Posted 8 December 2023

Nintendo Switch Joycons - expensive, but 2nd hand a risk?

Really need to find some affordable joycons for the kids
Tempted to go second hand, but worried about stick drift

Anyone seen any deals on joycons? Dont seem to come up often and £60 RRP is mad!

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    Also worth noting that Nintendo seem to provide warranty for joycons with stick drift issues.
    IIRC it's a free service.
  2. GlitchFace's avatar
    See my post, you could buy a few sets and still be cheaper than 2nd hand originals.…473 (edited)
  3. jco83's avatar
    TheGameCollection has them at £54.95 and you also get 549 Reward Points worth £1.37. Amazon were price-matching this but no longer
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