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Posted 19 July 2023

Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer Sealer Stain Killer 2.5L / 5L £56.44 - Free C&C

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Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 2.5L £30.71/5L £56.44 at Brewers (July offers!). I was looking for some and was pleased to have come across this deal! Also got free shipping on my 5L purchase. In store and online. Hope it also helps others!

Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 is a fast-drying, all-purpose primer, sealer and stain killer for interior and exterior use. It is low odour with excellent adhesion. Mould and mildew resistant, Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 blocks stains and is rust inhibitive, so it is ideal for new metal.

Bulls Eye 1-2-3® bonds to wood, plaster, concrete, gloss enamels, hardboard, glass and tile. Provides a rust inhibitive coating on iron railings, steel frames, piping and more. Any paint can be used over the top of Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Application is by brush with coverage up to 10sq/m per litre.Touch dry in 35 mins and recoatable in 1 hour.
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  1. smokedsausage's avatar
    Please bear in mind there is
    Zinnser 123 dark blue tin
    Zinnser 123 PLUS light blue tin.
    The Plus far better and stops smoke water damage far better.

    Also Fossa block and bond is a great copy of Zinnser BIN shellac sealer

    Half the price on Decorating direct website use all the time

    P and D 30 yr
    Yesgo's avatar
    Any experience with the BIN version?
  2. Patti_Boy's avatar
    We do insurance work, repairing escape of water and fire damage this product is always specified. Top product. It works.
    BargainHunter30's avatar
    Great to know, thank you!
  3. malph's avatar
    I used this on quite a dark stain on the living room ceiling last week. 2 coats and some Matt White paint on top to match the rest of the ceiling, can't see where the stain was, completely covered. Excellent stuff and dries very quickly.
    BargainHunter30's avatar
    Good to know, thank you!
  4. adoks4me's avatar
    Solid paints these Zinsser products. Honestly, invest some time researching their products. Their Zinsser BIN primer is also a strong performer. Warmly recommended.
    BargainHunter30's avatar
    Ohhhh you sound like someone who knows these well! I spent hours looking at the different ones last night but it is quite hard to find simple info in basic terms (for a blonde ).
    I came to the conclusion that this was the only one suitable for ceilings and that can have a water based paint on top?!

    I have some pretty bad water stains in multiple rooms as I thought it would be a good idea to try some plumbing I will be using the Dulux Trade vinyl matt on top-have I gone for the most suitable/effective product in the range? :/
  5. xigent's avatar
    I've used this paint (not the plus) and it worked. Someone had painted an interior wall with a paint that caused subsequent coats to shrink back and expose the old paint. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1.2.3 solved the problem. Pity it's so expensive but at least it does work.
    Chris.sss's avatar
    the council did this in my house.

    not sure what they did.

    they either painted the wall before the plaster had dried. or used a PVA mix before painting.

    I know this product from being a furniture sprayer in the past, and it's always been decent (although I didn't use it much)

    I might use this on the wall now to see if it solves the cracking.
  6. Deals_Galore's avatar
    Amazing stuff!
    BargainHunter30's avatar
    Fab! I am yet to try but I decided to flood the top floor of my house so I have a lot of stains to cover 🙈 it's a good test for sure
  7. Greigy's avatar
    Good deal.

    Created an account a few weeks back and after 24 hours they sent me a 20% off code. No idea if it stacks with sale items.
    BargainHunter30's avatar
    Unfortunately they can't be stacked
  8. RealEvil's avatar
    The 1L was about £16.50. Bargain
  9. Kturr1's avatar
    Went into Travis Perkins a couple of weeks back and the price on shelf for 123 was something like £45, I said to the sales man I could get it cheaper in Screwfix. He said I'll see what I can do and gave it to me for £30 and his words were if you don't ask you don't get.
  10. bpwa1's avatar
    £33.25 for 2.5L on Screwfix if easier for some.
    BargainHunter30's avatar
    Or more expensive
  11. Ewen_Bruce's avatar
    If you're just using this to cover up dark paint, I wouldn't bother. I bought it on a recommendation from her and it was no better than the standard Leyland undercoat from B&Q. It was also harder to apply and needed meths to clean up. Pain in the a...
    SMILEYSINGH's avatar
    Zinsser BIN is better for that. But after 3yrs the stains are slowly penetrating through the wallpaper we painted over (open fire smoked stained and stunk)
  12. shopaholic8's avatar
    I upcycle furniture and the BIN (red tin) is my go to all round primer/stain blocker. It’s shellac based.
    smokedsausage's avatar
    Try fossa block and bond shellac primer around 27 for 2.5l from decorating direct they have an extra wet edge version too .

    BiN a rip off l find be double that at least
  13. Monclaire's avatar
    3 quid cheaper than screwfix and you need to pay postage on top, hardly a deal - cold.
  14. twistedpixel's avatar
    Had to use this stuff in my last house. Might have been the BIN variant actually but very similar paint. Went to touch up the walls one day and thought my Dulux paint smelled a bit funny. Ignored it. The unbearable stench of feet stayed for weeks and eventually I bought Zinsser’s paint and covered the walls. Bad smell was gone within hours. I think the biocide helped in my case as the Dulux paint had apparently got bacteria in and was alive. Zinsser paints aren’t cheap but they’re very good.

    Also used their “no undercoat” exterior paint to cover the hideous “police station blue” the builders painted my old house’s door. A beautiful, glossy white that cleaned up easily for years.
  15. Phlop0's avatar
    Recently got this to cover bad stains in a rental. Doesn't look too impressive when you first put it on but after three coats the shockingly awful blood stains were covered and means we only have to worry about replacing the stained floorboards and uneven patio now
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