Youtube Premium family via VPN issues.

Posted 10th Nov 2022
I'm trying to sign up to premium family - the family is all set up on my account

however when i try to buy it asks me to verify the details via my banking app (tried revolut and starling) which i do but then it just stays stuck on the complete your purchase screen and just does it again and again.

i've tried clearing the cookies and then also tried via inprivate mode on edge but it does the same thing again and again. i've tried india, argentina and turkey and its giving me the same issue each time

any suggestions on whats causing the problem?

EDIT: Finally done it - i tried hola first and it wouldnt work - i tried different apps on the phone to see if i could do it that way and it didnt work. i downloaded nord vpn on the phone and took the trial. it didnt work on the phone so i thought lets try nord on the pc and did the same incognito tab on edge and started up nord

and finally it did it!!

not sure what eventually clicked but nord seems to have done the trick.
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    Thank you so much for your edit. It worked.
    I used Microsoft Edge, and downloaded the Urban VPN Proxy extension. Selected Turkey, and my Monzo card worked.
    I was using Chrome, and spent ages trying to make it work.
    Thanks again.
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    Have u got payment profile
    Yeah I've got Google pay set up
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    i want to get YouTube premium via turkey 
    what card do I need or do I use everyday normal banking card?
    has anyone got a step by step guide?
    Ideally a revolut or starling account

    If u use ur everyday one ur bank may charge u for spending in another currency

    Search YouTube premium vpn on this site there's quite a few threads with step by step guides. I'm on my mobile or I would've linked them
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