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Posted 12 January 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 40mm £79.99 Excellent / Classic 42mm 4G GPS Smart Watch (NO Strap) £79.99 Watch 4 44mm £74.99 @ XS Only / Ebay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

40mm in excellent with strap at £79.99, some don't come with a strap but they're described as excellent condition, you can get ultra cheap chargers and straps from ebay or Amazon

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Watch4 44m excellent £74.99 (No Strap)
Watch4 40mm Excellent £69.99 (No Strap)
Watch4 40mm Excellent £69.99 Silver (No Strap)

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 . Display diagonal: 3.56 cm (1.4"), Display technology: Super AMOLED, Display resolution: 450 x 450 pixels, Touchscreen. Processor frequency: 1180 MHz, RAM capacity: 1500 MB, Flash memory: 16 GB. Wi-Fi. GPS (satellite). Battery capacity: 361 mAh. Weight: 30.3 g. Band colour: Black. Operating system installed: Wear OS

Watch4 Classic 4G Excellent - £79.99 (Silver)
Watch4 Classic 4G Excellent - £79.99 (Black)
Watch4 Classic 42mm 4G Excellent - £89.99 (With Strap)

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic .
Display diagonal: 3.05 cm (1.2"), Display technology: Super AMOLED,
Display resolution: 396 x 396 pixels, Touchscreen. Processor frequency: 1180 MHz, RAM capacity: 1500 MB, Flash memory: 16 GB. Wi-Fi. GPS (satellite). Battery capacity: 247 mAh. Weight: 46.5 g. Band colour: White. Operating system installed: Wear OS

Features & details
  • Get to know your body - Track your fitness progress with our first smartwatch that conveniently measures body composition.
  • Compete with friends and family - in a fun competition through a live message board. Challenges come with commemorative badges and a point system to make exercise fun, motivating and socially rewarding.
  • Fitness Tracking - Track your activities and fitness scores on your watch and phone. Count steps, check calories, and stay on the grid with GPS.
  • Blood Pressure & ECG - The Samsung BioActive Sensor measures ECG and blood pressure in real time. After initial calibration, the sensors quickly check your blood pressure.
  • Sleep Tracker - Detects and holistically analyses your sleep stages while you rest. Improved measuring options let you check your blood oxygen levels and snoring patterns.
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  1. Gee123's avatar
    Was just going to buy one and it doesn't post to Northern Ireland.
    rjd1802's avatar
    Disgraceful. That should be banned.
  2. BettySwallocks's avatar
    Nice one Switchy I've been looking for a smart watch for a little while and preferred the style of the Classic over the new 5 Pro-

    I went for one of the options from the same seller that you didn't list;

    Watch 4 Classic 4G GPS 46mm for £94.99 (Excellent)


    MrSwitch's avatar
  3. sxxychocolate's avatar
    Superb deal Mr Switch . Got me a new 46mm classic (Silver) via Amazon for a fair bit more than this

    This really is an excellent deal! I personally don't purchase used tech...but for those looking for a great stable smart watch, the classic version at this price, with or without a strap is a lovely deal!

    For me, I don't mind charging at night as I don't wear my watch during the witching hour and don't need to monitor my sleep...I just need to sleep , so battery life isn't an issue. Horses for courses.

    This update from galaxy classic to watch 4 classic really is a breath of fresh air for me, as it should be. All fitness tracking is so much more accurate and additional features, apps, software improvements are brill

    Got straps, bumper case (spigen), portable charger, so have pimped things up nicely loads of accessories available

    Enjoy your new watches, folks (edited)
  4. alegau69's avatar
    Had mine less than a week and sent it back - couldn't be bothered charging it every day at least once!
    wayne_dwan's avatar
    Battery was worse the my frontier. Sold mine after a week also went to Garmin fenix 6x 2 weeks easier and better for fitness by miles
  5. HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Where to get the straps and charger from, any links?
    quake.ee's avatar
    MyMemory was selling original genuine straps under £15 and I think they have 5% off promo.
    Or cheaps ones under £5 from AliExpress.
  6. P_K_'s avatar
    Woah that is super cheap. Awful battery life nevertheless but for Watch 4 this must be one of the lowest ever. Great find
    montana78's avatar
    My watch 3 would go 3 days before charging. Watch 4 is awful.. thats android Wear os for you. Same happened with my tag heuer smart watch.

    For longer battery life you need different os watch like Huawei
  7. Bilbo1968's avatar
    Nice as always Switchy.
  8. graeme120's avatar
    Why would anyone want a watch that you have to charge everyday, ridiculous. battery will probably be even worse on these refurbished ones.
  9. Sid123's avatar
    Just bought thanks @MrSwitch
  10. deekarma's avatar
    Silver is available here for 67.98 delivered. No strap.

  11. weirdo's avatar
    Battery life is atrocious. We have two Samsung Watch 4's in the household (40mm and a 42mm classic), and they can just about make it through the day with most of the features turned off.

    It drains quicker when tracking workouts, and if worn overnight to track sleep then the watch has to be charged twice a day. In contrast, my Samsung Gear S3 can last over 3 days between charges.
    Decoded's avatar
    It's crazy how some smart watches like Huawei the battery lasts 2 weeks
  12. dudwood_fudwood's avatar
    Thanks Switchy. Finally upgraded my old, tired Samsung Active watch.
  13. Silverblue's avatar
    Thank you, ordered one 40mm for myself to upgrade my Galaxy Active 2 and one 46mm Classic for hubby to upgrade from the original Galaxy Watch.
  14. BettySwallocks's avatar
    Delivered today, received the correct one, and it looks brand new.
  15. HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    @MrSwitch This or the Huawei GT 2 Pro you posted the other day? Also, can you make or answer Whatsapp calls with this? (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    You can make an answer calls on the 4 I believe, more sports functions etc on the Sammy, better battery on the Huawei
  16. bman2's avatar
    You can make and answer calls on the Hauwei also. A great watch IMO.
    BucketMan's avatar
    Which model?
  17. CharlieFoxtrotCharlie's avatar
    Note, some functionality won't work on non Galaxy phones like ECG monitoring. But there are hacks to get around this.
    crap_I_dont_really_need's avatar
    Any idea how complicated the hacks are? I've ordered the watch but will be switching to a pixel soon.
  18. n64play's avatar
    What sort of battery life does it get? Just had to return my second ticwatch 3 because the battery craps out after 12 hrs
    Decoded's avatar
    1 day usually.. 2 days if you don't use it much and turn off GPS etc. That's on a brand new one. (edited)
  19. coolstar's avatar
    Galaxy watch 4 is great , I have it and this is a good price for the tech.
  20. lucyferror's avatar
    Thank you Ordered Classic 46mm in Black - someone stole Silver one whilst in checkout.
  21. Zalwaw's avatar
    How to charge it if you doesnt come with a charger?
    Can this be on any wireless charger for phone?
    toner84's avatar
    Yeah, qi charger, that's how I charge mine
  22. Martin_Ward's avatar
    Ordered! Thanks so much, I have been holding back from buying one for months now and finally jumped!
  23. RunCraze's avatar
    I've been after a watch 4 for ages! At this price, it's crazy
  24. AbassAbz's avatar
    Exactly the same one for £60 on the website.
  25. Redinho's avatar
    Great price that, although I've had mine since launch and the battery this last week seems really bad and has been draining after a night!
  26. horace's avatar
    That's a really good price. By coincidence, I've just bought a refurbed Samsung duo wireless charger (EP-P5400) from the same seller for £22.99 - and that's with the Samsung 25w charger and lead.

    Worth checking the seller's other items, as they have some good deals on refurb Samsung chargers, cases, watch straps etc.
  27. GarethFothersgill's avatar
    Had mine for about 8 months. Ready to sell it. Battery life is shocking. And the heart rate data on the app doesn't show continuous heart rate, even though its enabled.
  28. gootti's avatar
    Never liked my Vivo active
  29. Aaron_Deeley's avatar
    I can get up to two (max) days of charge out of my watch 4 classic. But I did have to disable a lot of settings to get there. There are videos about how to do it. Just disabling the WiFi gives about 14 hours extra.
  30. RunCraze's avatar
    Just got mine today will report back on how it goes!
    RunCraze's avatar
    Seems all good! Looks brand new and they have sent me the 4G model but I didn't order that, can't use it anyways with my networks
  31. KodaBear's avatar
    Did everyone get what they ordered?

    I ordered a black one. But received a gold one with pink strap.
    RunCraze's avatar
    I think so still charging, so not checked, but it's the right colour at least
's avatar