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Posted 13 July 2023

Sandtex Microseal Ultra Smooth Weatherproof Masonry 15 Year Exterior Wall Paint, 10L (5 Colour Options) £30 + Free Collection @ Wickes

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Pure Brilliant White*

Cornish Cream*


Vermont Grey*

Plymouth Grey*

Also available - Sandtex Microseal Fine Textured Weatherproof Masonry 15 Year Exterior Wall Paint - Pure Brilliant White - 10L*

The Sandtex Microseal Ultra Smooth Weatherproof Masonry 15 Year Exterior Wall Paint is a durable and breathable exterior masonry paint that offers up to 15 years of weatherproof protection. The paint provides excellent versatility and complete coverage, making it the ideal exterior paint for the outside of your house.
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  1. dk_bristol's avatar
    Is it good?
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    Reviews seem good & Sandtex is known for it's Masonry paint so it probably is one of the better retail masonry paints. I just bought 3 x 10L of the Trade version for £36 per tub - Trade versions of paints are usually much better than the retail versions.
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    10% off if have Tradepro card at Wickes.

    Good deal. Sandtex goes for miles v high coverage
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    Please don't use this if you have solid walls

    Please don't use this if you have solid walls (edited)
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  4. larry-the-second's avatar
    You need a breathable paint (and surface underneath e.g. render). This claims to be breathable but unless they can produce an SD or mu value to quantify this I would strongly avoid. I can never see one in standard masonry paint. Breathability is not a well defined term and most materials will allow vapour to permeate to some extent, the Q is "how much".

    Silicate paints are breathable on an unpainted substrate, generally SD values around 0.01 which is excellent. They will allow water as a gas to permeate (and so allow the substrate to dry out when it gets wet) but prevent water as a liquid (rain) from getting through. Lime wash also is completely breathable.

    Our house was happy for 90 years with unpainted render. Last owner put on homebase standard masonry paint and five years later we had penetrating damp. Water got through cracks in render to bricks and the paint meant the wall could never dry out. Lesson learned but now have had whole house re rendered.

    If you have cavity walls, different story as the cavity should allow driving rain a place to dry. So long as any insulation in the middle isn't causing a problem.
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