Posted 15 February 2024

LEGO Minifigures Marvel Series 2 - 1 of 12 Characters 71039 £1.99 C&C…tml

LEGO Minifigures Marvel Series 2 features a mystery box with 1 of 12 iconic characters from some of Marvel Studio's most beloved Disney+ shows

This eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular Series 1 Minifigures to collect lets kids and fans celebrate their favourite superheroes

12 characters to collect:

• Agatha Harkness
• Kate Bishop
• Hawkeye
• Moon Knight
• Mr. Knight
• She-Hulk
• The Werewolf
• Goliath
• Storm
• Beast
• Wolverine
• Echo

Each mystery bag contains 1 minifigure with at least 1 highly detailed accessory and a collector's leaflet; build your collection, display and play!

These collectible LEGO Marvel minifigures blind boxes can be given to children and adults as an unexpected gift to expand their superhero collection
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  1. bkempy's avatar
    Regular price
  2. 007's avatar
    How do you get the £1.99 please?
    bkempy's avatar
    That’s the price for click and collect
  3. RAGiN_CRiNZ's avatar
    this is normal price no offer here
  4. pfpf's avatar
    i have every set of minifigures up to the last 3 i think. iv'e given up, just too many and will sell them all. just can't keep going. a lot are housed in those lovely original lego display cases too.

    its my last collection from my obsessive collecting problems, managed to move on a lot of other stuff, time to let this go. (edited)
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