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Posted 19 January 2023

WALRAM M.2 SSD 128GB (256/512/1TB Available) £11.28 Delivered @ AliExpress / AliExpress Factory Direct Collected Store

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Seems like a pretty decent kit for an old hardware upgrade. Definitely not useful for a modern build or anything with PCI Gen4 but could give some life to an older Gen3 machine. Rated 2,600 MB Read & 1,900 MB Write with lots of reviews backing those claims up.

Prices for all sizes (you need to +VAT on this). Can save 0.48 using AliExpress coins thing
128GB @ £9.48
256GB @ £12.62
512GB @ £19.28
1TB @ £33.68

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Cooling Fin: No
  • Bus Type: PCIe 3.0x4
  • Nand Flash Type: TLC
  • Transport Protocol: NVME
  • Interface Type: SATA
  • Controller: SMI marvell Phison YeeStar
  • RGB: YES
  • Size: M.2 2280
  • Application: Desktop,Laptop,Industrial Computer
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
  • 4KB Random Write: 1800
  • MTBF: SMI marvell Phison YeeStar
  • Max Sequential Read: 2000
  • Package: Yes
  • Type: Internal
  • Max Sequential Write: 1800
  • 4KB Random Read: 2000
  • Style: SSD
  • Cache: NONE
AliExpress More details at AliExpress

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  1. dcx_badass's avatar
    I have their 512gb nvme that I got for £22 works well (looks to be about £20.90 now Inc tax), I can post speeds tomorrow but they were similar to what was claimed, in the 2000's for read and 1000's for write. I'm perfectly happy for the price and as its used for games not critical files I'm not worried. (edited)
  2. mikesunboxing's avatar
    odd specs, the controller is a m.2 SATA controller but it says NVME and quoting slower NVME speeds. Sounds sus to me
  3. hassan_awan's avatar
    Bought a 500gb version of these earlier this month. Reads and writes as it's advertised, using it for a games storage.
  4. zachpower's avatar
    What a waste of an m.2 slot
    Neostar's avatar
    No need to plug it into your motherboard, just use a cheap Orico enclosure
  5. deleted2145572's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Cold, alicrap and crap drive
    ukez's avatar
    Their are some gems on AliExpress, not sure if this will be one of them, but at that price if you're not in a rush it's worth a punt
  6. daazzaa92's avatar
    Walram, because you'll ram your head into the wall when it corrupts your data
    ukez's avatar
    Why is it going to corrupt your data?

    It equally might be really reliable but just be a bit slower than advertised.

    Just how many semiconductor companies do you believe actually exists when It comes to RAM/Storage components or designs

    A packet of cigarettes cost more, plus it could be used for non critical data such as games or as a cache drive (edited)
  7. Tank12345's avatar
    Pfffft please have a smoke detector close by
  8. NomTook's avatar
    Whew been a while since I've seen a totally cacheless SSD
  9. Paul_f1's avatar
    Stick to netac nvme and ssds,good speeds and reliable
  10. Leftfield_2k2's avatar
    Better off paying a few quid more and getting an Integral from Amazon!
    Got a bunch of these and they are solid budget drives imho

    rev6's avatar
    No that's SATA
  11. Neostar's avatar
    Been looking at this Factory Direct Store for a while now, good reviews and bad reviews seems a mix all around, if you buy from them keep checking the dates, any issues and AliExpress will step in but only if your checking the dates and following it actively
    muad's avatar
    Maybe is like on Amazon with the paid reviews, with their own "reviewers"
  12. Neostar's avatar
    Now even cheaper
  13. vhero's avatar
    No cache.. AVOID. This will run like garbage. The speeds you get are fine for a few seconds then plummet to HDD speeds.
    dcx_badass's avatar
    Most the advantage of an SSD is the access times, the raw read/writes aren't a huge advantage unless you're constantly reading/writing huge files. This drive will be fine for a lot of peoples use like gaming.
  14. bogdan_lm20's avatar
    Always choose dollars on AliExpress !!!
    Android786's avatar
    any reason?
's avatar