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Unleaded Petrol £1.339 / Diesel £1.559p @ Sainsbury's Ashton-under-Lyne

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Decent (for current times) price for petrol and diesel of you don't mind 'Supermarket petrol' of course

2 Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 7UB

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    What I genuinely don’t understand is how can small / local garage charge less than big brand stations when they buy in such large quantities ?.
    Yeah it’s a puzzler. What are they doing with all that extra £ they take?
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    Great price, we are getting there , just in time for the fuel duty rise in March lol
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    1p cheaper at Sainsbury's Denton
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    Slightly cheaper at Asda in Ashton
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    Cheapest diesel within 10 miles here is £1.73. I genuinely don't understand how this can be allowed to happen.
    Look at your leaders…
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    Free market economy?? Stop complaining. Pay your masters.
    75% tax on production profits, 70% in tax on gross sales, government lovin' it.
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    still £1.70 by me -.-
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    Still high down in South Devon, should be a national price not area dependent, ripping people off all the time
    but you can guess if it was a national price it would be set at the highest possible. The only time they have lost out was during lockdown when there was no demand but by god have they been making up for it since.
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    Sainsbury's opposite Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport is same, or slightly cheaper
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    Still 162.9 at mine but Asda put their's up to 168.9 over the weekend (edited)
    What jokers, 147 here
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    Had to expire as tried to edit and messed up price and can't edit anymore
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    Hope it will be nationwide.
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    £1.70 at my local…
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    Yeah, I got it there this morning
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    1.5 at my local Sainsbury's
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    Daylight Roddery!
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    Still stealing off us then.
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    We will probably all see a sensible priced Litre of fuel just in time for the Budget to whack it back again.
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    Do they deliver)?
    Quite often not even to their own stations.I would say without hesitation everytime i go to my local Sainsburys several of the pumps are out of the premium unleaded.
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    Asda Leeds is£144.7, yet was in Manchester on Saturday n it was £138.7 Something needs to be done about these in consistencies x
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    Clearly affordable for petrol companies to sell around this price. I assume if this was the national price (150.9/173/9 around me) it would force down inflation which allegedly the government want. I don't understand.
    How do you know how much, if any, this station is making?
    Is it a scam to undercut others stations that dont have supermakets attached, so they can jack their prices up after others go out of business? (edited)
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    Still getting Fleeced in Tamworth
    Which is still way cheaper than Lichfield
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    next to my work home at Ikea !!> lets go !!
    I drive past every day lol...came in handy
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    Cheaper than Costco…
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    for those in that neck of woods, Tesco in Blackley, Manchester (Jct 20 of M60) had petrol at £1.309 last night
    Diesel was same price as this.
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    The price round where I'm at is all going up rather than down. Bit disappointing
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    So much more expensive in Basingstoke
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    I still do not understand why people buy supermarket fuel.

    My 12 year old Golf Plus TDI has only the finest filtered fuel lovingly poured into its beating heart.

    The extra £10 per fill up, is so worth it.
    Maybe were going shopping together and you can sub the last £10 then.Actually could you lend us a Tenner to get there first (edited)
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    was 161.9 for diesel on monday at Tesco (Hanley) Stoke on Trent