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sera Marin Salt, 1300 g £9.47 ( SUBSCRIBE & SAVE £9.00 ) @ Amazon
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Subscribe & Save £9.00 Marine salt for R/O and tap water. Due to the excellent homogeneity and even grain size, sera marin salt quickly and without any residues dissolves into cryst…
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Sera is a solid German brand, their tropical fish food is great, cant say I know much about their marine salt.


Fair price but I'd only recommend for a fish only or soft coral system. Stick with the more reputable brands for anything with a lot of corals or be prepped to supplement. Amazon recently have had a lot of marine stuff pretty cheap...if you check out Amazon Germany or Italy you can get Sicce pumps really cheap!

Supa Aquarium Holiday Fish Food, 14 Days, Pack of 6 £7.25 ( Subscribe & Save £6.89 ) @ Amazon
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Supa Aquarium Holiday Fish Food Feeding Block (Pack of 6) is designed to act as a supplementary source of food for up to 2 weeks. Easy to use, slow releasing food block for feeding Cold Wat…
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Thanks, ah, I've got the gravel now but will keep in mind for the inevitable 2nd tank (:I I'd not researched plants at all so that's really kind of you to take the time to reply, thank you


I would suggest "sand" instead of gravel, supports more type of plants and some fish are more comfortable. For a beginning plant, I would suggest getting anubias var barteri, or anubias nana. They are the most sturdy plants i have experienced. And also most fish dont like the taste of them so it can go with variety of fish. If you still want to feed them while you are gone, i would suggest buying an auto feeder instead of these cubes.


Thanks Artex. Only a week so that's really useful to know. We do plan to have live plants also...well, they'll be live when we put the plant/fish in, can't guarantee anything beyond that! :) Got the 140l tank, gravel, heater, temperature controller, external filter and lights on order. Any other tips on what I need would be appreciated!


How long are you gonna be away? Most fish are ok not to eat for couple of weeks, even longer if you have live plants.


What do you recommend instead pls? (just setting up my first tank and have a holiday planned in 5 weeks time). Thanks

Trixie Terrarium Lock for Sliding Doors with Key - £5.49 @ Amazon
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Trixie Terrarium Lock for Sliding Doors with Key - £5.49 @ Amazon£5.49Amazon Deals
SAVE 27% ......... For securely closing terrarium doors Stable design lock with keys With common locking mechanism Made of stainless steel material Spare key included
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Are these for pet shopkeepers wanting to prevent theft or for people who are worried that their lizard will work out how to open the door?

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Zoo Med TL-48 Turtle Dock, Mini £10.45 @ Amazon
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Zoo Med TL-48 Turtle Dock, Mini £10.45 @ Amazon£10.45Amazon Deals
SAVE 24% ......... Floating dock for aquatic turtles dry basking area Submerged ramp allows easy access Automatically adjusts to all water levels Easy to install and secure with 4 sucti…
Avatar SelfScanStan
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OP Stan, Not having a go at you, but can you please put better titles on your posts. It's unclear what some are without clicking on it to read the rest of the info. Your could've put that it's for fish tank or aquarium to make it a bit clearer. Same as that fenox one. I didn't know what that was till I read the whole post. Thanks.


Does it support ALT-mode DP over USB-C?


This is a router with a very unconventional design. For military, 'in the field', use, I like to think.


It’s been a while since I docked my turtle 🤭


I love a niche deal! Heeeeeat!

King British Holiday Fish Food Block £1.56 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
King British Holiday Fish Food Block £1.56 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon£1.56Amazon Deals
SAVE 20% A complete pet food for all Coldwater and tropical fish. Fish can survive for relatively long periods of time on very little food, as they have to do in the wild from time to time.…
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A solution to a problem that never existed... A well balanced aquarium will survive food free for a week or more.