Unfortunately, this deal has expired 1 December 2023.
Posted 6 November 2023

Exclusive Unlimited Next Day Delivery For 12 Months - Bodybuilding Warehouse Plus - Using Code

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Update 1
Code should now be working again!
We teamed up with Bodybuilding Warehouse to get the 12 Month BW+ pass for a quid again as an exclusive. It's been discounted a few times now, but we felt that coming up to Black Friday, getting this for £1 could be a good idea, considering we should be seeing some good deals soon - You can sign up for early access HERE

I already have one from a previous deal and it's a nice way to save a few quid, when you just want smaller items, or don't want to build a basket to the £49 free delivery threshold.

You can't stack codes while the pass is in your basket, but you can buy it at £1 first, then go back in and make a purchase with a code.

Edit: FIRWORK code now expired, but there's a BW+ only code PLUS30, which results in some of the prices mentioned in the thread and the example below

EG: 1KG Peanut butter (Smooth or Crunchy) + 30% Discount with code PLUS30= £3.50 delivered.
Without the pass you're looking at £6.49, which isn't much of a deal - This example might expire down the line, but you get the jist.

Use code - HUKDBW

More info
  • Cost BW+ costs £9.99 usually. The price of BW+ is subject to change due to promotional activity e.g. 31 with this offer.
  • Subscription - You can subscribe via the Bodybuilding Warehouse website only.
  • Membership - BW+ is valid for 12 months (subject to the exclusions outlined below) and is only available to individuals residing in the UK.
  • Account - You must have a registered BW customer account and be logged in to your customer account to use BW+.
  • Availability - BW+ is available for delivery to UK addresses, postcode restrictions apply, check your eligibility. If your postcode is not eligible for Next Day Delivery, the UK Standard Delivery option is available.
  • The service in the following areas may take 3 – 5 working days: Channel Islands, Highlands & Islands of Scotland, Shetlands.
  • Orders You must place your order in accordance with BW’s Next Day or Standard Delivery timescales. It is your responsibility to select your preferred eligible delivery service. Next Day delivery will not always be automatically selected at checkout and so you should check and select your preferred delivery service.
  • Delivery BW reserves the right to alter the delivery service valid in this promotion at any time; in this case you will be offered the delivery service available at that time free of charge.
  • Inclusions - BW+ can be used on either the UK Next Day or UK Standard Delivery options.
  • Exclusions- Unless stated otherwise, between the below periods the Next Day Delivery service will be unavailable: 23rd December - 2nd January - Christmas Holidays

Useful Links
Bodybuilding Warehouse More details at
Bodybuilding Warehouse has currently 35% discount for yourself and the referrer campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. STEVENM1000's avatar
    Waste of time.
    I have BBW plus but as I mainly buy the whey protein they have not had stocks for weeks.
    Also their website order system is not live so you never know if the stock is in
  2. thefreakingclaw's avatar
    1kg of strawberry lime flavour creatine for £21.45 using code FLASH35
    Possibly a good 1st use of your £1 next day delivery for a year (edited)
  3. xusto's avatar
    This could be useful if they actually sold any products. I swear every time I check anything worthwile is sold out. (edited)
  4. Whitey2048's avatar
    When i put the code in it says "this code has reached its usage limit". Won't work for me, am I missing something?
    Ken's avatar
    Trying to get it sorted ASAP!
    Sorry about this!
  5. Whitey2048's avatar
    A tip for anyone finding the same issue. They were trying to add 99p charge to protect my order, despite not ordering anything other than the 12 months free delivery. I kept deleting it from the basket but it kept reappearing at checkout. I found the only way around it was to keep it in the basket but reduce the quantity from 1 to 0. That seemed to work for me and I managed to check out for £1. Just need to find something to order now.
  6. TheDaleJensen's avatar
    So I should have a delivery arriving today but my order still says "unfulfilled". Not very next day delivery is it if its going to take all week. I want my £ back!
    ShiGuy's avatar
    Same here. Not heard a thing from them. Doubtless they’ll email in a few days to tell me what I ordered is out of stock
  7. usman330's avatar
    These hukd pumped out deals
    Not gonna say what I think of them.
    Ken's avatar
    I mean, we try our best to get better deals, using history, comments and member suggestions. We can't always get mind blowing discounts, but a lot of time goes in to it. If something doesn't seem to be of interest after that, we simply don't repeat it.

    They're not always for everyone and that's totally fine. This particular offer we've seen before and many were pleased with it, so we asked if we could see it again heading in to Black Friday, as it seems to make sense.

    Suggestions are welcome, but we can't promise anything, just try our hardest to achieve a price that works for all. Sometimes that can take weeks, others hours... We'll always try though. (edited)
  8. andywedge's avatar
    Cheers Ken, Daft not to use this, even if you just place one order.
  9. patrick1616's avatar
    @Ken Thanks for posting, worked no problem for me
  10. bradley1984's avatar
    Got an email to say my BW+ year, purchased on 6/11/23 has expired! 😳 got an order in with them at least.
  11. khimbar1's avatar
    Does anyone know if you already have this if it extends it by a year?
    WrinklyPhallus's avatar
    Nah I bought a new subscription a few months ago and it didn't
  12. bradley1984's avatar
    Discount code reached its limit
    Ken's avatar
    On it! Will see if I can get it fixed!
  13. Whitey2048's avatar
    Ken's avatar
    Hey, looking at getting this sorted ASAP. Apologies! (edited)
  14. bradley1984's avatar
    Worked. Hero!
    Ken's avatar
    Great stuff
  15. huw8565's avatar
    Anyone know of any cheap protein bars going anywhere thank you in advance
    Ken's avatar
    Hopefully we'll manage to snag some good deals on various over the coming weeks. Keep your eye out and if we can make it happen... we will
  16. gn1us's avatar
    Pointless. Never have anything in stock
  17. PaulCoops's avatar
    The voucher has expired. Wont let me use it with the cookies deal.
  18. mann242's avatar
    Working fine thanks for posting
  19. RichardH81's avatar
    Not sure how next day this is.... I placed one order which took nearly a week, and another order which I'm on the 3rd working day with no update.
    TheDaleJensen's avatar
    same I've never had it sooner than 3 days, done 3 orders since getting it
  20. RichardH81's avatar
    Not had that myself, I've placed 2 orders so far and both have been delivered (although a lot slower than next day)

    If they cancel my delivery plan then they will lose my business, although I suspect that whoever did the business case underestimated the demand, and maybe made a mistake not having a minimum order value as I'm sure people are buying £5 stuff and getting free delivery which must hit them hard!
's avatar