Posted 7th Apr 2016
I need the exterior of my house repainting. Its a 2 storey house but with the loft conversion suppose its 3 storey inside but the convesion doesn't add to the painting outside, house has pitched roof and 3 gables. Question is in the past when I got 2 (cowboys) to quote for reattaching some weather boards on a section 2/3rds up the house they started saying they needed scaffolding or sissor lifts and things and I was like can't you go up a ladder? Thought they were just trying to up the whole project cost for a couple weather boards they were quoting £100's got a guy to go up a ladder for £70? Question I have now though is painting the outside been putting it off as don't want to get ripped off on price. But do you have to have scaffold just to paint the outside? I would say there was only one tiny area where you would have to stand on a one storey roof the reach a small section of wall the rest you could get with ladders etc. Don't people paint via ladder these days? I've seen it before on a house my size then other people sometimes in even smaller places put up scaffold just to paint? Please can someone explain? Also are there reliable roller painting methods where you can stand on the ground level, and could these be done by the home owner? I would say my house would be a large 4 bed victorian detached with most being smooth but bumpy finish (painted over pebble dash and an extension in a finer sand like new painted pebble dash effect which maybe a bit rougher/harder to paint. Would there be some kind of ball park figure for repainting a house like this? Thanks in advance
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