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Posted 6 January 2023

The last of us part 1 PS5 £35 in Asda Brighton Hill

In store: Brighton · Asda Deals
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Spotted in Basingstoke Brighton Hill Asda only 1 copy sorry but worth seeing if it's that price in other stores


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  1. wackybeaver's avatar
    Just fell into an internet hole watching this comparison vid
    Realhoneyman's avatar
    I can see the differences but I still think the PS4 version looks decent even now. I still want to play through the PS5 version but it has to be sub-£30 before I pick it up.
  2. FaithNoMore's avatar
    This doesn't appear to be a national offer. I tried Motherwell Asda and it scans at £60 which was also the price on the ticket on the shelf.
  3. hassaan's avatar
    this should be the RRP
    Erko's avatar
  4. mungylee's avatar
    This is £8.74 on the PlaystationStore for the PS4 version. Is there a big difference?
    ItsNotWhatItLooksLike's avatar
    Yes £26.26
  5. Sephiroth's avatar
    I may have paid this for it on release however I'm not paying this for a game that has been out for four months. Will wait for £20.
    hax3's avatar
    Technically, it's been out for 9 years...
  6. Hkn24's avatar
    I’ll buy at £3.50
    StevieW0nder's avatar
    I'm also waiting for this price probably be waiting the same time for Microsoft to release a AAA game
  7. Xemorph's avatar
    Played some of this and it doesn't feel much different from the original and it really doesn't look that great when it's compared to other games out last year but does look bettter. Maybe it's been a long time since I played the original but it's definitely not a remake of Resident Evil 2 standards, more like just another remaster. Definately not worth the release day price. (edited)
    Moody_Cloud's avatar
    You're comparing a remake of a game from the PS1 era to PS4/PS5 versus a remake of a PS3 era game on PS5. Of course the PS1 remake is going to look miles better
  8. placidsheep's avatar
    Technically a decent deal based on the RRP but that was a little rich given how many times this has been released. Will wait for a lower price personally.
  9. cameron.carter's avatar
    Hamboning's avatar
    Release the geese.
  10. justabout72's avatar
    £34 closer to my biting point
    gabesdad's avatar
    £26.54 according to link on Google (shows as €29.99 on the actual page).

  11. gabesdad's avatar
    Good price. Pretty much at the point where if it was any less than £30 I’d say people are expecting money for nothing given it was a ground up remake.
    Kay_Dot's avatar
    Ground up remake ?
  12. HairyFist's avatar
    Worth it for those who have never played the game. Otherwise stick the ps4 remaster as it’s pretty cheap these days and even included on the Extra subscription.
  13. bilal91's avatar
    lookin forward to the series, starts in just under 2 weeks 👌🏼
    pc2258's avatar
    Second that
  14. PhoenixWright's avatar
    Even £35 is expensive for this remaster or whatever it is. Had they added anything extra to it then possibly, but will wait for £24.99 or under.
  15. garryallen's avatar
    It is fine to say it is too expensive, but anyone comparing this to the PS4 remaster is having a laugh. It is a night and day difference, especially in quality mode.
  16. seymourbutts's avatar
    Will resist until it hits £20. Had a cheek asking £60 for it in the first place
    andi182's avatar
    You'll be waiting a while. I can't think of many, if any, ps5 games that have dropped that low.
  17. G_sus's avatar
    I have literally just Last Of Us Remastered on the PS4 today second hand for £6

    Think I will stick with that until the price gets down significantly lower!
  18. x80ssm's avatar
    Is this a new game? Or the same thing on ps4
    jw191's avatar
    It’s the same story / locations. Environments were rebuilt to 98% the same as the older versions. Character models have more detail. It’s only worth buying if you want to replay with significantly improved graphics.
  19. Amazing_Menace's avatar
    None in Asda Antrim
  20. Caveman2014's avatar
    Take £20?
  21. skratchgonzo's avatar
    I'll buy when it's on pc
  22. matthew.lawrence's avatar
    I agree this isn’t worth £55 or more but it’s not a lazy port. The graphical upgrades are incredible, one of the best looking games on the ps5.
    gabesdad's avatar
    I think a lot of games on the PS5 and Xbox Series X are still not taking full advantage of the technology. Considering how long developers spend timewise and moneywise, there should be a whole lot more over 2 years after release.
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