Posted 1 May 2016

tyre opinions uniroyal vs hankook vs goodyear

morning guys , was after some help please.
I'm looking for some new front tyres 225/45r17 . At the moment I've narrowed it down to 3 manufacturers/models

Uniroyal rain sport 3 £47 each
hankook ventus evo 2 49each
Goodyear eagle f1 as 3 £64 each

I'm no rally driver , just want a good tyre ,that handles well , and will last a reasonable amount of miles. normally would go with the eagle f1s , but just wanted to know if anyone had used the other 2 models and what there opinion was. all three are graded A -wet grip , C , fuel economy.

if you have any other suggestions/opinions they are welcome . cheers
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  1. ChrisUK's avatar
    They are the only thing between you & the road - get the best you can afford.
  2. deleted158857's avatar
    I've had Uniroyal rain sport tyres on my last car, I had Dunlop blue something before that, I found the Uniroyal tyres to be just as good, if not better. I do a lot of motorway driving and they handled great in all weathers, particularly in wet weather. The tread seemed to take a while to run down too. Not sure how they compare to the others on the list and I'm by no means an expert but I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Uniroyal tyres again.
  3. bavis1's avatar
    hankook for summer tyres,had them on mustang and 350z good tyres good grip,if winter tyres prefer uniroyal as better water displacement
  4. BigG93's avatar
    I have the hankooks on my corsa D pretty quite and sticks well to the road I'd take them at 49 any day I paid 64 fitted for each corner
  5. OBH6UK's avatar
    I have had Goodyear F1 AS1 on my previous car and AS2 and AS3 on my current car, they are great tyres. £64 is a very good price.
  6. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    Personally I would go for the Goodyear which have the lower noise level. I'm driving a loan car at the minute and the difference in the road noise compared to my own is rather annoying (brand new car - loan car vs my own 2 year old car same make/model just different variant on different tyres)On your choices above they go 72db,71db and the Goodyear 69db. Had a Mazda few years back and the difference it made when I changed to the Goodyear also on the noise side of things again was quite amazing. On another note I've never had the other two tyres before though. Currently running on Goodyear - Efficientgrip Performance which have noise level of 68db last set got 11K out of them compared to 6.5K out of factory fit set of Pirelli P Zero.
  7. BobIzYaUncle's avatar
    Uniroyal have a tendency to 'sawtooth' Goodyear are too expensive and hankook are highly rated. so hankook it is
  8. airbus330's avatar
    I've had hankook and Goodyear on my BMW 118. The Goodyear were definitely better. But if money were tight then the hankook were perfectly acceptable
  9. chrisom's avatar
    hey guys thank you all for your opinions /input . I think I might give the hankooks a go after further research on the net.
  10. MattNorfolk's avatar
    I'm in a similar situation. Can I ask where the goodyears are from please?

    Need some 205 50 17. Seem to be around £100 a tyre wherever I look!
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