Prison Officer RAD...the dreaded role plays!

Posted 20th Jun 2017
Hi guys!

I recently took part in the Prison Officer Assesment day and failed on the role play. I am retaking this on Thursday! I failed on the Assertion, Showing Understanding and Respect for Others. I kept getting hung up on what the actors had said previously and was assessing myself on the fly which had a big negative impact obviously.

Another reason for my failure was because I did not know about the prison policies. One actor, who was a visitor, didn't have his ID and I did not know whether I was allowed to say that I would speak to my manager or if there was another way I could neautralise that one.

Another guy, who was an inmate, started talking about not having money for his family back home so he was drug dealing in the prison...not quite sure what route I was supposed to take then.

Has anybody got any advice on these particular situations, or any help in general? I just couldn't get passed the fact it was a test and not talking to a real person.
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