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Posted 14 June 2023

3 Free to keep Steam Games (PC) - Grand Emprise Prologue, Street Sense 2, Their Land and 3 free to play in op @ Steam

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Saw this in my News Feed courtesy of GamingBible:

Not bad, six free Steam Games (3 free to keep and 3 free to play) for PC, varying quality of course, Death Roads looks interesting as its made by Knights of Unity, makers of Toolsup:

Their Land (Free to Keep)

Street Sense 2 (Free to Keep)

Grand Emprise Prologue (Free to Keep)

Ashes to Ashes (Free to Play)

Death Road Tournament Prologue (Free to Play)

Bunker Builder Simulator Prologue (Free to Play)

Ashes to Ashes will see you“shoot your way to vengeance as the infamous undead gunslinger Quinn del Ramo. In this weird wild west, experience a story-driven action-packed adventure with bullets, magic, and betrayal,"

while Death Roads: Tournament Prologue will allow you to, “Experience unprecedented car battles by merging the thrill of deadly racing, the strategic depth of deckbuilding, and the unpredictable nature of roguelite gameplay. Select a skilled driver, a powerful vehicle, an arsenal of weapons, and supportive sponsors to conquer tactical challenges.”

Street Sense 2 is perhaps the least interesting of the bunch, unless you're studying for a driving test. It allows users to “get better at driving. You'll experience different driving situations and learn how to deal with them, just like you would in real life.”

More excitingly, Grand Emprise lets you “TIME TRAVEL through history to BECOME GOD. Ride dinosaurs, forge tools, sail dunes, and get ready for an adventure into the stars in this prologue to the full game Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival, the popular upcoming survival base building adventure.”

Their Landis "an action-adventure first-person game with puzzles and an exciting story to experience. You play Jeremy, a 19 year old orphan who explores an untrodden island with his much older and more experienced friends,

plus Bunker Builder: Prologue is "just part of the gameplay that awaits you in the full version of the game. Plan your work, dig a hole and build a bunker, that will survive anything! Manage safety, needs and moods of your clients, so you can become the best architect and earn a fortune.”
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  1. t1redmonkey's avatar
    *Adds them to his 1000+ free games he already has, most likely never to play or even install them*
  2. Turret's avatar
    steam is flooded in these awful free games. not sure why this has got heat.
    technobot's avatar
    Exactly it just dilutes your library with rubbish games that you have even less intention of playing than all the others, so that when you're looking for something to play it's that much harder.
  3. rapid111111's avatar
    None of these are free to keep
  4. aceman's avatar
    Prologues aren't really free games, they're a demo. Type Prologue in the Steam search box and you'll find a whole lot more.
  5. devill's avatar
    Title says 4, could do with changing to 6
    Standby_Mode's avatar
    Mods changed it as two titles are free to play which seems fair (edited)
  6. richziller's avatar
    Wow thanks a lot for this 😁😁
  7. jungleboy123's avatar
    well thanks... Never know when im going to be somwhere abroad when i dont have access to gaming pc/laptop/ so good to try these random things.
  8. architex49's avatar
    None of these give a +1 on your profile
  9. Opanious's avatar
    Thanks got one "The Lands" looks to be worth a try .
  10. Alexander.MarinovskyJr.'s avatar
    Steam tries to trick us thinking it's epic , in reality they give away crap games that nobody buys anyway
  11. vhero's avatar
    The reviews on these games arent pretty. Be sure to check out.
  12. asad786r's avatar
    How do you add these to your steam library.... normally there us a purchase/add button.... now it just says "free to play"

    Does that mean they might change in future?
    Standby_Mode's avatar
    If you are logged into your steam account and press free to play it should add it to your account.
  13. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    Their Land looks good but "mostly negative" reviews on steam.
    ohdearohdear's avatar
    Because some dude posted a video on tiktok before the game came out and made it look completely different, then people were "disappointed" and punished the 1 dev who made this 3-4 hours free single player game, but didn't make those tiktoker promises.

    This is a fine example of how tiktok can ruin lives.
  14. bobjohot45's avatar
    Wonder if this true is to life with car drivers glued to smart phones? Will pass, steam has too many of these freebies games and seem to lack in quality control these days.
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