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Kindle Buffet: Find and download the best free books, magazines and newspapers for your Kindle, iPhone, iPad or Android…14F

One of the best things about Amazon's Kindle system is that many popular books are offered completely free of charge during brief promotional periods. If you manage to find and download a book while it's offered free, it's yours to keep -- forever.

It's a great way to sample a new genre, or perhaps discover an author you hadn't noticed before. The free promotions usually last only a few days, but there's a new crop every day. You'll be amazed at the wealth of great books. Usually there are several hundred freebies in virtually every category of fiction and nonfiction, every day of the year. And these aren't just the dogs that nobody wants, the selection includes bona-fide bestsellers from the most famous authors in the world. You may never have to pay for a book again!
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  1. Uridium's avatar
    And they are all available from the one deal I posted some time ago…083

    Doesnt stop some folks posting constant single book deals and cluttering up the Freebies section as I'd hoped it might.

    That said I guess some people like the single book deals
    tma32's avatar
    Thanks for the link...its old and I didn't see it. No intention to clutter up freebies...I posted two books and they are both in discussions
  2. I_Zebra's avatar
    I've been aware of the link to the free book list for some time and agree it should be pinned. But it's made me appreciate some of our posters on this site who clearly put in a lot of effort into digging out the good stuff.