New gumtree scam - message my mum?!

Posted 1st May 2021
So I just posted a gaming monitor for sale on gumtree.
One reply usual crap "can you post it to Leicester... I'll pay for courier" (I'm in London and said collection only)

then had a new one.. "can you message my mum"

I Thought was b/s

then got the same reply from someone else with a different mum's address

i guess they're trying to convince you their mum's don't use gumtree which is reasonable but I smell b/s a mile away.

wonder if anyone else seen this and what other new tricks are out there!

1st one
Email my Mom directly highly interested in this!

2nd one
I will really appreciate if you can email my mum, condition and aksing price shes very interested purchasing it
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