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Released in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest offering for console gamers and represents a huge leap forward in their gaming range. With its unusual controller, highly mobile design and classic Nintendo titles, the Switch is sure to be a big hit, and gamers can find great deals at the HotUKDeals Nintendo Switch listings. Read more
Register your physical game collection on the switch for myNintendo gold points/Free eShop credit
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Heads up for anyone who isn’t aware, you can register your physical Nintendo games for gold points which can be used to discount eShop purchases. I just got £4.25 in eShop credit … Read more
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Another Another ‘neg ferret’ commenting! It’s money for for old rope!


Ok. :S


In my world? No. On hukd, maybe, we're stretching comparatives here. Again, pointless. The majority of freebies require something paid for, thats what im saying. Pointless argument. If its not pointless to you, then I do hope your pushing your point on all applicable freebies. Otherwise ask yourself why here and nowhere else? Fanboy? I wouldn t even wish I had time for that nonsense, nintendo, xbox, ps, really couldnt give a rats arse about whose better, if "I" enjoy something thats all that matters.


Stupidity? So these games with gold and ps+ are free in your world huh? And "again" is obviously in reference to nintendo re-releasing wii u games at full price yet again for the sad nintendo fans that accept it and lap it up.


Not sure if "again" is in reference to Game or Nintendo but cant see why you have to buy again on Nintendo, unless you're coming from old to new console. Either way its a pretty poor/pointless argument, its a freebie in as much as the majority of freebies are. When you start saying its not free because you have to buy the games first, you're diving head first into the rabbit hole of stupidity.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition (Nintendo Switch) £29.99 @ Smyths
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Available for click and collect as well as delivery. (y) Discover Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition, the ultimate version of the game. This is the story of an unexpec… Read more

Home delivery


I am a Nintendo fanboy whatever that means to you, me or others though may have different definition. I love Nintendo. But if they suck at something I have always said so :) Isn't this a Ubisoft made game anyway?


They spent a year creating extra content that is equivalent in size of some full price games. The DK DLC adds 50% to the playtime of the original game. For £29.99 for everything this is a total bargain.


Stop trying to be edgy in Nintendo deals in an effort to try to wipe away your past as a hardcore Nintendo fanboy on here. It’s fooling nobody. (lol)


Yeah but the 2nd edition of the game is nothing new, has been out for ages, this is just a repackaged physical version of it. The Donkey Kong stuff should have been a free update. There is no need for 2 versions of this game. Is no better than Nintendo with their deluxe crap.

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Super Mario Party + Question Block Lamp £49.99 @ Nintendo Store
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
The Nintendo UK online store is doing pre-orders for Super Mario Party + Question Block Lamp for £49.99. The lamp is normally £11.99 so if it's something you might buy anyway then… Read more
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Built it mate


That's awesome, can you buy thst or did you build it?


Effective price is £48.99 if you go via TopCashBack.....Every little helps....


Inbox me on here mate and ask away if u want


Its a meee, M1cky! ! !

Thorpe Park flash sale - £27.50
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Thorpe Park tickets for sale

Cadburys always have offers for buy one get one free


Not sure about the Thorpe Park deal but those 2 dudes having a ding dong about who has the most ‘likes’ is embarrassing.


The whole of Merlin is out of date. We used to have Merlin passes and saw them all go down hill over the years. Thorpe park seems desperate. Not been once this year and kids haven't missed it.


Thorpe Park is so tired looking and out of date. Needs an uplift, too many arcade machines


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Various nintendo switch accessories from 90p instore @ Asda Great Bridge
LocalLocalFound 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Various nintendo switch accessories reduced to clear instore asda great bridge Duo grips £1.40 Playstand £1.20 Game case 90p
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Thankyou for price updates. we managed to pick up a headset, game storage and a single controller converter (All slightly more expensive too and was a bargain then) I will keep an eye out for future switch deals as our son has one for Christmas 🎅


Lol same here, annoying isn’t it. Need a new way to say exclude ‘asda’, ‘tesco’ and ‘piggybank’, then wouldn’t get any notifications at all!


Couldn't agree more. My notifications must have been at least 20% ASDA switch accessories and tat over the last week.


I posted some of these last week...


Good prices, but these Asda posts are getting seriously boring now

Bayonetta 2 with Bayonetta DDC Nintendo Switch £29.74 from Argos eBay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Great price for a superb game 92 Metascore:

Ha, who wouldn't?


I’d prefer free (lol)


I grabbed USED copy from musicmagpie £17.78... probably won't come with bayonetta 1 but not too fussed about that


I want this, but not for more than £20. Call me unreasonable.

Nintendo Switch Duo Grips £1.40 @ Asda instore
LocalLocalFound 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Nintendo Switch Duo Grips £12.99 in Game. Could be local but looks like Asda have a few Switch accessories on sale. Worth a look if you're local to a large store. Was found in Asd… Read more
D0minic - added this one 3 days back


Defo national :)


Edited to Asda Stevenage mate (y)


I picked some up yesterday, last box in long Benton store, must be national (unless that is the store you use ofcourse)


What? Bargain price. Well spotted. Paid full price in game few days back.

Nintendo Switch - Grey with Legend Of Zelda 32GB £254.15 @ AO / Ebay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Nintendo 5027757110146 Nintendo Switch - Grey with Legend Of Zelda 32GB, used with current 15% off code, via AO ebay outlet.

When you get it I hope you have a seriously great time with it and your time will come!


It does look incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to get it. My time will come xD


It's worth it. I've kept myself spoiler free on this one for the past year and a half and I'm glad I did. Even 6/7 hours in, It is looking like it is going straight into my top 5 all time games and possibly right at the top. Literally you can just roam around, do what you want and discover. Even the early shrines I think, "these are some really cool ideas". I am loving it so far, there are definitely at least a couple of throwbacks to OOT which I really like. I can say that if you do buy it, you will not regret it.


The only reason I want the switch tbf is to play zelda, it looks so good! I'm currently playing through zelda OoT and so close to the end which is making me want the switch more but not sure where il find a spare 250+ quid ha! I will for sure get one one day


Now my Switch has arrived and I've got Zelda and Mario Kart, I can not see myself going back to play on my Xbox One for a good few months. And there are a good number of games I'm jumping at the bit to get for Switch - Mario, Xenoblade, Splatoon...

PREORDER Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch £33.87 using code PIGGYBANK on ebay / ShopTo
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
This is my first deal so please be kind :-) I wanted to pre-order Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate after playing the demo yesterday, SHOPTO seemed to be the cheapest and using … Read more

Still have my Japanese copy, doubt I'll be able to sell it now (fierce)


Of course


I paid with paypal and it showed on my paypal statement straight away.


Tempting price. Do they take money on order or before dispatching?


I got it when I was in japan and then it was announced for English release like 2 days after I got back 😫 luckily sold it for same price and now preorderd thanks

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch) - £25.20 on PlayUK on eBay play-uk (with code)
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Cheapest I've seen for a new copy, and more than 10 available. The Argos show is slightly more expensive and only have 1 left at time of writing.

It's right there under the deal... PIGGYBANK.


The code is here:



Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £42.07 @ Tesco eBay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Good price for switch pro controller with code

I have the 8Bitdo and PS4 controller on Switch and can confirm it runs fine (y) (y) (y)


Same thinking here OP, cheers!


That’s exactly what I meant. No it ain’t :D


Its good for Smash Brothers thats about it :)


A great deal. Picked on up as it probably the cheapest it’s going to get

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Switch £25.49 w/code @ Argos eBay (free c+c)
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Switch for £25.49 with code PIGGYBANK Free c+c to local Argos store Explore an endless ocean of clouds, where the last remnants o… Read more

I spent about 20 hours trying to pick between the English VO or Japanese... English is absolutely godawful, although at the same time weirdly endearing and kind of cool to hear some accents that you never ever hear in games. Japanese is better, but you feel like you're missing out on a lot due to no subs for the battle scenes. Ended up just abandoning it in the end :D


It’s not working for me anyway. When I go to eBay checkout it shows stores I can collect at, select one, add the voucher and then next step tells me it’s unavailable. Tried two different London stores :(


That’s why I bought it the whole play anywhere but I expected somewhat more big releases not the million little indie games that are in the store.


What are you talking about? Xenoblade chronicles 2 is an original switch game. The one on Wii u is a vastly different game called X. Also it was never on GameCube? Are you on the right thread?


Project cars was meant to come out on Wii u but they cancelled it in the end. GameCube was when they had the same games as the other platforms. Probably the widest support Nintendo ever got outside of N64

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition (Switch) New & Sealed £29.63 w/code PIGGYBANK @boss_deals
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition (Switch) New & Sealed £29.63 w/code PIGGYBANK @boss_deals I believe this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen

I know a lot of people get frustrated by this fact, but I actually like when people post individual items Especially when it's a site-wide code like this for ebay/amazon etc because the available products vary and I dont have to look through the sites at all - I can just come to HUKD and see a feed of different deals. For the effort I think they deserve some heat


Welcome to hukd, whenever a code for a website comes out, people spam separate items and get a load of heat despite it being sort of spam


Cheaper option @shopto ebay / use code PIGGYBANK


£34 now


cheaper at shopto ebay

Sonic Mania Plus ( Nintendo Switch) £19.51 @ (The Game Collection Outlet) eBay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
First of all thanks to OP "trick23" for the code please visit the page and add some heat, link below.… Read more

Doesn’t suggest that at all. Your mind is perceiving things that don’t exist.


Your comment clearly suggests you don’t like every single item posted on eBay comes as a deal here. Fair enough if you don’t like vote cold and move on or if it’s cheaper elsewhere kindly suggest us so others can benefit unlike your comment which is of no use to anyone.


Point out where exactly I said I was fed up of seeing them of even complaining about them. I just said here we go again.


That’s exactly my point is why not post that exact comment on EVERY 15% off eBay deal if you’re so fed up seeing those deals, irrespective of who has posted the deal.


You’re not a mod and no comments were posted on your deal with the code. Kinda shoots that theory down I’d say.

[PS4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale bundle 1TB - £299 w/code @ AO] // [NINTENDO Switch Neon Red & Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle £255 @ Currys] // [PS4 Pro 1TB 4K Console - White £299.99 @ Argos] SEE POST FOR MORE DEALS
Refreshed 17th AugRefreshed 17th Aug
[PS4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale bundle 1TB - £299 w/code @AO] [NINTEND… Read more

Yeh whatever you do get with it does sell for £30-40


Fornite station 4 of course!


Lmao fortnite "bundle"... the game is free lol


It worthed to me, if you recently bought a nice 4K tv, I think you will enjoy the Pro.


No, most people get phones on contract where they don't see the total price, and just get used to a monthly value as it includes mins, texts and data. They justify it by "needing" a phone. Where as you see and feel a console price straight away and it can only be seen as a luxury.

Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate™ free DEMO
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Not really a deal as such, but just a heads up for those unaware that the demo was released today and are still on the fence about this game. You will need to login with your nint… Read more
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Try it in multiplayer. The slowness is deliberate :)


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (popcorn) (popcorn) (popcorn)


I think you have, you don't buy a switch for a port of an old 3ds game... you don't deserve a switch!


Tried it, didn't like it at all. Was hoping for a slight dark souls game play, but this was just too slow for me.


any unlocks in the demo for the full game?

Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch £45 @
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Not a deal per say but the standard edition is sold out at most if not all other retailers and now notoriously hard to get a hold of anywhere. Next best price I can see is £49.99 f… Read more

It was cheaper to pre order from smyths)


Thanks for this find! Heat added :)


Yes , Nintendo games do hold value. I sold mine for £50 preowned a couple of days ago


Looking on ebay now, people are taking the piss and charging £60 for it


So happy i held off from this, just got it on EBay for £29.99 using my £15 off coupon for welcome back!

Nintendo switch joy-con comfort grip  in Asda Slough for 90p each instore
LocalLocalFound 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Found these in Asda Slough for 90p each
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£9 in Huddersfield


Couldn't find anything :(


I’m not sure my mum just picked up 2


How many were left at Slough?


Crazy price

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition Nintendo Switch £29.85 @ Boss Deals via eBay
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Just spotted that Boss Deals eBay have dropped the price to £29.85 for the Gold edition of Mario Rabbids for the Switch - free delivery Embark on an epic quest with Mario… Read more
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Yes! (popcorn)


Hopefully they add a little more than what is currently on there (lol)


Couldn't see any good deals when I looked on there the other day, the prices seemed higher than elsewhere


Worth keeping an eye on the new website for to see what gets added. Thanks to @jco83 for the heads up about this (y)


Missed the £29.85 price, but then had an email from eBay with a £10 code which worked on this, so got it for £22.85 delivered. Winner (y) Check your emails folks ;)

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