Posted 9 February 2024

Budget Yuzu emulator pc

Does anyone have tried to built a budget Yuzu emulator PC to play MK etc?
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  1. jameshothothot's avatar
    It's a lot easier these days.
    Used to be better with Nvidia GPU on opengl but since moving to vulkan is a lot better.
    Ditto with older CPUs there are new features that work better with them now

    So to be honest can get a lot of old laptops with discrete graphics or AMD APUs to work. Youtube is always your friend

    Most desktop APU or budget combos should work fine (edited)
    slimy31's avatar
    Just as a real world example of your suggestion, I have a Huawei laptop with the Ryzen 5 4600H, and Yuzu emulation is very much 50:50. There's a fair few games that are shown as 'excellent' that my laptop struggles with. I'm not trying anything clever like increasing resolution or frame rate, I'd be happy with the stock output.

    While it's not considered 'budget', my steam deck can perform slightly better and is my preference for Yuzu.

    ETA prime on youtube does frequent reviews of all sorts of hardware for emulation, I don't recall how often he's used Yuzu as a demo emulator but it would give you an idea what sort of thing you could get away with.