Posted 5 February 2024

People's thoughts on this pc build?

Hi all! After looking at various prebuilt pcs I've decided I want to build my own because I really really want the new Hyte Y70 Touch case.

Does this look good? What am missing apart from the ram? The ram I'm gonna get is the DDR5 Corsair Vengeance RGB 6000 CL304292811_1.jpg4292811_1.jpg4292811_1.jpg
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  1. TheShinyOrange's avatar
    Looks good to me, will play every game easily in 1440p/4k my only slight nit pick would be NVME drives instead, you can get two for your motherboard they will be faster than those samsung evo ssd's otherwise a insanely good pc, I hope to get similar parts this year maybe next.
    Cantona007's avatar
    Okey dokey. How's this?

  2. iWish's avatar
    £242 for a Samsung 870? I wouldn't.

    MSI MAG B650 TOMAHAWK WIFI Motherboard £179.99 from amazon. (edited)
    Cantona007's avatar
    It was for two 2TB but I've changed it. Cheers!