Lacura Bonded Range (Pre-Wash 100ml / Shampoo 250ml & Conditioner 250ml) - £3.49 Online Exclusive, 24th July @ Aldi

Posted 16th Jul 2022
Edit 24th July: The weblinks are on the Aldi site today, but still say "Coming Soon", see here
Also, Aldi have changed availability to "Online Exclusive - Not Available In Store" (changed the title).

Olaplex dupe/s? More a Discussion than a Deal post, as I can't see this on the Specialbuys page for 28th July, and it's just a quick mention in the current Aldi Specialbuy leaflet.

In store Thursday 28th July
Online from Sunday 24th July

Lacura Bonded range (for all hair types)

1: Pre-Wash 100ml Hair Treatment Repairs & Strengthens
2: Shampoo 250ml - Repairs, Strengthens & Hydrates
3: Conditioner 250ml - Repairs, Strengthens & Hydrates

Grazia (below) suggest the Shampoo & Conditioner are combined and £3.49. The Pre-Wash Hair Treatment is also £3.49.

Online article about it on Grazia from a few days ago:…pe/3967189_1.jpg3967189_1.jpgGrazia say there are four products in the range (Lacura Perfect Proof Extreme Clean Dry Shampoo - £2.99 - Grazia say it's more of a Living Proof dupe), though the in store leaflet / online catalogue has three in their picture:3967189_1.jpgFrom the current Aldi Specialbuys leaflet (picked one up yesterday!)3967189_1.jpgExcited!
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    Oh wait, I'm an idiot, it says Coming Soon when you try to buy. Urgh! I see what you mean.47885361-FfhJ3.jpg
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    I'll keep an eye on the link and update if I see it "live" today.

    Strangely, the website now says "Online Exclusive! Not Available In Store", which is a bit disappointing as it means I'll need to bump up my order to get Free Delivery

    The photo I took originally (in the OP), and Grazia, implied you could buy it in store too. (edited)
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    What is this trickery? Two of the Bonded items are now live on the Aldi site, one is "Sold Out", the other two are "In Store Soon". Yet the Specialbuys Delays list is the same as it was over a day ago.

    Argh! 47901920-70N8N.jpg
    Are they messing with us?!?! I’m going to try and get some tomorrow morning instore🤞🤞🤞
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    I can see an Australian news item from April 2021 about an Aldi plex product, with different branding (Protane Kairplex), but has the same sized bottles / similar system, eg 1) Repair Treatment 100ml 2) Shampoo 250ml 3) Conditioner 250ml - packaged in a set for $19.99 AUD…1cd
    47831293-bCzaR.jpg47831293-nYY86.jpg(Also about Kairplex from a NZ blogger)…lex47831293-aOJ0K.jpgThis is a more generalised 7 Cheaper Alternatives To Olaplex article, but may be worth a read - which includes this video (though, again, it's assuming the previous version, Kairplex, is the same as the Lacura range hitting the UK soon - don't recall seeing Kairplex in stores, or I'd have bought it!):
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    Another mention in the latest Specialbuys catalogue:47875583-3TkNA.jpgIt's now "Coming Soon" on the Specialbuys page under Health & Beauty, but there's no link yet (it will be available to buy online on Sunday 24th / in store Thursday 28th July):47875583-C0p70.jpg (edited)
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    Did anyone manage to get this? I’m trying and it’s just saying coming soon on website.
    Hardly slept last night and totally forgot about this! It's here:…ALL

    I've asked for it to be made into a Deal (please). I put it in Discussions originally, to save Mods moving it. (edited)
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    I honestly thought this was a post-Brexit and COVID thing - Specialbuys delays - turns out they still happen!

    Specialbuys Delays List, PDF
    47894688-XOArC.jpgInterestingly they still mention an In Store date, so, your guess is as good as mine! (edited)
    I think we have as much of a clue as they do to be fair!
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    Is this back in stores again?? I usually pick up the Specialbuys catalogues and haven't seen it mentioned but there are a few very recent reviews on the weblink.…400
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