Posted 5th Feb 2022
Hi peeps,

Which sub 250g drone would you recommend. Going for this option as I believe it gives most freedom to fly near houses and uninvolved people.

Which DJI drones would be best?
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    Mavic mini in my opinion. Very stable, good video and very simple to use.
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    Is DJI Mini 2 an upgrade of DJI Mavic Mini. The former is missing 'Mavic' from it's name...

    Also what is the additional 'Fly more Combo' about?
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    DJI Mavic Mini was superseded by the DJI Mini 2 which, it is rumoured, will soon be superseded by the DJI Mini 3.

    The drones come in a standard pack or a Fly More Combo Pack which is about £100 more than the standard pack but you get additional batteries etc - you can see the differences in what you get on the DJI website.

    There have been some very good deals on the Mavic Mini recently as retailers have been clearing stock and, I would imagine, there are probably no other nationwide retailers who have stock so you may have missed the boat on that model.

    To confuse matters, DJI have just released a new model called the Mini SE which is a hybrid of tech from the Mavic Mini and Mini 2 - again, a bit of Googling will help you determine where it sits in the range.

    If it was me, I would wait until the Mini 3 is released which should lead to price reductions on the Mini 2 - my guess would be towards the end of the year. However, if you really want a drone now, if it was me and it's your first drone, I'd be looking to get a s/h Mavic Mini to play/practice with - apparently, you can get some good deals on them on FB marketplace.
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    How near to houses do you believe sub 250g drones to be able to fly?
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    I have a Mini 2 Fly more pack and have had no issues with it.
    A big step up on the DJI Spark that I had before.
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