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Whether they are aiming for the perfect six-pack or they need to optimise their footballing performances, protein really matters for athletes. In fact, without the right protein supplements, it can be tough to sustain muscle growth and reach fitness targets. Anyone serious about bulking up can find all of the products they need at the hotukdeals protein listings. Read more
MuscleFood Chocolate Orange High Protein Bar 12 x 45g £10 (£5.99 delivery) @ MuscleFood
Posted 2 h, 9 m agoPosted 2 h, 9 m ago
MuscleFood Chocolate Orange High Protein Bar 12 x 45g -15g of protein per bag per bar £25 for 36 bars includes delivery
Avatar Wazzupdeals
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I am 16 stone and bodybuilding so i eat a lot and these are a handy snack to keep me full i do buy in bulk because its cheaper in the long run


Are you buying lots of these boxes or other stuff too?


Not if you buy bulk (y) (y)


The £5.99 delivery is a real sore one


3 boxes 36 bars btw not 30 (y) Anybody tried these? Also cookies and cream for same price

Eat Natural Protein Packed Cereal Bars - Peanuts & Chocolate Protein Snack Bar - 45g x 12 Pack £9.99 @ Amazon
20° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Save 25% today; Save up to 15% on future scheduled deliveries . drops from 9.99 to 7.49. 20 pack works out cheaper than the 12 pack.

You need to order a lot of bars to get the Amazon price down from £9.99 to £6, if that's even possible? At Sainsburys, you can mix&match with a variety of other flavours, so don't end up with all the same flavour.


true but you really have to order a number of bars to make use of delivery- good price, its 0.90p more via amazon but that inc delivery. thx for head up for other members


Very poor value compared with Sainsburys, 3 bars for £1.50, or 12 for £6. Or normal price at other supermarkets, £2 for 3 bars (or £8 for 12). Even with S&S savings, this is a poor deal. Should post the Sainsburys deal instead (y)


Is this not a 20 pack? If it's only a pack of 12 there's no deal (standard price for a pack of 3 is £2 in supermarkets)


natural is just brand name - what is natural now? even the air I breath isnt

Myprotein Black Cherry BCAA energy drink - sample 75p (6 for £4.50) + £3.99 Delivery with code @ My Protein
36° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Found this on the MyProtein BCAA energy drink, Black Cherry flavour only. Pack of 6 is £6+ (£1+ each) Instead buying samples is cheaper. (£4.50 for 6/0.75p each) Worth it if you have free …
Avatar emmpii8

I got one of these free a long time ago and it was a piddly can back then too. Mp won't shrinkflate, they'll just double their prices whenever they feel like it


They've put the price up. Expired the deal


Can only get for 6.78?


Honey takes 47% off if ya wanna try that


Pretty sure they've been 330 as the cans are much slimmer than the typical monster cans

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For Goodness Shakes High Protein Strawberry Shake, 475ml - Pack of 10 £10 / £9.50 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Contains 25g of whey and casein protein - the optimum amount in one serving 1:1 protein to carb ratio to aid protein absorption 5g BCAA and 5G glutamine added by @NP23 Descripti…

You know there’s an edit button yeah? Anyway these came yesterday, I like the taste might order another batch




I do not like the taste of these personally, tried each one with meal deal at Tesco👀 have never finished a bottle. On the other hand, grenades bottles mmm a lot better.


Not always practicle if you are off to work/ picking the kids up/ doing the shopping after a gym session.


This is cheaper and obviously more convenient…

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein, Chocolate, 1.64kg £28.78 instore @ Costco (Sunbury-On-Thames)
29/05/2022Expires on 29/05/2022LocalLocalPosted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Hi there, I found this deal at Costco in Sunbury-On-Thames but should be countrywide. 53 servings, 1.64kg, chocolate flavour only. Whey protein is raising in price recently so this seems a g…
Avatar julio.passos
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Speak for yourself


Yes but then it shoots straight back your ass


The only protein shake that doesn’t taste of pure ass


You'd be surprised how much we allow in the UK in foods which shouldn't be allowed but thanks to our corrupt politicians and lobbyists with deep pockets of their representatives we get the short straw as consumers Yeah the unflavoured was always good no concerns of more added rubbish but seems to be hard to find any good deal on proteins at the mo may have to resort to other sources soon from foods that can be blended until prices get to a reasonable amount


Weird, isn't it, how unflavoured is never cheaper anymore, but that's probably a reflection of the bizarre current situation where whey probably now costs more than cocoa powder or any of the sweeteners they use in flavoured!