Posted 21 May 2020

For 7 seater cars with boot space for double buggy

Just wondering if anyone can recommend 7 seater cars with reasonable boot space. Our budget isn't great so we're looking at used cars mostly. We already have a 3 year old and a soon to be 5 year old who are in proper car seats as well as surprise twins pregnancy on the way. Tried to do a shortlist but getting nowhere.
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  1. Daffydills's avatar
    I've currently got a chev Orlando, however best 7 seater size wise we had was a seat Alhambra! Like a TARDIS!
  2. MrSprkle's avatar
    OK.. Ive had plenty of 7 seaters & used cars..

    Zafira! (plenty about and usually cheap)
    S-Max or Galaxy (but expensive even used)
    Espace (massive inside, but bad boot space also expensive to run)
    Scenic (loads of room inside) the 5 seater is just as big too.
    Toyota Previa (Old now, hard to find, but 8 seats! and like a minibus)

    Your best bet out of everything though is a

    Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, Cheap to run, loads of space inside and quite a few around too, also rear seats all all full sized so easy to put child seats in.. very family freindly car.

    you didnt mention your budget but a 10 year old C4 with about 70K goes for about £4500, a 10 year old Zafira with 70K about £3.5K (edited)
  3. Opelope's avatar
    Thanks all. that is a comprehensive list. They're all on my list but just can't currently appreciate their actual sizes as can't go viewing to see but thanks for that. Budget is about 7.5k
    I've seen those in the past but not particularly keen that the children have to be forward facing from 15 months old
  4. EndlessWaves's avatar
    You won't get a huge boot and three rows of seats in a normal car, there just isn't the length.

    I think the best options top out at about 50-60cm deep. That's about the same size as a fiesta's boot, although it'll be easier to get stuff in and out and they're typically flat.

    That'd be something like a Grand Voyager or Grand Tourneo Connect, although I think the latter is still slightly above budget. The boot on a medium to large MPV like the Zafira Tourer, Grand Scenic or C4 Grand Picasso are even smaller.

    If that's too small then you've got a couple of options:

    1. Go for a six seater. Two rows of three seats means much more space in the back and even smaller examples like a Honda FR-V will have a bigger boot than any car with three rows of seats. They're not very common though, and fell out of fashion a while ago.

    2. Go for a passenger version of one of the medium vans so you can get the extra length. The UK has never really been fond of them, although they may be changing, so you either see base spec 9 seater minibus versions or top spec business transport. The latter are models like the Viano or Caravelle and can be fairly nice, but will be at least a decade old within budget.
  5. themachman's avatar
    VW Sharan or Seat Alahmbra

    Basically the same cars only the Seat is cheaper

    Massive inside and you can get doors and laminate flooring in the back when all the seats are folded down
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    Congratulations on the pregnancy
  7. u664541's avatar
    Had a Galaxy MK2. Proper full size seats but not great boot space.
  8. paul123edwards's avatar
    Ford Galaxy will give you all the space you need and it's nice to drive (for a big MPV). Just avoid the auto.
  9. AgentSmith's avatar
    Had a 7 seater Zafira. Endless problems. Spent so much on repairs. Very little room in the boot when the back seats are up. Probably enough room in the boot for a stroller. It had 2 ISOFIX seats. Don't know about new models.

    Now have a Honda FR-V like the person above mentioned. There's a middle seat in the front that has ISOFIX and there's 2 rear ISOFIX seats. The boot is big enough for a double pushchair. They're not that expensive and Honda's are pretty reliable. Did see the work carried out with its MOT history and there were no big issues over the years. (edited)
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