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Argos Black Friday - P55 DualSense Wireless Controller Black / White + Horizon Forbidden West PS5 = £44.98 (plus more deals in post) @ Argos

£44.98£69.4835% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Argos are now live with part 1 of Black Friday deals across various categories include gaming, tech, toys, household appliances and more. Key standout deal is on gaming, where PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller (midnight black/white only) and Horizon Forbidden West PS5 is £44.98 total. Add the two items from the links below and take to checkout to see the discount. Free collection to store.

Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller - Midnight Black

Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller - White

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Game


Argos Black Friday Deals Part 1

Links below to main categories and deals for part 1 Argos Black Friday. Part 2 will be coming next week

Argos Black Friday

Gaming deals

Tech deals

Toy deals (selected lines)

Household appliance deals

Jewellery deals

Cookware and kitchenware deals

Health & Beauty deals

P55 DualSense Wireless Controller Black / White + Horizon Forbidden West PS5 = £44.98

Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller - Midnight Black

  • Ignite your gaming nights on your PS5 console with the DualSense Midnight Black wireless controller.
  • Part of a new line-up of galaxy-themed colours, this sleek design takes inspiration from how we view the wonders of space through the night sky, with subtle shades of black and light grey detailing.

Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller - White

  • Discover a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience with the innovative new PS5 controller, featuring haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects
  • The DualSense wireless controller also includes a built-in microphone and create button, all integrated into an iconic, comfortable design

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Game (Disc)

Join Aloy as she braves the Forbidden West – a majestic but dangerous frontier that conceals mysterious new threats. Explore distant lands, fight bigger and more awe-inspiring machines, and encounter astonishing new tribes as you return to the far-future, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon.

Brave an expansive open world – discover distant lands, new enemies, rich cultures and striking characters.

Fast-travel across the map and get back into the game almost instantly with the PlayStation5 console's ultra-high-speed SSD and fast load times.

Experience the vast world of Horizon Forbidden West in stunning 4K and HDR. From mountain tops to small sprigs of leaves, everything is realised to incredible detail at an enormous scale. Targeting 60FPS, Performance Mode further enhances smoothness of movement, animations and controls.

Release date: 18 February 2022.

  • Game disc.
  • For ages 16 years and over.
  • This game is classified as certificate 16. It contains content unsuitable for persons under 16 years old. It is illegal to supply it to anyone under that age. DO NOT attempt to purchase the item if you are under 16.
  • PS5 compatible.
  • EAN: 711719720690.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.

£5 off £40 discount on top of deals


Remember you can get £5 off £40 most deals with discount code, more info in link

Gaming deals


Below is a list of some gaming deals, thanks to all members for posting

Below is a selection of tech deals including smart tech, speakers, mobile phones, and other tech. Also worth noting that a lot of the speaker deals e.g. Google Nest, Amazon echo come with a promo of 4 months free Spotify premium new users. Thanks to all members for posting


Deals on watches and jewellery, credit to members for the finds.


Toy deals are currently on selected lines. There should be more deals next week e.g. Lego. Credit to members for the finds.

20% off on Peppa Pig Toys, using discount code (Stacks with 2 for £15 / 2 for £30 etc also)

LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron Collector Model Car £213

Half Price Or Less On Selected Crayola - prices from £4

Crayola Super Colouring Tub - £12.50 with click & collect

Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard (Red) - £8 (Free Click & Collect)

Save up to a third on toys

Argos More details at Argos

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  1. Avatar
    Dunno if it's worth posting as a deal but the Pulse headset + HFW can be got for £79.98, under the same offer. (edited)
    I've already posted that
  2. Avatar

    Mines been stuck saying it’s processing since I bought it when the deal went live around midnight I believe. Dunno I was tired.

    The money has left my account however so hoping I get an email saying I can collect soon
  3. Avatar
    Anyone tried any other variations of games to see if a discount gets applied?
    Curious to know if their are others...
    it's part of a combined deal, so its just this game afaik, you can see it under special offers.
    It was an offer before, so i think they forgot to take it off, and reduced the pad price. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    If you got a work perk like smart spending, you can get it for £41.40 by buying a voucher.
  5. Avatar
    Bargain. I'm on my third ps5 pad after the previous 2 developed stick drift so I'll definitely need a new pad at some point. Ordered, thank you OP!
    48728549-ci25h.jpgMate Wd 40 contact cleaner....for electric switches fixed permitanly my 2 pads it's absolutely fantastic
  6. Avatar
    It works, just picked mine up. I knew Sony were doing a deal at £89 on this. Someone at Argos must have fat fingered it.
    As an employee (on the tech side), I can confirm this was not a fat fingered mistake.
  7. Avatar
    48731337-vUIsL.jpgJust the confirm, the website has now updated to reflect this deal. Previously it was showing a PS5 controller + a Lego related game (Star wars maybe) for £65.

    On a side note, my order says the controller won't be available for collection until Wednesday, despite showing as in stock and available to collect right away...
  8. Avatar
    Dang, just got a text saying there was an issue with my order and its been cancelled and refunded.
    Was it ready for collection? Or for a future date.
  9. Avatar
    Just collected my controller. No game
    Till Tuesday. Checked stock and they had a blue and exchanged it for me no problem
    Could you order the bundle and collect the game at a later point? The website won’t let me do it
  10. Avatar
    Comes up to £89.98 for me
    Add to basket amigo
  11. Avatar
    Just collected mine from Monkseaton store.
  12. Avatar
    Crazy deal - heat!
    I've only just traded in my PS4 copy of HFW but I'll trade another in, if it gets me a DualSense for £30 effectively
  13. Avatar
    If they ever remake "Falling Down" the entire premise needs to be trying to place an order for a popular item at Argos.
  14. Avatar
    HUKD doing a better job than Selfservatives at getting the economy going! (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I genuinely can't get anything to work here at all
    Say it again, that’ll make it work
  16. Avatar
    Checked earlier and all out of stock local to me. Randomly just checked again and there was 1 copy of the game in stock!! Quickly nabbed the set, cheers.

    How much are CeX giving for the game and the pad, will decide which one to keep. (edited)
    Got an email immediately for collection tomorrow, now another email saying the order for the game was cancelled.
  17. Avatar
    Had both of these on my Christmas list so cheers to OP for the great spot. For anyone worried about cancellation it's a legit deal, it shows on the controller page.

    Cheers OP!

    Other shops have the game on offer as well. It hasn't sold as well as thought so they are getting rid. Should be a legitimate deal. I can't collect mine till after work so we will see .
  18. Avatar
    What I be able to refund the controller and just keep the game for 5 pounds ?
    No it’s part of a bundle - you return all or keep both.
  19. Avatar
    Just collected both the black dualsense controller and Horizon FW at the £45 stated. 

    Sold the controller at CEX now for £33 (black trades in for a few quid more than the white one) and so the games cost me £12 

    Stonking Deal 🔥 
    You could have got 40 for the controller on Ebay.
  20. Avatar
    Game sold out everywhere now soon see cex full of em lol
    I can get a white or blue controller for the deal but game isn’t anywhere
  21. Avatar
    Does it work with any game or just as shown?
    only horizon forbidden west
  22. Avatar
    in stock at manchester fort if anyone is close by
  23. Avatar
    Order cancelled!
  24. Avatar
    Worked for me and I don’t have a ps5
    I dont think Argos know whether you have a PS5 or not...
  25. Avatar
    Result for me. Didn’t know this morning whether I wanted black or white controller so bought both online with intention to cancel one order on collection. Collected just now and the Argos Staff said she would refund just the black controller. So I got a controller and 2 x copies of HFW for £49.97.
    Dawn no longer has a job.
  26. Avatar
  27. Avatar
    Don't have a PS5 but bought anyways lol. Heat!!
    Same, although I'm planning to get one soon, now with the more reason!
  28. Avatar
    Guess which mug went to sainsburys at opening thinking argos would be open too?
  29. Avatar
    Bought and sold game for £20.
  30. Avatar
    Another example where having a digital PS5 saves you money - PSN too expensive, can't buy physical deals like this, so I don't buy any games at all!
    More money for controllers!
  31. Avatar
    Not available anywhere for delivery or collection. Sons crying now. Great.
    If it's any consolation, I got two (one in error).

    You could have it for cost plus postage
  32. Avatar
    Can you return the controller?
    £33 trade in at CEX so worst case you get horizon for £12 which in itself would go super hot right now
  33. Avatar
    There will be a lot of copies of Horizon & dual sense controllers on eBay next week
    Hopefully controllers drop to under £40
  34. Avatar
    How best to comfort ourselves in a cost of living crisis, tax hikes, inflation and a fall in house prices? Oh, I know..!!!
  35. Avatar
    what a deal chanchi, what a deal
  36. Avatar
    need to stop checking in before bed time

    thanks op
  37. Avatar
    £38 for forbidden West and a ds5.. mental (colleague discount)
  38. Avatar
    Good old Chanchi. Woke up. Saw deal half woken. Ordered. Legend. Collecting after school run...
  39. Avatar
    All good in da hood

  40. Avatar
    Just picked up. Nice one OP
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