Best place to buy Turkish Lira Steam Credit

Posted 11th Oct 2022
switched account and it’s been great but the cards online are highly marked up .

I heard about Wise cards as an option. Dunno how it works though any suggestion would be great
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  1. jameshothothot's avatar
    I usually get my foreign steam cards from allkeyshop and price compare but they gave gone up a lot though maybe the pound has just gone down a lot! (edited)
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    Your get a better rate in Turkey ‘ take your pound Sterling into one of the many exchange centres where your find your get more for your money .
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    It is for buying on websites xxx
  3. McShane's avatar
    How did you manage to switch your account? As far as I know you need to complete a purchase in the new currency using a local card to be able to switch? In which case you shouldn't need credit if you have a working card?
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    jack.lindsey Author
    Guy on eBay . Typed in turkey steam account switch
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    so did you know if wise is good for buying games in a turkey region?
    please answer if anyone knows it, i think im wasting my time doing this.

    my discord is " coffeeded " if anyone wants to help me with this.
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    You can use wise to top up a virtual turkish credit card, but to make that card you need a turkish phone number to use on their app. Also need a VPN when you buy or you'll get reverted to your region.
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    Any way to switch to turkey now
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