Posted 24th Jan 2017
Last night I tried to negotiate a better deal for my current package, TV, Internet and Phone, and was getting nowhere. All that was offered was a reduction in my package which then reduced the cost, so I've now cancelled all my services and received confirmation of this by email.

I was told I need to return all of their equipment including cables.

I now have a few questions.

What are my chances of VM phoning me within the next 30 days to offer me a deal?

If I don't get a call by the 28th day I have thought of calling them to ask them not to disconnect the internet. I assume it will be easy for them to do this. However, will I be charged a reconnection fee, even though it will not have been disconnected at that time.

My other option is to go cold turkey with no internet in the hope that they phone me after I've been cut off as others have said has happend to them. However, I'm not sure how they will phone me as they will be disconnecting my phone and I don't think they have my mobile number.
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