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Posted 11 July 2023

Wall Pilates for Seniors - free Kindle Edition @ Amazon

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Tailored Daily Workout with STEP-BY-STEP Instructions | Improve Flexibility, Balance And Increase Strength (100+ Pictures of Exercise For Seniors ) (Workouts for Everybody).

★ Start your wall Pilates journey today! Get beginner-friendly workouts with easy-to-follow instructions, colored pictures, and nutrition advice ★
Are you struggling to find a beginner friendly Pilates routine that you can consistently practice?

Do you want to start your Pilates journey but don’t know where to begin?

Are you looking for a guide that can help you optimize your Pilates practice and achieve amazing results?

Then “Wall Pilates Workouts” by renowned personal trainer Rita Davis is perfect for you!

This powerful guide takes out all the guesswork so that beginners like you can focus on your journey and progress FAST.

Designed to help you overcome common beginner struggles and achieve your fitness goals, this book comes with four tailored workouts that you can practice at your own pace.

If you want to say goodbye to confusing workout routines that don’t give the best results, then get ready to learn easy-to-follow programs that work!

With “Wall Pilates Routines,” you’ll gain:

  • A focused way to break down the obstacles to your success: From step-by-step instructions, clear explanations, and colored illustrations for each exercise, beginners like you can make sure you’re executing poses properly, avoiding common mistakes, and maximizing results.

  • Better posture and physical fitness: Improve your posture and body alignment, increate muscle tone and strength, and enhance flexibility and range of motion using a 4-part tailored Pilates program that beginners will love.

  • Improved digestion and metabolism: With science-backed nutrition advice, beginners can easily grasp the importance of healthy eating and the role it plays in improving your digestion and metabolism as well as strengthening the gut–brain connection.

  • A healthier, happier you: This beginner-friendly guide not just focuses on improved physical appearance and endurance but also better mental health, enhanced mental focus, and long-term stress relief — leading to a happier, more fulfilling, more relaxed life.

  • A 28-day Pilates program: Geared toward your success, this 28-day program ensures that you learn the proper techniques and optimize the effectiveness of your movements. Use this program to break down your fitness goals into smaller chunks and stay consistent better.

And so much more!

Don’t let doubts hold you back! Tailored to help beginners overcome their struggles with Pilates and achieve optimum health and wellbeing, the beginner-friendly programs in “Wall Pilates Workouts” sets you up for maximum success as you move on to the 28-day program and beyond!
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