all, majestic : her latest stage play got a scathing review in the daily mail. although some people must like her.


Same experience. Upset mum every time.


Don't give Saga you details, you will never get off their mailing list, they are still sending admail to my Dad and he's been dead 10 years and they have been told on several times.


Sandi Toksvig......yuck.

2 x FREE tickets - Cruise Show - NEC - 20-21 Sept 2014
Found 14th Sep 2014Found 14th Sep 2014
2 x FREE tickets - Cruise Show - NEC - 20-21 Sept 2014
Further details see: Tickets are normally £10.00 each Print off 2 x complimentary tickets worth £20.00 to … Read more

Thats because my darling poopoo the London one has pasted. I shall try and post the London ones too in a timely manner so you dont feel left out. Sorry.


Why Birmingham?? Why not London?!!


Thats Great have a great cruise ;o)


Thanks. For some reason I wasn't getting the download. All sorted now!


On second thought you could print it as many times you wanted to gain access to all group members as long as they completed the pdf form with their own personal details each time!!

Early bird break in the UK countryside with Warner Hotels through Saga/Warner up tp 50% off
Found 19th Jan 2014Found 19th Jan 2014
Early bird break in the UK countryside with Warner Hotels through Saga/Warner up tp 50% off
Short breaks in Britain. Stay in a great hotel in the countryside or a village on the coast. Warner Leisure Hotels is more than just a place to stay. Try some new activities, watch… Read more
Saga Magazine Free Thorntons chocolates £18.95
Found 11th Nov 2013Found 11th Nov 2013
Saga Magazine Free Thorntons chocolates £18.95
Saga Magazine Christmas deal comes with free Chocolate £18.95 by Direct Debit or £19.95 by Credit Card. If you are thinking of getting your parents, grand parents, auntie/uncle or… Read more
Found 8th Sep 2012Found 8th Sep 2012
hi guys i stumbled across this whilst looking for a cheap airport lounge AFTER i booked my ticket arghhhh well it looks a cracking deal and ends 30 sept book ANY flight ticket (it … Read more
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But is airport lounge access really worth having? I visited a lounge earlier this year and it was packed with people staring into laptops and talking on their mobiles. It was a horrible atmosphere and more pleasant outside tbh.

FREE A3 printed historical map worth £15.95 -  pay just £3.49 p&p (Saga magazine offer)
Found 31st Dec 2011Found 31st Dec 2011
FREE A3 printed historical map worth £15.95 - pay just £3.49 p&p (Saga magazine offer)
A historical map centred on the location of your choice provided Printed on high quality silk-finish paper– the perfect adornment to your home. Map area: 357mm x 242mm (approx … Read more

Bought 6 at £2.99 last time and perfectly happy at that price. Not high quality but much better than some are suggesting on here.




Toatal rubbish, i bought as a present also, its still in env upstairs as printing was too blurred to read !!


I think I was one of the slightly luckier ones with the last map offer. paper wasnt great but map was clear and readable and while the 1st one didnt have the postcode on the 1 I ordered a day after my first order did and when put in a cheap wilkos frame they made nice gifts for grandparents from their grandsons. saying that, it looked like it cost the £6 I spent, if I had wanted it too look like a classy gift i would have been as upset as most of the other purchasers.


its just crap why buy?

Saga Magazine 3 years for £7.95 post free
Found 19th Nov 2011Found 19th Nov 2011
Saga Magazine 3 years for £7.95 post free
Follow the link and put E0064 into the Source Code box. Bought a subscription for a relative when it was listed a month or so ago (now expired - I checked) and was looking for ano… Read more

X) X) X)


Got this for my parents last month - great deal


Oh man! Thought this said Sega Magazine and got all excited.


my mum has this and my 14 year old daughter reads it and finds it interesting, as myself and husband do to. Have some heat.


won't need it for at least 20 years but voted hot

Saga Magazine subscription for 3 years just £7.95
Found 19th Oct 2011Found 19th Oct 2011
a special deal for fellow old fogies. A three year subscription to the saga magazine for less than the cost of posting the mags to you. Just enter the code E0064

And a free parker pen just for enquiring ??


got it for the parents, cheers op


Fab deal, ordered for my mum although I might need it soon! Dave


Was that the new car you got to replace the old peugeot?


I have finished university and have a good job I use correct English when I need to at work. Excuse me but I do not feel the need to write in 'proper' English on the internet. But thank you grammar police... but I guess the problem is you will be gone soon enough and then English Grammar will go down hill so fight while you still can!

Free Photobook at SAGA - special new service launch offer
Found 11th Aug 2011Found 11th Aug 2011
Free Photobook at SAGA - special new service launch offer
Saw this deal in an email from SAGA launching their new photo product service where you can get mugs, mousemats, books, posters and canvas with your pictures in them. The offer is … Read more

Jesus super-troll thread.


Good deal!


Looks good! Will definitely be checking it out!


I went to a school reunion recently and we have decided to get together and organise one for ourselves with photos from the past to the present day, we will be ordering 20 copies We are looking forward to seeing the end result and we're sure it will make a lovely memento.


Amazing! Definitely going to check that one out.

Hilton Hotel deals via Saga
Found 3rd Apr 2009Found 3rd Apr 2009
Hilton Hotel deals via Saga
Saga have an arrangement with Hilton where you can get good rates for nights and mini breaks. The mini breaks also include "free" dinner on the first night. Many Hilton Hotels h… Read more
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are u telling us something about ur age :whistling: KIDDING! :p defo....just take ur walking stick and tell them that ur secret is nivea!


Yes, on the basis that your father or someone over 50 could book rooms for you. In reverse, you should perhaps make a booking for your father but perhaps he made his own booking. Could be sharing a room or any other reason. I've booked loads around the world under umpteen discount codes and only once had them ask for the employer specific ID. I wouldn't worry.


I'm voting hot for the simple reason this deal was posted soooooooo long ago and the last comment was 146 days ago - great stuff! Whether it's a deal or not doesn't really matter!


im 21 do you think i can get away with it


You should have booked on Hilton`s January sale, much cheaper.

Free gas safety check for anyone over pension age + some others with Saga
Found 23rd Feb 2009Found 23rd Feb 2009
Free gas safety check for anyone over pension age + some others with Saga
Might be of help to some HUKD members - or more likely their parents and grandparents. Some energy suppliers also include people with long-term illnesses or disabilities - worth c… Read more

lol sounds so familiar as i'm a gas engineer myself!!!!


[SIZE="4"]Free check :oops: GREAT! Cut you off cos its dangerous,"YOU need a new boiler" But I dont have £200,let alone £3000.[/SIZE] Well thats tough isnt it:thinking: