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Posted 2 August 2023

Tetra Starter Line 54L LED Fish Tank - Free C&C

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Was contemplating buying a starter fish tank and Argos made my mind up by having an upto 25% off sale on pet supplies.
I only wanted something 50litre and the equivalent at pets at home is £90.
Argos More details at

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  1. adamguest1985's avatar
    Decent enough price for what you get but please do your research about suitable tank sizes and fish pairings etc. if you're getting your first fish.

    The retailer will happily sell you way more fish than your tank can hold, and many people will be disappointed if they want to keep fish responsibly.

    A very basic rule is 1 litre of water will home 1 cm of adult fish. This tank would hold maybe fifteen 3cm Tetras, for example, but if you want anything bigger keep the total number in mind, and compatibility between different fish.

    Optix_'s avatar
    Pets at home and some other places I go to do a decent enough job asking you what tank you have and semi knowledge on species etc. But yeah if you just lie about your tank size they probably will let you have as many as they calculate is ok.
  2. phunkee's avatar
    You may add another £80 min for not only the apparatus to keep her clean but then you have the fish to buy! Isn't any old fish you can add... Having different species don't always mix. Anytime we have introduced new fish to the tank, it's like new prisoners being placed in jail. You either pull your trunks up and eat the big dog or be eaten yourself
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    £80 minimum to keep it clean? What are the materials made from, gold? You can get tank cleaning stuff for less than a tenner. You can also have cheap fish or expensive fish in the tank. It's as expensive as you want to make it. Even if you set it up as a tropical tank fish vary anything from £1 up to £100+. Also if you're fish are being held "prisoners" you should do some research on what fish can live with each other. There are plenty of online tools
  3. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Been keeping fish for over 50 years... please DO NOT buy a kit, the contents are awful and youll end up buying better gear after killing your new pets.
    The lighting is not suitable for plants either, if your going freshwater.

    Buy a bog standard two foot tank, and get the gear YOU need...
    Cleaning wise, I use a razorblade on a stick (couple of quid from the range etc) to clean the Glass, as well as a green scouring pad (pennies from wilko) water declorinator is "prime" which lasts well over a year for me and is a fraction of the price of tetra stuff, plus a length of hose pipe to vac the gravel\sand...

    This doesnt need to be expensive ! (edited)
  4. GaryCrossan's avatar
    Always wanted a fish tank. Now that I'm home alot then this could be a good starter.
    What's the script with electric bills?
    Is it massive consumption?
    RoosterNo1's avatar
    If you keep the room warmish, then all youll have is the lighting - maybe 30 Watts for 8 hours... otherwise theres a heater running cost to add on, and a pump (or filter) for tropicals... but mainly is the lighting that costs.
    All in all, I'd guestimate £1 a week in electricity.

    But again, Ill add that the filter in this deal is landfill... (edited)
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