Posted 7 August 2023

Uber eats fresh Monday

Is half price fruit and veg on Mondays supposed to be every week? Filled my basket last Monday and forgot to order so tried again today but it’s no longer 50% off? Was wondering if I’m doing something wrong or it’s not on every week. Thanks!
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  1. sm9690's avatar
    It is on mine
    taleah's avatar
    So strange it’s not coming up for me anywhere!
  2. sm9690's avatar
    I think it's account limited, my main account hasn't got the offer this week (which I have used the offer on before) but it's working fine on one of my other accounts (which i've not used the offer on previously).
  3. Godzilla's avatar
    same lol

    I had it work one week then it skipped a week and worked the next wierd (edited)
  4. Billy_Leming's avatar
    This worked a couple times intermittently and then hasnt worked for months
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