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Posted 17 July 2023

Solidigm P41 Plus Series 2TB SSD GEN 4 NVMe

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  • 4th Generation PCIe 4.0x4 M.2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive
  • Super fast PCIe 4.0 with read speed up to 4125 MB/s, write speed up to 3325 MB/s
  • M.2 form factor, NVMe verson 1.4 SSD available in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities
  • 800TBW, enhanced with Solidigm Synergy Software, a fast lane for what you use most
  • Thermally optimized to avoid throttling. 5 years warranty
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  1. Josu's avatar
    Speeds of gen3 to be honest
    EGGY-PC's avatar
    It's the tiny little 4k files where these things are great, so for everyday computing. They bely their price to be fair... For large files, continuous, they aren't much better than PCIe 3, but you really will feel the difference in everyday tasks, much snappier.
  2. toge's avatar
    Cheaper than prime day?
    krispsnkrs's avatar
  3. mattzildjian's avatar
    Better than WD blue?
    krispsnkrs's avatar
    Based off looking at a 50GB copy its about x2 quicker then the WD from TomsHardware (edited)
  4. Markoffski63's avatar
    I've had 2 Solidigm drives, not the fastest but no issues with either of them.
  5. malxrm's avatar
    I paid £85 for P41 Hynix and I'm getting 7400 reads (advertised at 7500). This would be my second choice, greatprice
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    This is a DRAM-less QLC NAND SSD, there's nothing special about it and it's certainly not in the same league as the Hynix P41.
    I'm guessing they chose this name just to fool people into thinking is something more than it is. (edited)
  6. L_GRL7's avatar
    SSD price will continue go down.
    ChAdOx1's avatar
    until it stops and goes back up. the price we are seeing now is due to oversupply and lower demand as hang over from covid pandemic. companies are just trying to regain some capital. the prices will eventually go back to normal. the time to buy is now.
  7. driver8's avatar
  8. alphajuliet's avatar
    looking for some extra storage for the PS5 - not had a chance to look into it but would this work? question around heat sink?
    gambiting's avatar
    Yeah it will work. Below recommended speeds but it's gen4 so will work anyway. And yes you should put a heatsink on it.
  9. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Guess what the differences between this drive and the Crucial P3 Plus and the Kingston NV2 are?


    They are all gen4 DRAM-less QLC NAND SSD's, hence they are all around the same price.
    Why do some of you sound so excited about this deal? (edited)
    krispsnkrs's avatar
    NV2 has worse speeds I suspect due to other components, 2yrs less warranty and less TBW. It’s a very different product to this and the P3+

    Edit: Forgot to add but Kingston keep making different batches of the NV2 with hardware swaps (Controller + NAND etc) without telling anyone like WD did with the SN550 so people get different products to each other with generally lower quality parts then advertised (edited)
  10. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    This is a better deal for anyone that doesn't need gen4 speeds (PS5 owners) -

    Yes, it's gen3, but it's higher endurance TLC NAND and a little cheaper.
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