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Posted 3 January 2023

Stranded Deep Added To Xbox Game Pass

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  1. khordi's avatar
    Unfinished and abandoned by its devs
    JokerFan's avatar
    Not abandoned but extremely slow to bring PC changes to console.

    We should see piles being rolled in the next few days after well over a year of it being added to PC

    They’ve still done nothing about the resources on an island running out much faster when playing coop. Forcing you to island hop way sooner than in a solo game and before you have a raft that won’t be flipped by the hyper aggressive sharks
  2. CupN00dle's avatar
    Thanks dude

    My lad got a Series S for Xmas and there’s a few games I’ve wanted to play (and relive like Fallout New Vegas)

    Actually a really good console for the price!
    Envx's avatar
    Just remember don't pay £10.99 a month for Gamepass, buy codes at 99p-109p from Gamivo and pay monthly. There's lots of other little tricks to save the cash too.
  3. adamtattonreid's avatar
    Got this on epic for free months and months ago - thought it was terrible
  4. TehJumpingJawa's avatar
    Hasn't this been on Game Pass before?
    I've already played it, and definitely didn't pay for it....
    Ah, it was given away on EGS some time ago.
  5. ickle_Dave's avatar
    Tried it, gotta say, this doesn't work well on console.

    I dunno what the Devs were thinking, but the control system is just atrocious.
    Pricklerickle's avatar
    so right,has potential, like a arc and subnatical, but feels so clunky, using X instead of a, some things don't work,hard to select makes it feel like got faulty controller,broke bones as not flawless to get down stairs, got bandage's,is this the health, hold it and can't use it, I love these types of games but this is 3/10
  6. Wonderer's avatar
    My partner and I once got a bit hook on this one quiet Saturday afternoon. Think we finally died - killed by a giant crab - about 4.30am the following morning.

    Shallow for a survival game (irony klaxon), but fun for a few play throughs.
    Pricklerickle's avatar
    how do you survive, first 30 mins and I need water and drinking coconut only fills it up a little, plus I have posininh and broken bones,feels a clumsy game
  7. drewbles82's avatar
    few other game drops including Street fighter 30th anniversary collection...not sure why the official announcement hasn't been made yet tho
    AFR's avatar
    Is that out now? I just checked on my console and the only new addition is Stranded Deep
  8. cereality's avatar
    Wasn't this on ps plus too?
  9. Fintar's avatar
    Really glad this came to game pass because I've been considering buying it for weeks. Good thing it was free so I can see how terrible it is otherwise I'd have been gutted. Game doesn't feel close to finished. Raft flying away, items disappearing, getting poisoned/wounded early on and slowly bleeding out with no cure. Terrible FPS. Also not a whole lot of gameplay after a few hours.

    After playing green hell, subnautica, the forest, this game is a real let down. Happy days for game pass though.
  10. M1sterDeeds's avatar
    Any good
  11. AFR's avatar
    I keep going back to this but then get bored after a certain point every time
  12. Pricklerickle's avatar
    ohh after loving subnatica ,I was lovely forward too it, haha just need the time
  13. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Binoculars still not working?
  14. ijwia's avatar
    played this wanted to like it but yeah the controls are ridiculous and dont seem to work at times

    managed to get to the 2nd day but yeah died of dehydration

    if they fixed the controls

    the backpack is that permanently on the dinghy ?

    had trouble getting the shelter built and placed just seems confusing
  15. craigbob's avatar
    Quite boring and buggy, have always been keen on this so putting this down as a deal saving me buying it
  16. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    I like it. It's chilled out. Shame it's buggy though.
  17. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    They've fixed the binoculars glitch.
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