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Signature Loom Fluffy Shaggy Area Rug (80cm x 150cm) With voucher, Various Sizes / Colours - Sold by DigitalDealsLLC FBA

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SMOOTH & SOFT - Give your home the decadent upgrade it deserves with this luxurious velvet rug! The ultra-soft, high-density sponge interlayer gives a smooth and soft sensation on your feet – making it feel like you're walking on a cloud.
NON-SLIP - Our area rug comes with hundreds of tiny, durable PVC dots that provide a strong grip and a non-slip bottom. So, your children or your furry friend are safe from slipping when they play on the carpet.
BRING WARMTH TO EVERYONE - Give your home a warm and welcoming feel that everyone will love with our soft and comfortable fabric. Our gorgeous faux fur rug can easily fit any setting and make it more stunning – giving you a lovely space that brings warmth to everyone.
SAFE FOR SENSATIVE SKIN - Our soft polyester material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Plus, our durable threading prevents the fluffy rug from shedding – making the carpet durable and easy to maintain.
EASY TO CLEAN - Signature Loom carpets are built with an easy-to-clean construction, so you can easily remove dirt and dust from them with a low power handheld vacuum. Enjoy their softness and elegance for many years to come, and keep your room beautiful with our velvet shag rug.
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  1. happi's avatar
    This was posted yesterday, read the reviews.
    DabsSB's avatar
    Just cancelled because of the reviews
  2. John_Atkin's avatar
    The picture is not the size you will get
  3. jdrobson00's avatar
    So, just received... I like taking a punt on cheep stuff and for £9 I gave it a go. Not sure what I was expecting to be delivered but a vacuum packed A4 size package wasn't it
    The base is as thin as a tshirt. But once fluffed out and flattened.... It's.... Ok. No way would it go in a living room, but for a spare room it will do.
  4. Hasn1244's avatar
    Check the review pictures to see what it really looks like lol
  5. STi_prodrive's avatar
    it look like something thats been sat around the bathroom toilet for the last 10 odd years
    Pigsy.'s avatar
    Literally what I thought
  6. Roadie82's avatar
    I got a couple of these about 18 months ago. Not as plush and thick as in pics but OK for price. They do keep a hold of dirt which vacuum won't get out though so need shacking outside
    magpiecleaningco's avatar
    That's OK but not everyone's got a shack outside !
  7. Odyssey's avatar
    Cheap rubbish, since when did rugs come folded like paper, there's a clue for you.
    cartery21's avatar
    Probably since the cost 10 quid a pop. Let folk do as they do, if you aren't buying it, then who cares
  8. valueadd101's avatar
    Stop spending my money.
    Heat OP.
  9. Chrissy_minion's avatar
    reviews are awful. one to avoid, no matter how cheap it is
  10. great-deals's avatar
    £10.62??? ∆ £22.69 with 50% voucher. So deal price should be altered to reflect accurate price.
    xenophon's avatar
    Yeah looks like it's changed.
  11. george_mooaaa's avatar
    price good, but nasty looking rug not worth for free
  12. Relievo's avatar
    Get what you pay for.
    adam.yacub's avatar
    Right like you ain't getting a nice fluffy rug for that price
  13. CroMoly's avatar
    The herd instinct sometimes gets the better of folk...

    Also.. some of you need to look more carefully at dimensions listed.
  14. nokiafusion's avatar
    Great find
  15. RockstarRobbo's avatar
    Great value, just what I needed. Thankyou OP 😃
    Luky_460's avatar
    No worries
  16. Bradford904's avatar
    Good offer 
  17. AcceptedWalnut's avatar
    Good price, thanks OP.
  18. zarthurhawkes's avatar
    Got 120 by 170 for £12.84 took a punt on the paper thin reviews
  19. magpiecleaningco's avatar
    Is the Doll's House included ?
  20. jb90's avatar
    Sometimes you get what you pay for... And this is cheaper per square metre than even the thinnest carpet you could buy on the high street
  21. Jawz's avatar
    I've just looked at this, unfortunately it doesn't get great reviews.
    Heat for the saving, but it's a pass from me
  22. steve42white's avatar
    The words 'Cheap' and 'Crap' in the reviews doesn't bode well 😬
  23. xenophon's avatar
    Most of the reviews are good but those that aren't are certainly off putting. Although one says about hoovering it first.
  24. NRE123's avatar
    Worth the punt ?
    WendyAndHerBloke's avatar
    if you choose to ignore every comment above and every review, go for it
  25. MOORHEN's avatar
  26. madel79's avatar
    Xl bathroom mat
  27. GunMetal's avatar
    Looks like a fleece with rubber backing from review pics
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