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Posted 24 January 2023

Tesco Frozen Food Any Selected 5 for the price of 4 (Cheapest Product Free) Clubcard Price @ Tesco

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  1. Avatar
    These deals should be for everyone, not just for clubcard holders.
    Cannot pretty much everyone over 18 get a clubcard?
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    I had a browse last night at this offer, looked terrible as Tesco seem to have pushed every item included in this to it's max RRP. In a lot of cases you can find 5 of the same items elsewhere for much cheaper.
    I noticed this today too when I was in. Ridiculous
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    The only item I've found in this which is potentially good value, is the 75p cheese & tomato (or pepperoni) frozen pizza they do. You can buy 5 of them for £3 which works out as 60p per pizza in this offer.
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    There a few individuals deals already posted e.g quorn nuggets, Linda m mince etc, which I think are great deals but there will always be some which doesn't work out for you for the items you would normally buy.

    If it's cheaper in another store, they have it in stock and you were going to go in anyway then buy it from there. This deal is just pointing out that some Tesco store may have items worth getting on this offer that's all.
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    the goodfellas pizza are £2 on clubcard price. its normal price is £2.85

    if i buy 5, will it be 4 x £2 = £8?
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    Read it as 5 for £4, thought thats quite good...... then see its 5 for the price of 4, and the price of the individual items are ridiculous!!
    How is the price of the fish fingers ridiculous, most supermarkets are charging £3, Tesco is £1.50 and then on top of that are on the this 5 for 4 promotion. If you bought 5 boxes from Sainsbury's you pay £15, Tesco is £6, how much less do you think is reasonable to pay?
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    I wish they'd just lower their prices rather than have gimmicks like this.
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    Terrible that the major stores are now running deals to make you spend more money......I thought they were going to phase out the buy 1 get 1 free etc....but now bring in a higher spend threshold 😡😡 talk about rinsing while people are struggling!! If they can afford to offer at the lower price,that should be the base price for one.....unless they want to be a cash and carry
    Nonsense, lots of people buy a handful of frozen products and some are already pretty cheap, bag of quorn nuggets is £1.25, offer will bring it down to £1 - cheapest I've ever seen them. Hardly rinsing and other shops are available!