Posted 11 October 2023

Buying a Samsung Galaxy S23 in Hong Kong

Wife in HK and I've asked her to buy a S23 to replace her s10e.

Would she encounter any problems using the phone in the UK?

Do Samsung still region lock their phones? Read somewhere that you need to use a local HK sim for 5 mins before using a UK sim.
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  1. guilbert53's avatar
    My daughter bought a high end Samsung mobile phone in Hong Kong a few years ago and had no problems using it in the UK.

    However a few years later when she tried to send it to Samsung UK when she took part in one of their deals where they give you money off if you buy a new phone they would NOT accept her phone as it had not been bought in the UK.
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    Can she sell it somewhere else?

    Samsung S23 is about £500 in HK.
    Samsung UK selling S23 for £850 now... (edited)
  2. HappyShopper's avatar
    I'm sure I have read comments on old Samsung deals (may not be that recent) where people said they subsequently had issues with certain banking apps when they bought phones from the far east.
    001Cisco's avatar
    No idea.
    Brother has A52 from HK, never heard he said anything about bank apps.
  3. HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Buy from UK only. There could be number of issues like certain banking apps won't work, not able to send text to short numbers etc.
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    She bought one in HK.

    Everything works perfectly including banking apps.
  4. Speculator's avatar
    Buying from China Mobile. About £520 for the 256gb version for existing contract customers. Not worried about warranty.

    Regularly go to HK so will simply get it fixed on next visit. (edited)
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