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Posted 18 June 2023

XLMOTO Slipstream Motorcycle Backpack £14.99 + £4.95 delivery @ XL Moto

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Down from £42.99 so a good bargain!

The XLMOTO Slipstream Motorcycle Backpack has a hard-shell, water-resistant and streamlined exterior that will not deform from high-speed wind gusts. The backpack is designed to fit your body perfectly, increasing its aerodynamics and thereby minimizing drag. This will not only help combat wind fatigue, but also gives you more confidence riding through the wind.

The 24 litre storage capacity features several smaller compartments for easy organizing of your essentials, as well as a padded section that holds a 15" laptop. The backpack sits securely and comfortably in place even at high speeds. For any motorcyclist, a backpack such as this one is essential gear that you don't want to be without!

• Reduces wind drag
• Water-resistant
• Strong and lightweight
• Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
• Adjustable, removable sternum strap
• Reflective logo
• Dedicated 15" laptop compartment
• Dimensions: 51 x 35 x 13 cm
• Volume: 24 L
• Weight: 748 g
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  1. kingkajee's avatar
    I've had this for over a year. Quality is excellent and has never let me down in the rain. Thunk I paid £15 delivered.
    Each to their own experience but I must say mine has been very positive

    I would have preferred the branding to be subtle but that's just a personal choice no doubt I'd recommend.
  2. PooRoo's avatar
    Mine has lasted about 7 yrs
    jamesfinnegan's avatar
    Did you ever use it? The zip went on mine instantly
  3. Soulwaxuk81's avatar
    I'm sure this has been cheaper. Decent enough bag though, doesn't fit much in it but case is hard so protects your belongings well.
  4. jamesfinnegan's avatar
    Don’t bother they are crap
    Bumnut53's avatar
    Yep, be prepared to feel whatever you are carrying jamming into your spine while you ride.
  5. Gabz's avatar
    This popped up for me. Don't know the terms and conditions, but might be useful to some
    Swordykins's avatar
    Tried this out and it didn't work, couldn't see conditions anywhere. If you specifically click the link in the email you get, it finally says "on orders over £100"
  6. antspam's avatar
    I always thought it would be a good idea if they had a built in back protector, rather than a hard shell that shoves your possessions into your spine.

    I suppose most people have protection in their jackets.
  7. Elephanteiro's avatar
    Invest in a good one instead of this. I had this and it just fallen apart. Bought alpinestars and it lasted 6 years now!
    Dudeofrude's avatar
    Had one of these for at least 5 years now. Holds up fine
  8. slimy31's avatar
    Mine gathered dust in the garage after its first use. I couldn't see it giving any more protection and the amount it carries is tiny. It never got to see rain and unsurprisingly the zips were fine, it just doesn't work as a bag.
  9. shockwaver13's avatar
    These bags are junk.. don't waste your money. I bought two last time they were on offer.. the zips snap clean off the runners.. the ends of the zip break off leaving just the metal clasp . The stitching comes loose leaving the whole zip section detached from the bag this the bag is open.. they really are just terrible bags!!
    wakers88's avatar
    Had mine nearly 6 years using every day and still going strong. Nothing broken brilliant for the price
  10. DannDee's avatar
    I swear this used to be a tenner(plus post?)

    I bought their "the bag" for around £60...great quality and recommend them
    RandomDealsGirl's avatar
    RandomDealsGirl Author
    I've never seen it before tbh. Needed a new bag so grabbed this one, fingers crossed its decent enough
  11. Tank12345's avatar
    Even better if it was illuminous yellow with reflective strips
    Cheeky_Chap's avatar
    Good point but simple enough to add reflective strips
  12. Roythesaver's avatar

    Thanks I think 3 is max
  13. Sum1Sum2's avatar
    Mine was ok but the zips zip went fairly quickly.
    jamesfinnegan's avatar
    My zip broke instantly vet poor quality
  14. abdel_samih's avatar
    had two of these, they are really good although the zips do give out after a while which sucks
  15. TheOak's avatar
    Think every biker here must own one already and probably could count the total number of uses between us all on one finger think I gave mine away on olio
  16. airbus330's avatar
    OK bag, but don't get excited by the price, a few years back these were a freebie with Birm MC Show tickets.
  17. mjj4's avatar
    Always this price or less. It's quite often £10-12. Great for the money though. Gotta remember 24mx and XL Moto are like DFS with their pricing.
  18. Jazzerd's avatar
    I've had one for years, I liked it but one day i stuffed too much stuff inside then tried to brute force the zip and it broke.
    Cheeky_Chap's avatar
    Too much stuffing of stuff, tough!
  19. Dudeofrude's avatar
    Had one of these for around 5 years now and it's spot on for the cost. It's not designed to give any extra protection as such it's just more ergonomically shaped for riding (which i feel works fine) also handy for security with the zips being on the back section so I use mine for theme parks, London etc
  20. Redline_Rossi's avatar
    Have been using mine 5 days a week for the last 4 years and still going strong. I only paid a tenner for mine then.
  21. dlp1968's avatar
    Shaped like the stealth bomber...will it avoid getting flashed by speed cameras or radar guns
  22. TopBargainer's avatar
    Wow real life ninja turtle
  23. Charlie_12's avatar
    £15.99 you can get the water resistant one
's avatar