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Posted 7 August 2023

Starrett Professional Stainless Steel Chefs Steak Knife 10-inch

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  • FOR STEAKS: Starrett Steak Knife is the perfect meat-cutting knife for slicing large cuts of meat as the wide blade adds a greater cutting force.
  • ULTRA SHARP: These professional steak knives features a long sharp, slightly curved blade that can be used to cut different joints of meat close to the bone.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Our polypropylene ergonomically moulded handles feature a textured finish for maximum grip and optimum comfort, yet are easy to clean. The handles of the Starrett knives are ensured by Sanitized Antimicrobial protection of handles.
  • STEEL ALLOY: Starrett professional knives are made from quality stainless steel, which ensures precise cuts and long blade life also prevents the knife from stain, rust & corrosion

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  1. justjamming's avatar
    Is this full tang?
    TomEames's avatar
    The bare minimum for knives should be victorinox. There cheap there also great. I’ve spent my entire 20 years working as a chef. Doesn’t matter who you are everyone has a victorinox pastry knife as the bare minimum. They last me 5ish years of everyday use in a busy kitchen. If they are looked after at home they will last a lifetime. Sharpen them with a diamond or ceramic sharpening rod not one of those any sharp things and your good to go
  2. Pbond75's avatar
    Nothing professional about this knife.
    flylife's avatar
    its a misteak
  3. Headnogood's avatar
    Got this, really nice if I’m honest is it a wusthof/ global no, is it alright for the money yes.

  4. Baldieman64's avatar
     I wouldn't call it a chef's knife, but the size and blade profile are pretty much what we used in the butchers shop where I worked years ago. If you're looking to cut raw meat, this might be for you - but get yourself a boning knife to go with it.
    deeperthought's avatar
    Nothing like a good boning.
  5. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Looks machete-like. (edited)
  6. justabout72's avatar
    Feeler gauges and knives what ever next.. (edited)
  7. smudgerama's avatar
    will this cut through bones? Asking for a friend.
    TokyoGhoul's avatar
    Yes!!! Replying for a friend 😁
  8. Kickassonxbox's avatar
    Ordered and voted HOT.

    Thank You
  9. Only1billyboy's avatar
    angleseyman's avatar
    Rude boy billy
  10. deleted605910's avatar
    It looks a bit stabby...
    deleted531767's avatar
    Very UK style
  11. TheNewSound's avatar
    Thanks OP. This'll do for the in-laws
    dvdvicar's avatar
  12. gg1pl's avatar
    Salt bae says yes

    50747098-9sYMT.jpg (edited)
  13. Lovely-Jubbly's avatar
    Thought someone was promoting a machete
  14. bil.hussain's avatar
    Do you need to be over 18 years old to by this?

    gen271674's avatar
    Like all sharps in UK. Yes
  15. DellB0y's avatar
    Nothing concerning about the trend in knife posts ..

    Nope everything is just fineee
    dvdvicar's avatar
  16. Dale_Turner's avatar
    Any good sets on a budget or should I not be lazy n buy sharpener?
  17. Pommy_Frite's avatar
    You just know you would chop your finger off when washing up with this weapon in the sink
    gen271674's avatar
    Be gentle and go slower. Top advice when you've got a sharp knife in the sink.
  18. IbbyS's avatar
    What’s this like for road cheffings on a scale of 1-10?
    dvdvicar's avatar
    "road cheffings"?
  19. ninp's avatar
    dvdvicar's avatar
    In stock
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