Posted 17 July 2023

How to sell an expensive set of new kitchen knives?

Hi all

Made bit of a do do and bought a set of Zwilling kitchen knives months ago and since I'm outside of returns window I'm looking to sell them on but ebay don't allow knives to be sold, even if new (which these are and still in the sealed box - the listing was pulled due to their policy so fair enough).

I have a set of globals and family are also all good when asking if anyone wants them so I basically can't give them away lol. It's not a cheap set and tend to be £230ish (lowest ever price was £165 years ago according to camels).

So anyway, if I can't sell on ebay what are best alternatives without getting in trouble for selling knives? TIA.
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  1. HappyShopper's avatar
    Check whether Facebook Marketplace allow knives to be sold.

    I'd also join some cooking forums with a buy/sell/trade section and post on there.
  2. AMaky's avatar
    Facebook marketplace, no issues.
    Put a disclaimer that person needs to be over 18yo (edited)
  3. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    Would your local pawn brokers have them?
    cheaperbythe12's avatar
    Never been to one so wouldn't know. It's obviously quite a niche thing but it's a very good quality set so if they say £30 I'd be wasting my time but also kinda laughing. Thanks anyway.
  4. cheaperbythe12's avatar
    Thanks missus uses FB so will ask her to put an advert with all necessary pics with disclaimer. Thought this would be easier lol. It's a £200+ set so will be lucky to get £100 cash in hand imo. Thanks again.
  5. Pandamansays's avatar
    If I search ebay for kitchen knife set, I get 10,000+ results. Are you sure they don't allow them to be sold?
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    you can as tableware knife
  6. howbord's avatar
    Did you manage to find anywhere to sell in the end?
    cheaperbythe12's avatar
    Well it worked out in the end - went to a friend's wedding in October and at same time they've just moved into their new home (talk about timing!). Anyway, we gifted them as a wedding pressie thinking is this really th best thing to gift lol.

    About a week later, received a lovely message to say they are over the moon as they never bought themselves anything decent despite being keen cooks and are over-the-moon with the knife set. Pretty sure they were being honest. So all worked out in the end lol.

    Sadly tho, unless faceook marketplace or gumtree allow it, then your choices are limited if you're only looking at selling.
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