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Free Glossybox with the purchase of contact lenses @ Vision Direct
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Free Glossybox with the purchase of contact lenses @ Vision Direct
CLAIM YOUR FREE GLOSSYBOX WHEN YOU PURCHASE CONTACT LENSES-New customers only. Glossies, we’re working with Vision Direct this month to bring you a FREE GLOSSYBOX when you purchas… Read more

You use the code GLOSSYBOX at checkout. It’s for new vision direct customers.


Seemed worth it to me too. Sadly, I haven’t had a code and no luck getting help either.


Me. You don’t get the current box you get a lucky dip from old boxes. I got a Huda highlighter pallette, floss gloss, shower foam and some other items I forgot. Well worth it but apparently not popular on here. I spent like £12 on 3 months supply of contact lenses and a Glossybox. It’s a deal for me :) I also went through a cash back website.


Did anyone take up this offer and get their Glossybox code?


You'll have to make an appointment

4,000 free packs of daily disposable contact lenses to people working for the NHS, police and fire service, social care staff and teachers.
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
4,000 free packs of daily disposable contact lenses to people working for the NHS, police and fire service, social care staff and teachers.FREE£8.99
Hopefully should helpa few members how to claim info on link and/or info below. Vision Direct is giving away 4,000 free packs of daily disposable contact lenses to people worki… Read more

Given them away now (y)


Why? For the price of postage there we'll worth it, I've worn them twice now both 12hr shifts with no problems, no difference to my other contacts I pay more for from boots


If anyone wants the code they're welcome to it. I refuse to pay the postage


Wow! So once I applied with the code they came the next day so super fast, just got to try them out now (y)


Yeah maybe I was a bit hasty just over a week later and I've also just received a code today 👓 (y)

Everclear ADM Contact Lenses (Trial Pack) 5 Lenses - £1.59 / 10 Lenses - £3.18 Delivered (Using Code / New Customers) @ Vision Direct
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Everclear ADM Contact Lenses (Trial Pack) 5 Lenses - £1.59 / 10 Lenses - £3.18 Delivered (Using Code / New Customers) @ Vision Direct£1.59 Free P&P Free
Posted the discount code in vouchers as it may be useful to some but most won't see it.. So hopefully this will help someone :) without the code they'd be £5.97 for one box includ… Read more

If you are a member of Costco, they do deals on contact lenses now and again. I buy mine - Johnson and Johnson daily contact lenses for astigmatism - when they do the buy 3 months get a month free deal (£107). They do deals on other contact lenses too.


1 box left, 1 box right. Usually people have slightly different vision in each eye, so slightly different strength contacts for each. And yes you need a contact lense prescription. Normally free with a free trial I think at Specsavers. I think the company are supposed to check your prescription is up to date (within 2 years) but don't think they do.


I tried them, they are okay but not so great quality. Much thicker, very uncomfortable, itching all day!


Don’t forget 8% Quidco !!


Can anyone recommend a company that does Toric lenses cheaper than the Specsavers etc.

Everclear ADM (trial pack) Try it FREE - 2 packs, 10 lenses, £3.98 shipping @ Vision Direct
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Everclear ADM (trial pack) Try it FREE - 2 packs, 10 lenses, £3.98 shipping @ Vision Direct£3.98
Just ordered my lenses and noticed they are offering Everclear ADM lenses for a free trial, they are free if you are already buying something from them, otherwise you will have to … Read more

Sorry, I meant a selection of other brand lenses, not specifically the brand mentioned for the free trial?


I only ordered 1 box per eye, 10 lenses in total for free. Not sure you will get any more than that as it is a trial on just one type as fas as I know.


Is there any way to get a selection of lenses rather than ordering a minimum of three boxes per eye?TIA


Thanks OP :)


Mine came today ( ordered yesterday ) with complimentary Haribo that have now been devoured (y)

Everclear Elite Contact Lenses Free Trial - Just Pay P&P (£2.98) @ Vision Direct
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Posted 21st Mar 2019Posted 21st Mar 2019
Everclear Elite Contact Lenses Free Trial - Just Pay P&P (£2.98) @ Vision Direct£2.98£7.9663%
Claim 5 pairs of Everclear Elite contact lenses for free, just pay postage for £2.98.

This isn’t comparable if I want to trial lenses before buying a large quantity; the least you would pay for the Acuvue Moist 5 pairs would be £4.05 plus £2.98 postage, total £7.03. This deal lets you try 5 pairs for just postage of £2.98, which equates to being over 50% cheaper.


Google Accuve Moist. Result shown below. 30 lenses for £12.15 from Vision Direct 10 lenses £4.05 (5 pairs) Free orders over £49... I buy 5 boxes at a time for free next day delivery, otherwise £2.98 Postage if under £49. Image below.


Do you mind sharing where you can get the Acuvue Moist for this price from please?


Not able to add code, as 'special price applied' shows on summary basket where you would normally enter codes, which does not allow further discount codes. This 'free trial' costs £2.99 for 5 pairs, and I pay £4.05 for 5 pairs of Acuve Moist. So a 'saving' of £1 is not tempting me to try them.


Boots do a free contact lens trial. You also get an assessment to evaluate the best contacts for you. To me this sounds a better (and safer) option.

UP TO 45% OFF! Cyber sale on ALL contacts and eye care @ Vision Direct. Expires soon.
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Posted 12th Nov 2018Posted 12th Nov 2018
UP TO 45% OFF! Cyber sale on ALL contacts and eye care @ Vision Direct. Expires soon.
No prescription necessary!
psmith1958 WARNING


Code doesn't work


They're more expensive than other online contact lens stores, so not sure what exactly is on sale...

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10 Everclear ADM Contact Lenses free with code CLEAR10 at Vision Direct - just pay £2.98 postage
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Posted 13th Aug 2018Posted 13th Aug 2018
10 Everclear ADM Contact Lenses free with code CLEAR10 at Vision Direct - just pay £2.98 postage£2.98
Go via link and use promo code CLEAR10 to get two boxes of 5 everclear ADM contact lenses for free. Only pay £2.98 for postage.



Her eye care is free.


Avoid lenses like these, Daysoft, etc. Made from Hydrogel, a material designed in the 1960's. Poor comfort, very poor oxygen transmissibility, high risk of problems, ulcers, etc. If you value your eyes, look for lenses made from Silicone Hydrogel. Much better comfort, vastly improved oxygen transmissibility, many are UV protecting, much less risks to your eyes. Pretty much all modern contact lenses (eg Coopervision, Acuvue, etc.) available at reputable opticians will be made from Silcone Hydrogel. Very good deals in Specsavers, Vision Express, etc. as mentioned above (also available affordably online). As with everything, you get what you pay for...


That's fair, probably not the best opening line! I guess what I meant was there is not always a saving buying online. Unless your wife's eye test and contacts check combined cost less than 31.44. Most opticians charge more than that as far as I know. So once again for me buying daily disposables online would cost me more than buying from specsavers if I total up everything. However, I can see some contacts probably are cheaper online, but I feel the majority of contacts are pretty reasonably priced in the all inclusive packages with the major players on the high street.


I got all that, but I was quoting your opening line, "I cant understand why people buy online" and cited a reason. That aside, apart from the free pair of glasses up to £45, I dont see what the wife misses out on. She has her annual eye-tests for glasses & contacts done by a local independent optician who she's used for years. The only real difference being she chooses to buy her daily disposables online instead, and save money in the process. I suppose her shout would be "I cant understand why people dont buy online" Lol, each to their own. The bottom line being as long as you are happy with your eyes, regardless of what route you go down, that's all that really matters. Her eyesight must be tip top, she misses nothing. (annoyed)

Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses - £12.45 at Vision Direct
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Posted 10th May 2017Posted 10th May 2017
Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses - £12.45 at Vision Direct£12.45
Vision Direct have these contact lenses on sale at the moment. Seems a brilliant price from a reputable retailer. £12.45 per box of 30. Free delivery when you spend over £50. 12 … Read more

That didn't take long lol £15.99 is a crap price. £14.75 at Tesco and (IIRC) Specsavers.


Price has increased to £15.99 per box

£10 credit on next order when you buy a pair of sunglasses vision direct
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Posted 23rd Oct 2016Posted 23rd Oct 2016
£10 credit on next order when you buy a pair of sunglasses vision direct£4.99
this deal popped up as I was going through the checkout of my usual order of contact lenses, sunglasses they as you to buy are £15 reduced to £4.99 and give you £10 credit on your … Read more

Thanks just ordered for myself

Perscription Glasses from £6.30 (free delivery) with code from Lensway
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Posted 23rd Apr 2016Posted 23rd Apr 2016
Perscription Glasses from £6.30 (free delivery) with code from Lensway£6.30
Maybe not the best designer labels at this cost, however for spare pairs for car/ around the house there worth the money. Use code; BACKTOSCHOOLGL30 for an additional 30% off and … Read more

****, seems I didn't complete my order, even though I'm 99% sure I did and the specs I wanted are gone now :(


ordered another pair came in a week wearing them now 10 times better than a pair I paid £150 for brilliant best £9 I have ever spent ta op lensway and hukd x


Mine got damaged in transit


Just received my shipping details. Currently sitting in Memphis, Tennessee apparently. Don't understand how they can do this for £6.30, but not complaining :)


I am still waiting, it says on FedEx website that it was in UK on 30th April and delivery schedule 3rd May. Let's see. I never ordered specs online ever and pd was allmost a guess too as measuring your own pupil distance is not so easy. Fingers crossed hope all is well, and they fit ok.

Prescription glasses BOGOF from £9 delivered @ Lensway
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Posted 28th Mar 2016Posted 28th Mar 2016
Prescription glasses BOGOF from £9 delivered @ Lensway£9
Use code DOUBLEDOWN for BOGOF and free delivery plus 13.2% topcashback. I've used lensway for the last few years now and never had a problem, shipped all the way from Canada withi… Read more

my two pairs have just arrived from Lensway - really impressed. I need to order some prescription sunglasses- googles4u or lensWay ?


Go away fool, my comment was nothing to do with football and warranted. This is my last word on this, ciao!


There's no room for unfairly criticising another poster for asking a legitimate question, especially when it seems your comments are more to do with u supporting a rival football team. Regardless of how many deals I've posted I will always step in to defend an innocent poster on here, because I want to protect the good natured spirit that has made HUKD more than just a deals website, it's a great online community of people helping people. My comments are 99% of the time deal focused, sadly on rare occasions I have to make a stand against wind up merchants or those with unjustified prejudice as I am evidently doing so now.


Yep, to add to my collection!


yep thats the ones lol did you get a little keyring screwdriver?

Two (2) pairs of prescription glasses £9 delivered Lensway plus 12% cashback opportunity
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Posted 18th Mar 2016Posted 18th Mar 2016
Two (2) pairs of prescription glasses £9 delivered Lensway plus 12% cashback opportunity£9
Two pairs prescription glasses from total £9 delivered via Lensway using BOGOF code DOUBLEDOWN (from circa Easter 2016. Pre-Easter 2016 code was LUCKY). Code entered on final page… Read more

Yes, 3 or 4 times and I am really pleased. I pay on average about £5.00 a pair. Only need reading glasses and the "ugliest "ones are the most comfortable. I spend all day staring at various monitors and don't get eye strain. Biggest optical problem I have had is a high street chain, didn't do glaucoma test, told me to re book, sold me glasses though and then I couldn't get a booking for weeks and gave up. Went into a supermarket optician the following year and they tested my eyes twice because when they tested the glasses from the super dooper high street optician, it turned out the lenses were the wrong way round. Shouldn't have gone to...


Just ordered 2 pairs for £19 delivered. hope to get 12% quidco too. Thanks OP, hot deal.


In context: I assume it is two pairs of glasses which obvsly lessens the impact, but yes, even from the commercial viewpoint it does beg the q of where is the profit and also suggests there is a huge margin available to the UK high street outlets that charge considerably more for similar outcome.


Just checked the FedEx tracking. Glasses coming from Burnaby in British Columbia, travelled to Vancouver, then to Memphis. For a pair of £9 glasses with free delivery?! That's some hefty carbon footprint!



Lensway Cyber Monday Deals
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Posted 1st Dec 2014Posted 1st Dec 2014
Lensway Cyber Monday Deals
Lensway have a couple of Cyber Monday deals - Free Single Vision Lens Upgrade or 50% off speciality lenses. The Lens upgrade is well worth having/ if you need thin lenses. I saved … Read more
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Two pairs of designer glasses from £48.55 all incl. with code @ Lensway
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Posted 9th Feb 2014Posted 9th Feb 2014
Two pairs of designer glasses from £48.55 all incl. with code @ Lensway£48.55
Glitch? 697 frames to choose from, starting at just £19 (77 frames: Joseph Marc and Love brand). When you go through checkout and apply 2FOR69 code they will actually charge you l… Read more
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have you called their CS regarding this? i just ordered on thursday and have a fedex tracking number for delivery on monday already.


Actually be careful with lensway, still waiting for glasses ordered on 17/01/14 :/


That's good to know, but sadly I broke the frame. Was going to do laser eye treatment. Did my homework & there can be some quite bad lasting effects. Put me right off... Luckily I did not act before thinking for once


you can take your own frames into specsavers and they charge 39.99 to re glass them with your prescription, there are lens thinning options which are extra, if you get contacts with them you can have your own frames done for free instead of a free pair, I've just taken a pair of Raybans in to be done as they dont stock them.


I not long spoke to them & they do 3 types of lenses. Not quite sure how accurate that would be. Will look in to it later.

Lensway 72 Hour Contact Lens Sale (From Their Facebook Page)
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Posted 10th Jun 2013Posted 10th Jun 2013
Lensway 72 Hour Contact Lens Sale (From Their Facebook Page)
-1 Day Acuvue Moist - £16.99 per box -Focus DAILIES 90 Pack - £36.99 per pack -1 Day Acuvue - £16.99 per box -Focus DAILIES 30 Pack - £13.99 per pack -Acuvue Advance - £14.99 per b… Read more
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seems really expensive to me : Focus DAILIES 30 Pack - £13.99 per pack these are only £9 a box in asda!!


I got mine last week from they were slightly cheaper for my lenses and came with a carry bag and contact lens storage box,free delivery too!


My usual site is (their "budget dailies" Crystal are really good: (£7.50 per box, less if you buy more), or DaySoft. Too tight to buy a brand usually, though I did buy SofLens by Bausch & Lomb when it was on offer at


I've used these before a few months ago and I was quite impressed with the speed of delivery also. Think I placed an order on a Thursday and the box arrived from them on the Monday morning. I would definitely use them again.


Good price? Don't know about others but 90 pairs of Focus Dailies All Day works out £73.98 in their "sale" before delivery while £54.00 always at

All Joseph Marc Glasses £20.13 delieved @ Lensway
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Posted 1st Apr 2013Posted 1st Apr 2013
All Joseph Marc Glasses £20.13 delieved @ Lensway£20.13
Lensway are doing a one day Joesph Marc sale. All frames are £10 (plus p+p/insurance for a total of £20.13) using code 'nofool' I ordered a pair of Guess rimless glasses using th… Read more
Free box of contact lenses @ lensway (just pay postage £6.95)
Posted 28th Feb 2013Posted 28th Feb 2013
Free box of contact lenses @ lensway (just pay postage £6.95)£6.95
Lensway are offering new customers their first box of contacts for free just pay postage and handling which is around £6.95 which is a huge saving. There is a free delivery code b… Read more
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It worked for me as I have already ordered them


Firstboxfree So sorry about that


cold £6.24 a pack from daysoft delivered


Not really a deal anyway as the OP has not let anyone know what the code actually is oO


No deal then if code doesn't work

Vision Direct - Multi-use 360ml lens solution + FREE lens case, 8 units - £32.60 equals £4.08 per unit
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Posted 3rd Jan 2013Posted 3rd Jan 2013
Vision Direct - Multi-use 360ml lens solution + FREE lens case, 8 units - £32.60 equals £4.08 per unit£32.60
Have been on a look out for contact lenses solution, I found this economical with very good reviews. one bottle of 360ml is £5.60 if you buy 8 bottles it is getting down to £32.60
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Ya I was doing the same and I ordered this and thought it will help others.


Thanks for posting, I keep on buying 250ml own label supermarket bottles and these cost nearly £5. Worth buying 4, same price per ml as 8.


nice mixer with Gin

Free frames with lensway
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Posted 20th Nov 2012Posted 20th Nov 2012
Free frames with lensway
Hope this will help someone I just seen it on Facebook! Here are the details Redeem your offer at by entering FBFREE when you check out. Exclusive FB Of… Read more
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Code not working for me


I ordered and payed and assumed all went through fine then got this in email two days later. I have ordered from them before but i used a different email this time round, so what did i do wrong?


Just wondering if their is a maximum spend?


I bought 2 pairs of glasses for my father for £18 online, including frames, lenses, cases, lens cloths and shipping from selectspecs I guess I'll find out in a week or so if it was worth it, but for glasses that he'll be using in his workshop, there's little point paying more!


shouldn't this be in deals or voucher as still have to pay for lenses and postage...x

£5 off when you like vision direct facebook page ( £12 minimum spend)
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Posted 30th Jul 2012Posted 30th Jul 2012
£5 off when you like vision direct facebook page ( £12 minimum spend)£12
Just went to order my usual contact lenses through vision direct and noticed at the checkout that if you like their facebook page they will email you a code to receive £5 off your … Read more
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