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Posted 5 August 2023

VOODOO: The Secrets of Voodoo from Beginner to Expert ~ Everything You Need to Know about Voodoo Religion, Rituals, and Casting Spells

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Most people have heard of Voodoo before, but if you think it only has to do with sticking pins into cursed dolls for the purpose of inflicting pain onto your enemies, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Voodoo, or 'Vodou' as it is traditionally referred to, is a modern-day take on an ancient Haitian religion developed by African-Caribbean slave workers on island plantations during the period of French Slavery. Apart from simply being just a religion, Voodoo is actually an entire way of life which is centered around an immense respect for one's elders. This respect is further expanded towards life philosophies and spirituality, and even extends into the realm of a great respect for nature. This book is designed to introduce you to the very essence of Voodoo, and then after you have prepared yourself both mentally and physically to perform Voodoo spells and rituals, you will learn how to put into practice a very basic Voodoo spell and protection charm. While you're going through this book, it's important to keep in mind that, within the practice of Voodoo, everyone is part of the same order, so with a little bit of hard work and dedication, you too can master the art of voodoo and reap the countless benefits that come with it. Download this book now, and let's get started!
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  1. ayeworld's avatar
    Apparently we are living in 2023 and this is taken seriously
    Laurence_RobertsCHh's avatar
    If it's well researched, it has good historical, theological and anthropology context. The history of New Orleans, Hati and a number of South American countries are connected by this.
  2. Laurence_RobertsCHh's avatar
    Not a bad book for free. If your after more in-depth and research (not saying it's real or you run off an drink rum) vodu visions by Sallie Ann Glassman has more too it. Though both do have a nice part on ignoring the pop culture nonsense built up around it
  3. Unsane's avatar
    Don't mess with this stuff.

    I previously cast a voodoo spell and dead ancestors rained down on my head from Juju.
  4. AncientYouth's avatar
    under no circumstances buy for your missus
  5. PHL's avatar
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    Bless you.
  6. Freebeebies's avatar
    And be cursed for the rest of your like… erm no thanks. Dont want to bring unwanted spirits into my life.
    Your just opening another world that will he damming for the rest of your life.
    Letsgochamp's avatar
    That's correct
  7. Retro_Mike's avatar
    Voted cold. I tried to raise my dead goldfish, and ended up with my cousin Eddie who's been dead since 1966 walking in through the front door.
    otak's avatar
    Did he start swimming straight away ?
  8. Lee_Rogmeister's avatar
    Just what guybrush threepwood needs
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    Got a spare rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle if anyone is interested.
  9. SEA.'s avatar
    Whoever keeps putting empty tobacco packets in my paper bin is gonna get it now.
  10. Nonamenonumber's avatar
  11. Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    Milev's avatar
    He must be in the middle of reading the book
  12. plasticleaf108's avatar
  13. elysium.sexsmith's avatar
    Have been looking for a decent practical introduction to Voodoo recently so the timing on this is perfect.
  14. Proveright's avatar
    Magic. Thanks OP
  15. Weirdy's avatar
    Another cock on ball story .....
    You lot have to try anything though
    Laurence_RobertsCHh's avatar
    Great excuse for rum, goat curry and a cigar if you're so inclined .
  16. warrior05's avatar
    Interesting, thank you OP
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